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Natural Health PLR – Limited Time Offer
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Healthy Eating and Diet PLR Offer - Get These 12 PLR Packs and Bundles at a Massive Discount.. Only for a Limited Time

You will only see this special once, and never again! Don't miss out on even more content about intermittent fasting, dieting, and healthy eating. The total value of these 12 products from my store is $272 - so you are saving $260! 

It comes with a variety of content about intermittent fasting, keto, appetite control, healthy eating habits, and more.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special Health & Wellness PLR bundles includes 12 products from my store, including:

1. Intermittent Fasting Bundle ($22)
2. Keto Mega Bundle ($47)
3. Sugar Detox ($17)
4. Food as Medicine ($37)
5. Nutrition Bundle ($20)
6. Weight Loss Mindset ($19)
7. Real Foods Lifestyle ($19)
8. Gluten-Free Living ($17)
9. Appetite Control ($10)
10. Clean Eating Challenge ($22)
11. Low FODMAP Bundle ($17)
12. Green Juice ($25)

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the hottest trends in the health community, particularly for those trying to lose weight, maintain their weight, or build lean muscle mass. With intermittent fasting, there are several protocols to choose from, each of which has a specific period of time for eating and fasting. 

This PLR bundle is going to help you to promote health-related products and give your readers content they are already online researching. Become an authority on this topic with 20 brand new articles and plenty of graphics to promote the content with.

The bundle comes with:

20 Prewritten Articles (or blog posts)
20 Social Media Graphics
20 Social Media Posts
10 Images

2. Keto Mega Bundle

Get all of my Keto prewritten content in one bundle with this Keto PLR Mega bundle. You will get all 5 of my Ketogenic Diet PLR packs and reports, including my most recent Keto for PCOS. 

You will get a total of 4 reports, 20 articles, 20 graphics, 10 autoresponders, and lots of images and other bonuses.

3. Sugar Detox

Sugar is addictive, has adverse consequences, and seems to be added to just about everything you eat. No wonder people are trying to cut back.

This Sugar Detox PLR bundle will help you show your readers the dangers of sugar, and give them a simple plan for reducing how much sugar they consume. 

Not only do you get a 5-page report that provides a detailed overview of doing a sugar detox diet, but you also get 10 high-quality articles for even more blog or email content.

It comes with:

5-Page Report
10 Articles
10 Images

4. Food as Medicine

This content package is all about using food as medicine, and comes with everything you need to get started on this topic. 

It includes a high-quality, fully formatted eBook and covers, an opt-in report to help you collect leads, articles that work great as blog posts, and even free bonuses like graphics and images. 

Teach your readers how important the right kind of food is for their overall health and wellbeing by picking up your copy today.

This PLR bundle comes with:

​​​eBook – ‘Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body and Mind with Food’
eBook Cover (w/editable PSD file)
Report – ‘Boost Your Health with Whole Foods’
Report Cover (w/editable PSD file)
10 Articles about Using Food for Healing and Wellness
Bonus – 10 Social Graphics
Bonus – 20 Royalty-Free Images

5. Nutrition Bundle

March is National Nutrition Month, which inspired this PLR pack, but that's not the only time you can use it! You will get a variety of evergreen articles that can be used as blog posts, emails, or put together into opt-in reports year-round. 

You can use these articles to educate your list and readers on nutrition-related topics like:

Nutrition myths
Nutrient deficiencies
Chia seeds
.. and more!

6. Weight Loss Mindset

Content about weight loss is a dime a dozen, so how about something a little different?

This PLR bundle talks less about how to lose weight, and more about how to have the right mindset to lose weight. 

You will get 15 articles (to use as-is or in the included report) about developing a weight loss mindset, which is necessary for long-term success.

This bundle comes with:

15 Articles
19-Page Report (from the articles)

7. Real Foods Lifestyle

Following a real foods lifestyle is all about choosing foods that come from fresh, organic, and whole sources. This means getting rid of allt he packaged, [rocessed, and frozen foods, and trading it for fresh produce, beans and rice, whole grains, and many other organic options.

This PLR bundle will teach your readers, list, and clients about switching to a more real foods lifestyle, similar to someone who is eating clean. 

It comes with a 12-page opt-in report about developing this lifestyle, an editable report cover, 5 articles, and images for you to choose.

You will get:

12-Page Report
Report Cover
5 Articles
15 Images

8. Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-free has been all the rage for several years, but many people are not making the transition by choice. If your readers struggle with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, they have to start cutting gluten out of their diet, which is not as simple as it sounds. 

This PLR bundle goes beyond the basics of what gluten is, and provides tips for moving to a gluten-free life.

This bundle comes with:

15 Articles
Text and Word Format
11-Page Report
6 Images

9. Appetite Control

This quality PLR pack is all about Appetite and Hunger Control. It will help your readers understand ways to reduce their appetite and recognize hunger cues. 

The topics cover a wide range of areas related to appetite suppression, from herbs and essential oils, to adding more protein and fiber, controlling stress, and even learning about intuitive eating and mindfulness.

It comes with:

10 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
16 Images

10. Clean Eating Challenge

The clean eating diet allows you to develop a healthy lifestyle where you cut out chemicals, preservatives, processed, and packaged foods for your diet, opting for whole and fresh foods. This PLR bundle will teach your readers about the clean eating diet with articles, as well as a Jumpstart Challenge getting them started with eating clean.

This bundle comes with:

7-Day Autoresponder Challenge
10 Articles
10 Royalty-Free Images
7-Day Meal Plan & Grocery List

11. Low FODMAP

The low FODMAP diet is a diet that looks at FODMAP foods - those that are hard for certain people to digest. It is a type of elimination diet people with IBS and other digestive conditions will do to figure out which of these foods are causing an increase in their bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

What You Get:

5-Page Report: Heal Your Digestion with the Low FODMAP Diet
Editable eCover with PSD File
5 PLR Articles
5 Social Graphics
Cheat Sheet
Low FODMAP Foods List

12. Green Juice

With the new year just around the corner, there is no better time to think about your health. Your list is probably thinking the same thing, with big physical and mental health goals.

You can help them get started by showing them the benefits of green juice. This is one of the more popular types of juice, which uses more greens, and some fruit for added sweetness. They will get a lot of nutrients in their juice, and use more fresh produce in their diet.

This PLR bundle is all about green juice, including what it is, how to make it, some unique benefits, and lots of tips. 

You will get:

15 Articles
6-Page Report
Report Cover

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