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Journaling PLR Offer - Get These 10 PLR Packs and Bundles at a Massive Discount.. Only for a Limited Time

You will only see this special once, and never again! Don't miss out on even more journaling PLR content. The total value of these 14 products from my store is $353 - so you are saving over $320! 

It comes with a variety of content about the benefits of journaling, journaling and coloring, using journals for specific purposes like stress or intuitive eating, and much more.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special journaling PLR bundles includes 10 products from my store, including:

1. Year of Journaling ($69)
2. Journal and Coloring ($22)
3. Bullet Journaling ($34)
4. Journaling Mega PLR Package ($54)
5. Journaling PLR Bundle ($25)
6. Stress Journal PLR Bundle ($49)
7. Journaling Routine ($19)
8. Self-Discovery Journal ($17)
9. Journaling for Intuitive Eating ($47)
10. Journaling Your Goals ($17)

1. Year of Journaling

Get your hands on this Journaling PLR bundle, and provide your audience with quality content all year long.

With this bundle, you will get 53 articles – one for every week of the 2020 calendar year. They go in order of importance between what your audience might want to explore about journaling in the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

From starting the year off with blog posts about using their journal to create their New Years’ Resolutions and goals for the year, to finishing off with gratitude and self-reflection, a little bit of everything is included in this prewritten content package.

Engage your audience about the benefits of journaling, teach them how to use journals effectively, and educate them on the power of personal growth and setting intentions. 

The bundle comes with:

53 Articles/Blog Posts
53 Journaling Prompts
Journal & Workbook (made with the prompts)
4 Cover Options

2. Journaling and Coloring

Show your readers how to take casual journaling and transform it into passionate journaling with this brand new PLR bundle.

You will get 20 new pages of content, including articles, an opt-in report, and product reviews, plus eCovers and images to use. 

This is an excellent bundle that combines different aspects of journaling, including traditional and bullet journaling, as well as some fun adult coloring topics. 

This bundle comes with:

5-Page Report
10 Articles
5 Product Reviews
20 Images

3. Bullet Journaling

Get this BIG bundle all about bullet journaling, with all the content you need to get started on this popular topic. 

The bundle includes:

eBook & Cover
Report & Cover
.. plus more bonuses

4. Journaling Mega Bundle

This is another excellent PLR bundle about journaling, offering even more content. It includes an eBook about journaling for self-discovery, report offering journaling tips for people who don't enjoy writing, graphics, and more. 

This PLR bundle comes with:

eBook & Cover
Report & Cover
5 Reports from eBook
20 Articles
More Bonuses

5. Journaling PLR Bundle

The Journaling PLR bundle includes 15 articles about journaling, as well as a 5-page report on Organizing Your Life With Bullet Journaling. The report comes with a cover in JPEG and PDF formats. The bundle also includes 15 images, 15 Tweets, and 15 Facebook posts. Here is a look at the articles and report:

15 Journaling Articles

1. The Health Benefits of Writing in a Journal (471 words)
2. Fun Journaling Prompts to get Started (419 words)
3. 5 Different Types of Journals (532 wordS)
4. 4 Tips For Using a Journal to Lose Weight and Get Fit (533 words)
5. How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Goals (375 words)
6. 4 Tips For Keeping a Travel Journal (450 words)
7. Tips for Motivating Yourself to Keep Journaling (497 words)
8. What is a Happiness Journal? (432 words)
9. Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Journal With Others (450 words)
10. Why You Should Start a Gratitude Journal (463 words)
11. What is Bullet Journaling? (462 words)
12. How Journals Can Be a Lifesaver to Anxiety Sufferers (462 words)
13. Why Journaling is Good For Mental Health (403 words)
14. Ways to Make Your Journal Pretty (456 words)
15. Questions to Answer in Your Journal (450 words)

Report: How to Organize Your Life With Bullet Journaling

5 pages, 3 sections, 2,204 words

1. Intro to Bullet Journaling
2. Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal
3. 5 Steps to Starting a Bullet Journal

6. Stress Journal

Become an authority in the stress niche, beyond the basics, by the unique benefits of printable journals!

This new PLR package gives you a custom-made Stress Journal that is perfectly curated for people who want to reduce their stress, overcome burnout, and create healthier daily habits. Each page is fully customizable, where you can change everything from the colors and images, to the entire layout.

There are also 50 journaling prompts to go with the stress journal - these will be a huge hit!

Provide More Value with the Stress Journal, Reports, and Journaling Prompts

Also included are 4 opt-in reports that expand on stress, journaling, and daily habits, each with an editable cover.

This bundle comes with:

44-Page Stress Journal
Journal Cover
Journaling Prompts
4 Reports
4 Report Covers

7. Journaling Routine

This prewritten content package is perfect for bloggers and health/lifestyle coaches who like to promote the benefits of journaling.

Your readers and subscribers will learn the basics of putting together a daily journaling routine, why it is beneficial, how to get started, and what types of journal entries are good for the first few pages of their journal.

Help your audience take journaling to the next level when they create custom journaling routines.

You will get:

8-Page Report & Cover
5 Articles
5 Emails
Journaling Prompts

8. Self-Discovery Journal

Self-discovery is all about finding out who you are, who you want to be, and what is impacting your life right now. 

Journaling provides an amazing benefit for self-discovery and self-awareness - clarity. 

Just by writing in a journal on a daily basis, you are able to learn more about yourself, from what motivates you, to what your future dreams and goals are.

This new printable journal allows your list to start working through their obstacles, write out their dreams and ambitions, and discover what they want to do next.

This bundle comes with:

45-Page Journal
PowerPoint – Color and Grayscale
20 Journaling Prompts

9. Journal for Intuitive Eating

Help your readers embrace the intuitive eating lifestyle with this brand new Intuitive Eating Journal and Workbook bundle.

You will get a customizable journal and workbook created in Powerpoint, making it easy to edit. There is also a high quality report about using journals for intuitive eating, 10 more articles, 100 journaling prompts, and even more bonuses. 

Journaling Prompts are a Huge Hit! 

Not only do you get a list of 100 journaling prompts all about intuitive eating and body image, but many of these prompts have already been made into slides right in the workbook. They are great to give to your list or include as a free opt-in for a report or eBook.

The bundle comes with:

105-page journal and workbook
100 journaling prompts
Report and cover
10 articles
1,000+ word book review
More bonuses

10. Journaling Your Goals

Goal setting is an important way to visualize your dreams and aspirations, and have something to look forward to. But too many people are using the wrong method to create and reach their goals.

This PLR bundle is all about using a journal to write down goals, not just once, but on a daily basis. It encourages writing them in present tense, along with explaining the benefits of setting goals, why you should use a journal for this purpose, and offers many other tips. 

You will get:

10 PLR Articles
800-1000+ Words Each
20 Images

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