[Limited Time] Lead Magnets Mega PLR Bundle


This Upgrade Contains The Following PLR Products:

– Creating a Vision Board PLR Report ($17)
– Crystals for Spiritual Practices PLR Bundle ($37)
– Productivity and Motivation PLR Bundle ($22)
– Making Keto Easier PLR Bundle ($17)
– Resetting Your Wellness eBook Bundle ($37)
– Journaling for Self-Care PLR ($37)
– Plant-Based PLR Bundle ($37)
– Intuitive Eating PLR Bundle ($37)
– Law of Attraction PLR Bundle ($37)
– Intermittent Fasting and Keto ($37)

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10 of Our BEST Lead Magnet PLR Packages Combined Into One Heavily Discounted Bundle For You!

Looking for high-quality lead magnets to use as opt-ins for building your list and drive more traffic to your site? This bundle of PLR products includes some of my BEST lead magnet packages – and you will get them all for just a fraction of the price if you purchased them individually. 

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Just take a look at the 10 products bundled in this limited time upgrade bundle offer:

You will not only get 11 lead magnets in this bundle, but even more content, including:

  • 4 eBooks
  • 100+ articles and emails
  • 5 journals and workbooks
  • 150 journal prompts
  • 16 editable eCovers
  • … and more bonuses

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each of the 10 packages found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Creating a Vision Board ($17 Value)
Report, Cover, Printables, Images

The concept of vision boards started many years ago, where they were meant to visualize your dreams and any life goals you had. They are often talked about in the Law of Attraction, but there is so much more potential than that.

Vision boards allow you to visualize anything you want to focus on in your life, and start acting with intention and purpose.

This PLR bundle gives you a new 10-page report about creating a vision board, plus printables that will be great to give away, sell, or include as opt-in bonuses.

The Vision Board PLR bundle comes with the following:

  • ‘How to Create a Vision Board’ PLR Report
  • Editable eBook eCover w/PSD file
  • 11 Printables for Vision Boards
  • 5 Royalty-Free Images


This 10-page report is perfect as an opt-in report, or can be broken up into individual blog posts. It provides an excellent overview of creating vision boards, showing your readers what a vision board is, how it can benefit them, and how to select images and get it set up.

How to Create a Vision Board
10 pages, 4 sections, 3,347 words

1. Why Create a Vision Board?
2. What You Should do Before You Get Started
3. Ideas for What to Include in Your Vision Board
4. Getting Your Vision Board Set Up
5. How to Use a Monthly Vision Board



You will also get a total of 11 printables to use for planning and creating your vision boards. There are 3 main printables, with multiple variations of each. 

The printable categories include:

1. Vision Board Planner
2. Digital Vision Board
3. Vision Board Notes

You can see what they look like below.


This bundle also comes with 5 royalty-free images.

You will receive the full Private Label Rights license to everything here.

PLR Product #2:
Crystals for Spiritual Practices ($37 Value)
Articles, Reports, Journals, Prompts, Bonuses

This PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journal prompts, and journals about Crystals for Spiritual Practice. 

It is perfect for anyone who enjoys different types of spiritual practices like meditation, manifesting with the law of attraction, visualization, reading tarot, and so much more.

You will get 16 articles that work great as blog posts, along with 2 reports and editable covers, journal prompts, and 2 journals for the full moon and new moon. 

What You Get in the Crystals for Spiritual PLR Package:

  • Articles- 16 Articles About Crystals and Their Benefits
  • Report – ‘Crystals for the Lunar Cycle’
  • Report – ‘Manifest with Crystals’
  • 4 eCovers – Editable Canva Cover Templates (reports and journals)
  • 50 Journaling Prompts – 25 full moon and 25 new moon journal prompts
  • Full Moon Journal – Canva and PowerPoint journal using the prompts
  • New Moon Journal – Canva and PowerPoint journal using the prompts
  • 50 Affirmations – 25 full moon and 25 new moon affirmations


This bundle comes with 16 brand new, high quality articles about using crystals for your spiritual practice. It includes tips on charging crystals, choosing the right ones, using crystals for specific practices and manifestations, and much more. 

Article Topics Include:

1. Common Mistakes Made When Using Crystals (456 words)
2. The First Crystals Beginners Should Get (402 words)
3. How to Use Crystals for Manifesting (425 words)
4. Use Crystals for Daily Manifesting Rituals (427 words)
5. How to Charge Your Crystals (403 words)
6. Ways to Use Crystals in Spiritual Practices (417 words)
7. Crystals for the Chakras (492 words)
8. Why Selenite is Such a Powerful Crystal (419 words)
9. Crystals for Self-Love and Confidence (410 words)
10. Crystals for Anxiety and Stress (408 words)
11. Crystals for Healing and Protection (416 words)
12. Using Crystals for Meditation (409 words)
13. Crystals for Insomnia (416 words)
14. Transformation with Crystals (446 words)
15. Manifesting Tips: Charge Your Crystals with Manifestations (478 words)
16. Choosing Your Manifestations (409 words)


The first report is about ‘Crystals for the Lunar Cycle’. It goes through all 7 moon phases, offering advice for which crystals to use for each moon phase.

‘Crystals for the Lunar Cycle’
6 pages, 1,694 words

New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbons
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Third Quarter
Waning Crescent


You will also get another report or lead magnet called ‘Manifest with Crystals’. This is a 5-page report that goes over the best crystals to use for manifesting things like love, success, abundance, confidence, and health. 

Manifest with Crystals
5 pages, 1,234 words

1. Money and Abundance
2. Health
3. Anxiety and Stress
4. Love
5. Transformation
6. Confidence and Personal Growth


50 Journal Prompts – Full and New Moon

This bundle comes with a total of 50 journal prompts, including 25 for the Full Moon and 25 for the New Moon. 

Each moon phase in the lunar cycle is associated with different energies, therefore journaling can change depending on where you are in the lunar cycle.

For the Full Moon, it is all about letting go, releasing negative energy, and resetting. These journal prompts reflect these energies.

The New Moon is when most manifesting occurs, as you have more clarity and introspection. These journal prompts are aligned with the energy of this moon phase.

File Format: These are available in Word and Text format.

Full Moon Journal:

The journal prompts in this bundle were used for both the full moon journal and the new moon journal.

The Full Moon journal is 27 pages long, with one page dedicated to each writing prompt. You will also get an editable Canva cover. 

The journal is available in both Canva and PowerPoint, so you have options for customizing it. 

It is easy to edit each page of the journal, including colors, fonts, prompts, templates, and more.

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint


New Moon Journal

You will also get a New Moon journal using the 25 new moon journal prompts. This is a 27-page journal, offering a separate journal page for each of the prompts. 

The journal itself is offered in both Canva and PowerPoint, giving you options for customizing it before converting to a PDF. 

The editable cover is offered in Canva, so you can change the image, font, and layout.

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint 

PLR Product #3:
Productivity and Motivation ($22 Value)
Report, Articles, Cover

Get high-quality content that will help your audience be more productive and motivated on a daily basis.
This prewritten content bundle includes a report about motivation, with 15 tips on staying motivated. You also get 15 articles about productivity, with lots of helpful tips and tricks for staying on track to achieve your goals.
The Productivity and Motivation PLR bundle comes with the following content:
  • Report – ’15 Ways to Stay Motivated’ (7 pages, 2,525 words)
  • Articles – 15 Articles About Productivity
  • eCover – Canva Template Cover for the Report
This opt-in report can be used as a lead magnet, free content upgrade, or as a long, in-depth blog post. It includes 15 tips and tricks for getting motivated and holding on to that motivation and drive a little longer in order to achieve your goals.
’15 Ways to Stay Motivated’
7 pages, 2,525 words
Revisiting Goals
Doing Something Creative
Finding Your Work Zone
… and many more!


This bundle comes with 15 articles about productivity. They cover all the important aspects of being more productive, including morning routines, good and bad habits, creating goals, working from home, time management, and many more.

1. Create a Morning Routine for Productivity (415 words)
2. 7 Things Productive People do Every Day (483 words)
3. How to Stay Productive Throughout the Day (474 words)
4. Why You Should Have a Sunday Planning Session (404 words)
5. Ways to Switch Up Your Daily Schedule (402 words)
6. 12 Things to Do When You’re Bored (657 words)
7. The Benefits of Time Blocking (412 words)
8. How to Have a Productive and Balanced Life (408 words)
9. Productivity Tips When Working from Home (439 words)
10. The 8 Best Time Management Tips (553 words)
11. How to Avoid Procrastination (446 words)
12. What You Need to Stop Doing to Be More Productive (406 words)
13. How to Be Motivated When You’re Tired (448 words)
14. Habits That Help Your Productivity (407 words)
15. Habits That Hurt Your Productivity (424 words)

Like the previous PLR package , you will receive the Private Label Rights license to all of the articles within this package.

PLR Product #4:
Making Keto Easier ($17 Value)
Report, Articles, eCover


It is time to go back to the basics of the Ketogenic diet. Put aside all the expensive products and keto testing strips, and focus on what’s most important – the FOOD. 

Keto shouldn’t be complicated or an expensive way to live. You can show your audience how they can feel their best, lose weight, and eat in a sustainable, healthy way with this brand new keto content.

It focuses on simplifying the process of starting and maintaining the keto lifestyle, with a report full of helpful tips and techniques.

What You Get in the Making Keto Easier PLR Package:

  • Report – ‘Simplifying Keto: Back to the Basics’
  • Articles – Report Broken Up Into 10 Articles
  • eCover – Editable Canva Cover Template


Show your audience how easy it is to start and stick to the Ketogenic diet with this opt-in report. It provides information for making keto as simple as possible, including choosing the right foods, easing into the low-carb way of eating, offering lots of helpful tips, and even information about making keto more sustainable. 

It works great as a free opt-in, paid product, lead magnet, and so much more. 

‘Simplifying Keto: Back to the Basics’
10 pages, 3,675 words

There is a small section for each of the 21 habits, covering topics like:

Physical health
Mental health
Daily routines
Helping others
… and more!

Articles From the Report

If you prefer to use your content as blog posts or you want to create an email series, the work is already done for you!

The report in this PLR package is also turned into 10 articles, covering all the main topics of the report. 

Article Topics Include:

1. Finding Keto Foods You Love (374 words)
2. When is the Best Time to Start the Keto Diet? (396 words)
3. How to Make the Transition to Keto Easier (282 words)
4. Tips for Meal Planning the Keto Diet (454 words)
5. A Simple Way to Ensure You Get Proper Electrolytes (296 words)
6. What to Know About Your Food Environment (520 words)
7. Eating Out While on Keto (265 words)
8. Getting Support When You Are on a Keto Diet (282 words)
9. Do You Need Keto Products and Supplements? (298 words)
10. Counting Macros While on Keto (251 words)

As expected, you receive the full Private Label Rights license to every article listed here.

PLR Product #5:
Resetting Your Wellness ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Covers, Prompts, Journal

Get even more new content about resetting your health and wellness. This bundle focuses on different areas of wellness, including:

Physical Health
Emotional and Mental Health
Spiritual Health
Environmental Health

It is a great way to show your audience how they can have a fresh start at any time, and become healthy from the inside, out.

What You Get in the Resetting Your Wellness PLR Package:

eBook – ‘Simple Guide to Resetting Your Wellness’ – 18 pages, 4,252 words
Report – ‘Developing a Sunday Reset Routine’ – 5 pages, 1,691 words
Covers – Editable Canva Templates
50 Journal Prompts
Journal – Made From the Prompts
3 Worksheets – Fall Bucket List, Sunday Reset Routine, Reset Your Wellness

eBook: ‘Simple Guide to Resetting Your Wellness’

This brand new eBook, Simple Guide to Resetting Your Wellness, offers your audience help with choosing what areas of health they want to improve, and gives tips for each fundamental area of health and wellness

There are over 4,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents.

It includes 5 Chapters:

Chapter 1: Reset Your Physical Health
Chapter 2: Reset Your Emotional and Mental Health
Chapter 3: Reset Your Spiritual Health
Chapter 4: Reset Your Environmental Health
Chapter 5: Reset Your Lifestyle


There is also a report for people who want to start a Sunday Reset Routine. This goes over reasons to do a reset every Sunday, why it is the perfect day of the week for this type of routine, and lots of helpful tips and suggestions.

Developing a Sunday Reset Routine
5 pages, 1,691 words

1. Benefits of Having a Sunday Reset Routine
2. Choosing What You Want to Work on Every Week
3. What Goes Into a Sunday Reset Routine?
4. Don’t Forget About Self-Care

50 Journal Prompts

Included in this bundle is a collection of 50 journaling prompts. These are writing prompts about the topic of doing a health and wellness reset, covering topics like:

Analyzing and setting goals
Deciding on areas of wellness to improve
Figuring out interests and passions
Nurturing relationships
… and more!

Health Reset Journal

If you want to use these journal prompts in a printable journal, I have put one together for you! This journal is created in PowerPoint, so it is easy for you to edit and customize however you want.

It includes several styles of lined journal pages, as well as a page for every prompt in this bundle.

PLR Product #6:
Journaling for Self-Care ($37 Value)
Articles, Report, Journal Prompts, Journal, eCovers

Don’t miss this brand new PLR content about self-care, but not just any type of self-care. It is more about realistic self-care, going beyond the vague tips your audience has heard before.

Self-Care Should Be Intentional and Purposeful

What makes self-care different from other activities and tasks you do throughout the day is that they are optional and intentional. You choose to participate in these activities to help improve your health and wellness, including your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

What You Get in the Journal for Self-Care PLR Package:

  • 15 Articles About Self-Care
  • 7-Page Report – ‘Journaling for Self-Care’
  • eCover (includes PSD file)
  • 50 Journal Prompts
  • Workbook (with the journal prompts)
  • Journal (PowerPoint)


Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about how people can stay healthy while at home in isolation. 

The article topics include:

1. Self-Care After Tragedy or Loss (475 words)
2. Who Needs Self-Care the Most? (477 words)
3. Signs That You Need to Practice More Self-Care (436 words)
4. Adding Self-Care to Your Nighttime Routine (419 words)
5. How to Know Your Self-Care Routine is Helping (404 words)
6. Being Kind to Yourself and Practicing Positive Self-Talk (429 words)
7. 5 Things to Look For in Your Self-Care Activities (476 words)
8. Is Your Self-Care Routine Serving You? (505 words)
9. Self-Care to Start Your Day (436 words)
10. Self-Care for Personal Growth (418 words)
11. 3 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Block Schedule (429 words)
12. Activities You Didn’t Know Were Self-Care (475 words)
13. Exercise for Self-Care (531 words)
14. Healthy Eating for Self-Care (426 words)
15. Quick Tips for Self-Care Journaling (544 words)


To further help your audience with the benefits of journaling for self-care, you will also get a lead magnet about this topic. This report includes 4 different sections about using a journal for self-care, the benefits, styles of journaling for self-care, and some additional tips.

Journaling for Self-Care
7 pages, 2,175 words

1. Why Journal for Self-Care?
2. Fitting Journaling Into Your Routine
3. Types of journaling for self-care
4. Journal Tips for Beginners


50 Journal Prompts About Self-Care

In addition to the articles and report, you will also get 50 journal prompts about self-care and using a journal for self-care.

These journal prompts vary between statements and questions, offering writing prompts to your audience who might be new to journaling or are not quite sure what to write about.

Workbook with the Journal Prompts

This journaling for self-care PLR package includes 2 different types of workbooks – One is a text version made in Microsoft Word, and the other is done in PowerPoint with more design elements.

The workbook done in Word is text only, and has been made from the 50 journal prompts. It is a way for your readers to go through each prompt in order to work on their self-care routine and figure out how they want to incorporate journaling into it.

By using this version, it is easy to go through and edit the prompts if you want, add more lines, add bullet points, or anything else you would like to include.

Once you’re done, you can convert it to PDF, and sell or give away to your readers to print and use for themselves.


Self-Care Journal

If you prefer to put together a workbook and journal with the prompts with more design options, there is also a PowerPoint version. 

This makes it really easy to customize the layout, colors, fonts, add images, and so much more. 

Not only are there lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, but there is a page for each of the 50 journal prompts included in the workbook and journal.

Details: This is a 60-page journal and workbook in PowerPoint. 

PLR Product #7:
Plant-Based Bundle ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Articles, Covers

Become an Authority With New, High-Quality Content to Teach the Fundamentals and Benefits of the Plant-Based Lifestyle

This is not a trendy quick fix diet, but instead an entire healthy lifestyle change that not only comes with numerous health benefits, but environmental benefits as well.

This PLR bundle includes all the content you need to introduce this topic, including an eBook, report, articles, eCovers, and images.

What You Get in the Plant-Based PLR Package:

eBook – ‘The Modern Plant-Based Diet’ – 7,000+ Words

  • eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • Articles from the eBook – eBook Turned Into 10 Articles
  • Report – ‘Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet’ – 8 pages, 2,715 words
  • Report eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • 10 Articles – 450+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Images – 25 Royalty-Free Images

eBook: ‘Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World’ 

This brand new eBook, The Modern Plant-Based Diet, can help your readers understand the basic fundamentals of a diet consisting mostly of vegan options.

There are over 7,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents.

It includes 10 Chapters:

Chapter 1: Understanding the Modern Plant-Based Diet
Chapter 2: Health Benefits of Plant-Based Lifestyles
Chapter 3: Should You Go Completely Meatless?
Chapter 4: The Importance of Slow, Gradual Steps
Chapter 5: Balancing Your Nutrition with a Plant-Based Diet
Chapter 6: Is it Meant for Weight Loss?
Chapter 7: All Plant-Based Diets Start with Whole Foods
Chapter 8: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Chapter 9: Signs the Plant-Based Diet Isn’t for You
Chapter 10: Moving Forward with Your Plant-Based Life

Articles From the eBook

I have also split up the eBook into 10 articles if you prefer to use this content as blog posts or an email series. 

The article topics include:

1. Understanding the Modern Plant-Based Diet (727 words)
2. Health Benefits of Plant-Based Lifestyles (858 words)
3. Should You Go Completely Meatless? (757 words)
4. The Importance of Slow, Gradual Steps (774 words)
5. Balancing Your Nutrition with a Plant-Based Diet (667 words)
6. Is it Meant for Weight Loss? (642 words)
7. All Plant-Based Diets Start with Whole Foods (785 words)
8. Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them (594 words)
9. Signs the Plant-Based Diet Isn’t for You (551 words)
10. Moving Forward with Your Plant-Based Life (560 words)

Report: ‘Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet’ 

Since a lot of people not only want to make the switch to a plant-based diet, but also lose weight at the same time, this report is going to be the perfect fit for your audience. It shows them how they can use a plant-based to help them shed unwanted pounds while improving their health.

Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet
8 pages, 2,715 words

1. What You Eat on a Plant-Based Diet
2. The Basic Fundamentals of Weight Loss
3.How Plant-Based Helps You Lose Weight
4. Focusing on Nutrients and Balance
5. Additional Tips for Weight Loss with a Plant-Based Diet

10 PLR Articles

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics cover different areas of plant-based diets, including what it is, the health benefits, tips for beginners, common mistakes, and more.

Article Topics Include:

1. Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet (439 words)
2. Plant-Based Tips for Beginners (519 words)
3. How to Cut the Costs of a Plant-Based Diet (634 words)
4. Plant-Based VS Vegan Diets (532 words)
5. The Do’s and Don’ts of a Plant-Based Diet (470 words)
6. How to Eat Less Processed Food on a Plant-Based Diet (477 words)
7. Plant-Based Tip: Eat Your Greens! (474 words)
8. Clean Sources of Protein (494 words)
9. The Best Plant-Based Milk Options (469 words)
10. Common Mistakes with Plant-Based Diets (494 words)

PLR Product #8:
Intuitive Eating Bundle ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Articles, Book Review, Bonuses

Now is your chance to have new, high-quality content all about sleep hygiene and developing sleep habits. Brand new, ready-to-publish content, beautiful graphics and covers, and printables you can customize – all on the popular, emerging topic of sleep hygiene!

Intuitive Eating is an Evergreen Topic That Appeals to the Millions of People Who Get Stuck in Diet and Binge Cycles

With about 95% of diets failing long-term, you can imagine how many people you have reading your blog or on your list who are looking for a better way.

This PLR bundle provides high-quality content about intuitive eating, where people can learn how to stop obsessing over food, get rid of food fear and anxiety, and take their lives back. 

It includes a combination of eBook and report, articles, images, and extra bonus content.

What You Get in the Intuitive Eating PLR Package

  • eBook – ‘Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World’ – 24 pages, 6,803 words
  • eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • Report – ‘Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating’ – 7 pages, 2,583 words
  • Report eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • Book Review – Intuitive Eating Book and Workbook (1,000+ words)
  • 10 Articles – 425+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Social Media Posts
  • Resources Page
  • Royalty-Free Images

eBook: ‘Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World’ 

This brand new, 24-page eBook, Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World can help your readers see that there is more to life than diets and obsession about food.

There are over 6,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 5 chapters are included:

Chapter 1: Why Diets Fail
Chapter 2: The Different Stages of Intuitive Eating
Chapter 3: Addressing Weight Concerns
Chapter 4: Removing the Good and Bad Labels from Food
Chapter 5: Learning How to Listen to Your Body

Intuitive Eating Book Review

You will also get an in-depth book review of the original Intuitive Eating book by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole, as well as their Workbook. 

The book review is complex, covering the most important takeaways from the book, and is over 1,000 words long. It is the perfect way to promote this book to your readers and makes a great blog post.

Report: ‘Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating’ 

Need more intuitive eating content? The ‘Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating’ report is perfect to be used as an opt-in for your blog.  This new lead magnet talks about how people can change their mindset about food and body image to be more successful with intuitive eating.

Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating
7 pages, 2,583 words

1. Become Non-Judgmental About Your Food Choices
2. Use Food as Fuel and Nourishment
3. There is no Success or Failure in Intuitive Eating
4. Reaching a Place of Body Acceptance
5. Be Patient with Mindset Shifts
6. Mindful Eating VS Intuitive Eating

10 PLR Articles

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics cover different areas of intuitive eating, giving up diets, and becoming normal eaters.

Article Topics Include:

1. Why Intuitive Eating Works (485 words)
2. Getting Rid of the All or Nothing Thinking (449 words)
3. How Dieting Harms Your Body (555 words)
4. How to Figure Out Your Own Hunger Scale (500 words)
5. How to Handle Gentle Nutrition (512 words)
6. How Yo-Yo Dieting Can Be Worse Than Obesity (472 words)
7. Removing Good and Bad Food Labels (591 words)
8. The Best Books to Read for Intuitive Eating (466 words)
9. What is the Intuitive Eating Honeymoon Period? (596 words)
10. What to Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating (449 words)

Bonuses: Images, Social Media, and Resources

You will get several free bonuses when you buy this Intuitive Eating PLR bundle. This includes:

35 Royalty-Free Images
20 Social Media Posts for Twitter and Facebook
Resources Page

PLR Product #9:
Law of Attraction Bundle ($37 Value)
Articles, Report, Affirmations, Worksheets

The law of attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, you bring into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly negative, you will attract more negative things into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly positive, you will attract more positive things into your life.

People can use this to manifest what they want by knowing how to focus on the right things, increasing their vibrational energy, expressing gratitude, and taking action when necessary.

Now you can be a valuable source of information on this topic with the new Law of Attraction PLR bundle. This goes beyond the basics of what the law of attraction is, offering advice on creating a daily manifesting routine, increasing your alignment, using moon cycles, and so much more. 

The Law of Attraction prewritten bundle comes with some excellent content, including 20 articles, a report and cover, book review of the popular ‘The Secret’ series, worksheets, and more. 

You don’t want to miss this one!

What You Get in the Law of Attraction PLR Bundle:

  • 20 Articles – 400+ Words Each
  • Report – ‘How to Create a Manifesting Ritual’
  • Report Cover- Includes PSD File
  • Book Review – 3-Part Book Review (The Secret, The Power, The Magic)
  • Royalty-Free Images – 20 images to create your own graphics or blog images.
  • Bonuses: Affirmations, Worksheets, Images, Resources

20 PLR Articles About Law of Attraction

Use these 20 article topics to teach your audience about the power of law of attraction, learn how to manifest their dreams, raise their vibration, and become the best versions of themselves.

These articles work great as blog posts, emails, or can be put together into a report or eBook.

The article topics include:

1. How to Use the 5X55 Method to Manifest Faster (501 words)
2. The Power of Visualization in the Law of Attraction (482 words)
3. How to Raise Your Vibrations (547 words)
4. The ‘I Am’ Rule in Scripting (460 words)
5. Morning Law of Attraction Routine (443 words)
6. Nighttime Law of Attraction Routine (528 words)
7. How to Use Moon Cycles with Manifesting (410 words)
8. The Importance of Releasing and Letting Go (493 words)
9. How to Get in Alignment for Manifesting (502 words)
10. Feelings Are Stronger Than Thoughts (444 words)
11. The Do’s and Don’ts of Law of Attraction (542 words)
12. Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs (460 words)
13. Why You Need to Trust the Universe to Use the LOA (408 words)
14. Law of Attraction Tips: Gratitude (428 words)
15. How to Recognize Signs from the Universe (419 words)
16. Using Meditation with the Law of Attraction (453 words)
17. Top Influencers of the Law of Attraction (418 words)
18. Taking Action with the Law of Attraction (544 words)
19. How and Why to Set Your Intentions (455 words)
20. Why You’re Not Manifesting (437 words)


To give your list more content about manifesting, you will also get this lead magnet about creating a manifesting ritual. It covers the basics of manifesting, different methods, and how to create a ritual or routine to help them with the law of attraction.

How to Create a Manifesting Ritual
9 pages, 3,135 words

1. Why You Need a Manifesting Ritual
2. Decide Which Manifestation Methods to Include
3. Make Your Desires and Intentions Clear
4. Choose the Frequency and Details of the Ritual
5. Creating a Routine Out of Habits

Book Review – ‘The Secret’, ‘The Power’, and ‘The Magic’

The law of attraction has been around for centuries, but in the modern world, many people were not aware of it until Rhonda Byrne released her popular film ‘The Secret’, followed shortly by a series of books.

I have written an in-depth review of her 3 most popular books, including:

  • The Secret
  • The Power
  • The Magic

This review is 1,550 words and 4 pages long, and was written after I read through all 3 books. It provides a lot of important details about the books, whether or not they need to be read in order, a personal take on them, and some pros and cons.


50 Affirmations & Affirmations Guide

Looking for more bonus content to give your list? I have written 50 affirmations that help them get started on manifesting what they want and using the law of attraction. There are affirmations for some of the most popular areas of desires, including:

Health and Wellness
Wealth and Abundance
Relationships and Friendships
Self-Love and Confidence

Affirmations Guide Included – It also includes a mini guide for using the affirmations, including some different methods and tips for writing their own affirmations.

The affirmations guide is 3 pages long with 1,166 words. It contains two parts:

Part One: Using Affirmations

Part Two: Writing Your Own Affirmations

You can include it as a free bonus with the affirmations for your opt-ins, or add it to your own Law of Attraction content guide.

3 Worksheets

I have included some worksheets that will help your list start using the law of attraction, figure out what they actually want to manifest, and decide what manifestation methods work best for them. These worksheets are a great way to get more clarity, as we often think we know what we want, then discover what we manifest is completely different. 

Each of these worksheets is at least 3 pages long, with 10 questions.

The worksheets include:

1. What Do You Want to Manifest?
2. Your Limiting Beliefs
3. Choosing the Best Manifestation Methods

The worksheets are done in Microsoft Word. Here is a sneak peek:

PLR Product #10:
Intermittent Fasting and Keto ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Articles, Covers, Images

Intermittent fasting is not only used for fat burning and weight loss, but includes a lot of health and wellness benefits as well.

This PLR bundle includes all the content you need to introduce this topic, including an eBook, report, articles, eCovers, and images.

What You Get in the Intermittent Fasting PLR Package:

eBook – ‘Intermittent Fasting for Women’ – 27 pages, 6,244 words

  • eCover Graphics – PNG & PSD files
  • Email Follow-Ups – 5 Emails in Text & Word Format
  • Report – ‘Keto with Intermittent Fasting’ – 8 pages, 2,500+ words
  • Report eCover Graphics – PNG & PSD files
  • 10 Articles – 425+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Images – 24 Royalty-Free Images

eBook: ‘Intermittent Fasting for Women’

This brand new eBook, Intermittent Fasting for Women, can help your readers understand not only what intermittent fasting is and how it works, but how women can use it safely and effectively.

There are over 6,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents.

It includes 5 Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Understanding Intermittent Fasting and its Benefits
Chapter 2 – Intermittent Fasting Protocols for Women
Chapter 3 – Is Intermittent Fasting Different for Women?
Chapter 4 – Tips for Doing Intermittent Fasting Safely and Effectively
Chapter 5 – Starting Your Intermittent Fasting Journey


5 Emails About Intermittent Fasting

There are 5 follow-up emails that explore some of the more important (and highly requested) aspects of intermittent fasting for women, which go great with the eBook.

The topics include:

1. How to Choose the Best IF Protocol (264 words)
2. Signs You Are Ready for Intermittent Fasting (258 words)
3. What to Eat During Your Eating Window (276 words)
4. 3 Best Ways for Women to do Intermittent Fasting (253 words)
5. Your First Steps to Intermittent Fasting (266 words)

Report: ‘Intermittent Fasting with Keto’

While people who do intermittent fasting can choose any “diet” or way of eating they prefer, one of the most popular options is to do the Keto diet. This encourages staying in a state of ketosis, managing insulin levels, and burning more fat – plus getting all the other health benefits of fasting. 

This report provides more information about combining the Keto diet with intermittent fasting. 

Intermittent Fasting with Keto
8 pages, 2,508 words

1. What is Intermittent Fasting?
2. What is the Keto Diet?
3. Why Do Keto with Fasting?
4. Tips for Combining Keto with IF
5. What You Should Know Before You Start

10 PLR Articles

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics cover intermittent fasting basics, commonly asked questions, intermittent fasting for women, and more.

Article Topics Include:

1. What Breaks a Fast? (436 words)
2. What is the Migrating Motor Complex? (430 words)
3. Does Intermittent Fasting Affect Your Menstrual Cycle? (482 words)
4. The Top 3 Fasting Protocols (445 words)
5. Tips for Easing in to Intermittent Fasting (461 words)
6. Do Calories Matter When You’re Doing Intermittent Fasting? (447 words)
7. What is Autophagy and How Does it Work? (429 words)
8. Deciding Whether to Fast Every Day (466 words)
9. How to Handle Social Occasions When Intermittent Fasting (440 words)
10. Common Misconceptions About Fasting (429 words)

Yes, This Is A MASSIVE Value…

You will receive all 10 of the PLR products listed on this page, for a one-time low price compared to what it would cost you to purchase any of these packages individually on any given day of the year.

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