Living Holistically PLR Bundle


Living Holistically PLR Bundle
20 Articles
Report from the Articles
8 Product Reviews
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Living Holistically PLR Bundle - Articles, Report, Reviews, Images

High quality health PLR content to help you become an authority on this popular topic.

Don't miss this brand new prewritten content package ​​about living a more natural, holistic lifestyle with simple changes. 

Show Your Readers What it Means to Live a Holistic Lifestyle, and How it is the Small, Daily Changes That Matter Most

This evergreen prewritten content is perfect for any blog that talks about health or wellness. 

It covers various topics within the natural health and holistic niche, including:

Essential oils
Growing your own food and herbs
Using less chemicals
Reducing waste
Natural stress relief
.. and much more

What You Get in the Living Holistically PLR Package

  • 20 PLR Articles About Natural and Holistic Living - 400+ Words Each
  • Report from the Articles - 27 Pages, 5 Sections
  • Editable eCover - with PSD Files
  • 8 Product Reviews - 400+ Words Each
  • 25 Royalty-Free Images

20 Articles About Holistic Living

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, create an email series, or put together your own eBook about living more naturally and holistically.

The article topics include:

​​1. What it Means to Live Holistically (417 words)
2. Getting Started with Holistic Living (427 words)
3. Common Mistakes People Make When Living More Naturally (411 words)
4. How to Reduce Toxic Chemicals (426 words)
5. Reduce Waste in Your Home (444 words)
6. Using Essential Oils on a Daily Basis (413 words)
7. How to Live More Sustainably (452 words)
8. 5 Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs (467 words)
9. Why Reducing Stress is Key to Living Holistically (464 words)
10. Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain (442 words)
11. Living Naturally: Grow Your Own Food (523 words)
12. Eat Cleaner to Reduce Chemicals in Your Food (539 words)
13. Why Grounding is Essential for Living Naturally (404 words)
14. Become More Self-Aware with Mindfulness (442 words)
15. Nurture Your Emotional Health (467 words)
16. Self-Care and its Impact on Your Holistic Lifestyle (400 words)
17. Components of Alternative Medicine (408 words)
18. Easy, Natural Ways to Clean Your Home (482 words)
19. Natural Ways to Get More Energy (436 words)
20. Holistic Living for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit (427 words)

'Living Holistically: Natural Remedies for Everyday Living' Report

If you prefer using PLR content for an opt-in page or lead magnet, I have you covered! I turned the 20 articles into a report. It is all set up, so all you have to do is customize the content with your own voice, and add in images. 

Living Holistically: Natural Remedies for Everyday Life

27 Pages, 9,000 Words

1. Intro to Holistic Living
2. Sustainability and Growing Your Own Food
3. Reduce Chemicals in Your Home
4. Holistic Impacts on Your Emotional Health
5. Alternative Medicine for Overall Health and Wellness

8 Product Reviews

If you want to promote natural health products, especially those available on Amazon, I have written these 8 product reviews for you. They are written as overviews of the products, providing information about the special features, benefits, and why they might want to purchase the products. 

The product reviews include:

​1. AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (402 words)
2. Pure Lavender Essential Oil for Skin and Hair (442 words)
3. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (448 words)
4. Dot Grid Paper Notebooks and Journals (410 words)
5. Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit (398 words)
6. Grow Food For Free Book (418 words)
7. Nobi Nutrition High Absorption Magnesium Complex (480 words)
8. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner (441 words)

Bonus: 25 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, blog post images, and ad graphics with these images. They all come with free commercial usage rights.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.