Limited Time Offer – Healthy Eating and Lifestyle PLR


Health Eating and Lifestyle – Limited Time Offer
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What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special PLR bundle includes all 10 health PLR products in the store, including:

1. Food Preserving and Storage
2. Sleep, Exercise, and Diet
3. Mindful Eating
4. Natural Weight Loss
5. Walking for Health
6. Staying Healthy at Home
7. Meal Prep and Planning
8. Nutrition
9. Real Foods Lifestyle
10. Healthy Mindset

1. Food Preserving and Storage

Start encouraging your audience to cook more at home and allow them to develop their own growing and preserving skills with this brand new PLR pack.

More and more people are beginning to can their food, grow their own fruits and veggies, and cook meals from scratch. This isn't just about survival, but thriving. 

This PLR pack offers 25 articles about preserving and storing food, growing food and herbs at home, and starting to cook more while also saving money.

The bundle comes with:

1. Surprising Foods You Can Freeze (420 words)
2. How and Why to Dehydrate Food (413 words)
3. Canned Foods to Keep on Hand (413 words)
4. Buy in Bulk and Freeze to Save Money (466 words)
5. Canning Mistakes to Avoid (411 words)
6. How to Make Your Fresh Greens Last Longer (409 words)
7. How to Start Your Emergency Food Storage (461 words)
8. Pantry Staples for Cooking at Home (403 words)
9. Tips for Pantry Organization (423 words)
10. How to Better Organize Your Refrigerator (415 words)
11. How to Organize and Preserve Food in the Freezer (405 words)
12. How to Store Your Produce (406 words)
13. Foods You Can Grow in an Aerogarden (404 words)
14. The Best Vegetables for a Black Thumb (416 words)
15. Ways to Freeze and Preserve Eggs (404 words)
16. Herbs to Grow For Medicine (405 words)
17. Indoor Gardening Tips (409 words)
18. How to Grow Food in a Small Outdoor Space (403 words)
19. Save Money While Cooking at Home (410 words)
20. Why You Need a Cast Iron Skillet (402 words)
21. Avoid These Bread-Making Mistakes (419 words)
22. Top Cookbooks for Beginners (475 words)
23. New to Cooking? 4 Tips for Starting (474 words)
24. Grocery Items You Are Spending Too Much on (427 words)
25. How to Cook More with a Busy Schedule (405 words)

2. Sleep, Exercise, and Diet

Starting a wellness journey this year is all about balance, sustainable habit changes, and setting up healthy routines. That is exactly what this new PLR bundle will provide you.

This bundle comes with:

20 Articles
75 Journal Prompts
3 Canva Journals (workbook-style)
3 Canva Cover Templates

3. Mindful Eating

This new PLR pack covers many different areas of mindful eating, including why it's done and tips for getting started, to combining it with intuitive eating and how it can be used to help lose weight.

The bundle includes:

25 Articles
400+ Words Each

4. Natural Weight Loss

Don't miss this brand new prewritten content that can help you become an authority on the topic of weight loss - but in a complete natural, healthy way.

Far too often, people get stuck in yo-yo cycles perpetuated by their restrictive eating habits and over-exercising. The content in this bundle teaches people how easy it can be just to change your lifestyle habits and lose weight over time.

This PLR bundle comes with:

1. Focus on How You Feel for Health and Weight Loss (401 words)
2. Tips for Changing Your Mentality (438 words)
3. There is no Wagon to Fall Off: How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting (409 words)
4. How to Crowd Out Unhealthy Foods (439 words)
5. Choose Exercise for Health and Wellness (425 words)
6. Tricks for Getting More Movement Throughout the Day (418 words)
7. Setting Up Daily Routines for Natural Weight Loss (418 words)
8. Why Having Faith in Yourself is Crucial for Change (401 words)
9. Focus on Your Successes, Not Your Failures (497 words)
10. How Keeping Your Commitments Improves Your Mentality (406 words)
11. Eat Healthy Without Tracking Your Macros (422 words)
12. How to Lose Weight Without Obsessing (450 words)
13. Micro Daily Habits for Easy Weight Loss (402 words)
14. Shorten Your Eaten Window to Eat Less Naturally (405 words)
15. Tips for Finding Exercise You Love (416 words)
16. Where You’re Going Wrong with Smoothies (451 words)
17. How to Make Green Smoothies the Right Way (421 words)
18. Why Your Visible Foods Matter (405 words)
19. How are You Changing Your Lifestyle for Weight Loss? (453 words)
20. 3 Easy Steps to Start Mindful Eating (408 words)
21. Spend More Time with Healthy and Active People (453 words)
22. What You’re Getting Wrong About Weight Loss (466 words)
23. How to Get More Water from Food (440 words)
24. Can You Commit to the 80/20 Lifestyle? (495 words)
25. Self-Care Tips for Continued Weight Loss (410 words)

5. Walking for Health

This evergreen prewritten content is perfect for any blog that talks about health or wellness. 

Your audience will understand the importance of developing a regular walking routine, see why everyone should be walking more, and get tons of tips and advice as well.

You will get:

25 Articles
Report From the Articles

6. Staying Healthy at Home

Don't miss this brand new PLR content that allows you to become an authority on the topic of staying healthy while at home. This is geared toward anyone that has to stay home for extended periods of time, whether due to isolation or quarantine, or from an illness that keeps them in their home.

It is focused on both physical and mental health, with everything from how to get more exercise at home, to how to keep kids on a healthy routine.

This bundle comes with:

1. How to Focus on Your Mental and Physical Health (440 words)
2. How Can You Avoid Stress Eating (520 words)
3. Healthy Comfort Food Options (439 words)
4. How to Get More Exercise at Home (401 words)
5. Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active Indoors (405 words)
6. Outdoor Activities You Can Do in Your Backyard (411 words)
7. Dealing with Isolation When You Live Alone (407 words)
8. The Importance of Creating a Routine (450 words)
9. Why You Should Still Be Socializing Even When You’re Alone (404 words)
10. At-Home Self-Care Options (434 words)
11. Isolation is the Time for Journaling (554 words)
12. Non-Digital Ways to Be Entertained at Home (439 words)
13. Why Now is the Perfect Time for Creative Endeavors (421 words)
14. 5 Tips for Reducing Stress While Home Alone (550 words)
15. How to Ease Panic During Isolation (435 words)
16. How to Avoid Unnecessary Snacking at Home (454 words)
17. Get Your Kids on a Healthy Routine (464 words)
18. Healthy Groceries to Buy While Self-Isolating (551 words)

7. Meal Prep and Planning

Meal prep and planning is all about making your life easier, but many people find it intimidating and never bother. You can help them understand that is a much simpler process than they might think, and show them the many benefits of it with this new PLR pack.

There are 25 articles in this bundle, which can be used as blog posts, combined into a report or eBook, or mix and match.

You will find a wide range of topics about meal planning, including meal prep, lunch boxes for school and work, vegetarian and high protein options, appliances, and so much more.

This includes:

25 PLR Articles
Text and Word Documents

8. Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month, which inspired this PLR pack, but that's not the only time you can use it! You will get a variety of evergreen articles that can be used as blog posts, emails, or put together into opt-in reports year-round. 

You can use these articles to educate your list and readers on nutrition-related topics like:

Nutrition myths
Nutrient deficiencies
Chia seeds
.. and more!

This bundle comes with:

1. How to Determine Proper Portion Sizes (493 words)
2. Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Workout (464 words)
3. Hydrate Your Body With These Foods (401 words)
4. Why You Should Buy These Foods Organic (507 words)
5. Tips for Handling Sugar Cravings (493 words)
6. Nutrition Advice: Try These Nuts and Seeds (507 words)
7. Bad Nutrition Habits to Avoid (403 words)
8. What are Macronutrients? (507 words)
9. What are Micronutrients? (493 words)
10. Easy Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels (542 words)
11. Having Trouble with Bloating? It Might Be Your Diet (518 words)
12. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds (452 words)
13. What You Should Know About Kombucha (400 words)
14. Common Nutrition Myths to Avoid (462 words)
15. All About Nutritional Yeast (512 words)
16. Try These Low-Calorie Snacks to Stay Full Between Meals (506 words)
17. Tips for Well-Balanced Meals (505 words)
18. Avocado: Why This Superfood is One of the Best Healthy Fats (447 words)
19. Signs You Might Have a Nutrient Deficiency (499 words)
20. Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition Bars (528 words)

9. Real Foods Lifestyle

This PLR bundle will teach your readers, list, and clients about switching to a more real foods lifestyle, similar to someone who is eating clean. 

It comes with a 12-page opt-in report about developing this lifestyle, an editable report cover, 5 articles, and images for you to choose.

You will get:

12-Page Report
Report Cover
5 Articles
15 Images

10. Healthy Mindset

The Healthy Mind, Healthy Life PLR bundle is all about improving your life one step at a time. It will guide you and your readers through self-improvement and personal growth by showing you the importance of having a positive mindset, with things like bullet journaling, mindfulness, setting goals, positive thinking, and avoiding common pitfalls people often need to overcome.

This bundle comes with:

Report – Practice Mindfulness with Your Bullet Journal
Report – Self Improvement Starts with Self Reflection
2 eCovers
15 Articles
15 Social Graphics
20 Images

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