Men’s Health PLR Bundle


Men’s Health PLR Bundle
12 PLR Articles
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20 Royalty-Free Images
Bonus: 8 Articles from Men’s Health PLR pack


Men's Health PLR Bundle - 12 Articles + Bonuses

This brand new Men's Health PLR bundle provides an excellent variety of prewritten articles to add to your blog. If you have a male audience, they will be interested in the high-quality content provided here, from helping them to burn fat and gain muscle, to learning about mental and physical health conditions. 

* This includes the previous Men's Health PLR pack as a bonus - so don't purchase it in addition to this one. You are getting it for free!

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Men's Health PLR bundle includes the following:

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    12 Articles About Men's Health
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    20 Royalty-Free Images
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    Bonus: 8 Men's Health Articles (from previous pack)

12 PLR Articles About Men's Health

The Men's Health PLR articles are great for blog posts, emails, or putting together into a report. You will get the following article topics:

1. Muscle Building Tips for Men (404 words)
2. Diet and Nutrition to Keep Men Healthy (407 words)
3. Want to Build Muscle? You Need These Foods (424 words)
4. Insomnia and Men: How to Sleep Better Every Night (431 words)
5. Yoga Poses for Men (441 words)
6. Why Fiber is Essential for Men’s Health (412 words)
7. How You Can Burn More Fat (for Men) (423 words)
8. Men’s Health: How to Fight Fatigue (472 words)
9. Depression in Men: What Can Be Done About it (405 words)
10. Why Diabetes is a Big Risk for Men (410 words)
11. Tips for Improving Your Cardiovascular Health (416 words)
12. Men and Mental Health: What to Know About This Link (404 words)

20 Royalty-Free Images

To help promote these article topics, I have included 20 royalty-free images for you to use.

BONUS: 8 Men's Health PLR Articles

As a free bonus, I am including the 8 articles from my original Men's Health PLR articles. That way, you are getting a total of 20 articles on the topic, but for the price of the new 12 articles listed above. Here are the 8 free articles you get as a bonus:

1. The Most Important Vitamins For Men (420 words)
2. How Men Can Live Longer (418 words)
3. The Easiest Ways For Men to Lose Belly Fat (427 words)
4.. Top Herbs That Improve Men’s Health (423 words)
5. The Importance of Saw Palmetto (403 words)
6. Foods That Can Help Improve Prostate Health (402 words)
7. Why Every Man Should Be Doing Yoga (419 words)
8. Essential Medical Tests Every Man Needs (404 words)

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

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2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.