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Maqui Berry 101
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Maqui Berry 101 - PLR Articles, Report

If you are looking to add a newly trending topic to your health blog, maqui berries are it! These berries are very closely related to acai berries, and are starting to pop up all over the place in health and natural health communities.

Maqui berries are bright purple berries that grow in South America. They come in powdered, freeze-dried, and supplement forms to be used for flavoring and health benefits. They can also be considered a superfood - a topic that always seems to be trending.

This is the perfect PLR pack when you want to introduce people to these berries, and promote maqui berry products at the same time. In fact, I have provided a list of 10 products you can promote on Amazon right now.

What You Get With This PLR Pack

The Maqui Berry 101 PLR pack comes with the following content:

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    5 PLR Articles About Maqui Berries
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    Articles Converted Into a Report
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    Custom Report Cover
  • 10 Amazon Products to Promote

Maqui Berry 101 - 5 PLR Articles

The Maqui Berry 101 PLR pack comes with 5 high-quality PLR articles. You can use these as blog posts, emails, or use the report provided below.

1. What are Maqui Berries? (400 words)
2. Ways to Use Maqui Berries (404 words)
3. Health Benefits of Maqui Berries (400 words)
4. 3 Forms of Maqui Berries (406 words)
5. Maqui VS Acai Berries (404 words)

Articles Converted Into a Report

I have done the work for you and converted the 5 Maqui Berry articles into a report. The first article is used as the intro, then the other 4 articles became sections for the report.

Maqui Berries 101

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,029 words

1. Health Benefits of Maqui Berry
2. 3 Forms of Maqui Berry
3. Ways to Use Maqui Berry
4. Maqui VS Acai Berry

5 Report Cover Formats to Choos​e From

Bonus: 10 Maqui Berry Products to Promote

As an added bonus, you will get a document that lists 10 of the top-rated Maqui Berry products available on Amazon. I have done the research for you, so all you need to do is pick from this list when deciding what to promote.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.


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