LIMITED TIME OFFER: Holidays and New Year PLR Special


Holiday and New Year – Limited Time Offer
Get 8 PLR Packs for 1 Low Price

1. Holiday Essential Oils – $37
2. Holiday Meals – $10
3. Healthy Holiday Drinks – $15
4. New Year Journal – $10
5. Winter Beauty – $37
6. Winter Self-Care –
7. Fall Health and Wellness – $20
8. Fall Self-Help and Wellness – $27

Holiday & New Year PLR Offer - Get These 8 PLR Packs and Bundles at a Big Discount.. Only for a Limited Time

You will only see this special once, and never again! Don't miss out on even more content about the holidays and new year. The total value of these 8 products from my store is $182 and you are getting them for less than $10.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special Health & Wellness PLR bundle includes the following 8 products:

1. Holiday Essential Oils - $37
2. Holiday Meals - $10
3. Healthy Holiday Drinks - $15
4. New Year Journal - $10
5. Winter Beauty - $37
6. Winter Self-Care -
7. Fall Health and Wellness - $20
8. Fall Self-Help and Wellness - $27

1. Holiday Essential Oils

Get ready for the holiday season with this premium PLR bundle about holiday essential oils.

This is the first time I have sold it outside the membership! It is valued at over $60, so you are getting a great deal.

This Bundle Includes:

20 Articles
20 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders

2. Holiday Meals

When the holidays arrive, many people are busy decorating their homes and buying gifts, but another thing that is high on the list of priorities this time of year is planning holiday dinners. This includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many other holiday events where people will come together to enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones.

This will also be the time of year when your readers are looking for healthier options, either to fit their own eating lifestyle, or to appease their guests. This PLR pack does just that - provides easy ways to make delicious holiday meals that are perfect for this time of year.

These range from lighter fares to low-carb and even vegan options. You can use the articles as blog posts, create a fun email series, or put them together into a lead magnet for your list.

You will get:

10 Articles
Text and Word Format
10 Social Media Graphics
12 Royalty-Free Images

3. Healthy Holiday Drinks

We are now halfway through the fall season, with winter right around the corner. This is the perfect time to start thinking about all those holiday blog posts and emails, beginning with drinks. 

This PLR bundle goes over 15 different topics about fall and winter drinks, all with a healthy angle. You can use these as blog posts, emails, or create lead magnets with them. You will get unique recipes that also work great as blog posts. Use the included graphics and images to promote the high-quality content.

This bundle includes:

15 Articles About Fall & Winter Drinks
400+ Words Each
Text and Word Format
15 Social Media Graphics
15 Royalty-Free Images

4. New Year Journal

With the new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start encouraging your readers to make a fresh start and improve their life. One of the best ways to do this is with journaling.

Journaling provides so many amazing benefits at the start of a new year, from helping them to work on New Years' Resolutions, to setting goals and plans for the year. It can help with emotional health, physical health, dieting, business, and so much more.

You will get a high-quality PLR report, a custom report cover, and images to go with it.

This bundle includes:

10-Page PLR Report
Custom Report Cover
10 Royalty-Free Images
20 Journaling Prompts

5. Winter Beauty

Now is a great time to start preparing for your premium winter content with this Winter Beauty PLR bundle.

It talks about skincare, hair care, and other concerns about winter beauty and battling dry, cracked skin from the cold weather.

You will get:

25 Articles
25 Graphics
Short Report - Natural Hair Care in the Winter
Long Report - Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine
10 Autoresponders

6. Winter Self-Care

This PLR bundle is all about self care in the winter. It not only includes general information about self-care, but the articles and report reference the importance of taking better care of yourself in the cold, winter season.

With winter, often comes a lot of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. You might experience a higher risk of the cold or flu, affecting your physical health, have holiday stress, or may suffer from SAD - seasonal affective disorder. 

Proper self-care can help with all of this and much more. With this PLR bundle, you have everything at your arsenal to promote products that can help your readers, plus enough valuable content to keep them engaged.

This Bundle Includes:

15 Articles, 500+ Words
15 Social Media Graphics
5-Page Report: Get Cozy with Hygge
Custom Report Cover
20 Royalty-Free Images (PSD files)
Text and Word Format

7. Fall Health and Wellness

For many people, the Fall/Autumn season feels like a new start. After what was probably a busy and hectic summer, it is time for the kids to go back to school, for you to go back to work, and everyone to get back to normal routines.

This new PLR pack is all about health and wellness in the Fall. It provides a variety of different topics about fall health, including nutrition and superfoods, holistic health, using a journal and planner, supplements, hygge, reducing stress, and so much more. 

You will get a little bit of everything, making this a great pack for creating a fall-themed blog series or to put together your own fall health opt-in report.

This Bundle Includes:

20 Articles
400+ Words Each
20 Images

8. Fall Self-Help

Self help, self-care, wellness, and health all go hand-in-hand. They work together to improve your life and make you the happiest, best version of yourself.

I have put this PLR bundle together to help your readers understand the importance of self-help, and to encourage them to have the best fall/autumn season they can.

There is a lot of content here for you to use - including 2 reports (journaling and hygge), 10 articles on self-care in the fall, a fall bucket list printable, images, and journaling prompts.

This Bundle Includes:

5-Page Report – Creating a Fall Journal and Planner Routine
5-Page Report – Hygge in the Fall
2 eCovers (editable/PSD)
10 Articles on Self-Care in the Fall
30 Images
Fall Bucket List Printable
25 Fall Journaling Prompts

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