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Good News – All printables, journals, and workbooks created with Canva are now going to be available in PowerPoint! 

Because of this, we are offering 40 of our most popular, top-selling Canva template products in just one bundle. These are perfect if you prefer using Canva, since not only are you saving a lot of money, but you get access to nearly every single Canva product we have released all at once.

This is the lowest price you will ever get these products for. You are getting over $1,100 worth of Canva printables, planners, and graphics for just $67 – That is a 87% off discount! 

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Let’s take score on what’s included in this insane offer:

Not only do you get hundreds of printables and other Canva templates, but many products also come with written content, including articles, lead magnets, eBooks, emails, challenges, and more.

Below I’ve gone ahead and put an exhaustive list of the 40 products found in this Canva special.

NOTE: By picking these up now, you will have free access to the PowerPoint template versions of these products once they are upgraded!

The Price Of All Access Is Increasing In:

View A Full List of All Products Below

Below you will find the full list of products included in the all-access pass. While it will only be available to purchase at this price point for a limited time, you will have unlimited access to it. You don’t need to download all the products right now!

  • Mindful Morning Journal Bundle
    2023 Year of Prompts and Affirmations
    Goal-Setting Planner
    Life Resets Bundle
    2023 Moon Manifesting
    Manifest Your Desires
    Astrology and Zodiac Bundle
    Boho Printables
    Year of Canva Journals
    Fall Planner
    Law of Assumption
    Using Promtps and Affirmations
    Good Vibes Planner
    Living Well
    6-Month journal and Planner Templates
    Life Organization
    Mega Canva Printables
    Canva Printables Upgrade
    Positive Mindset
    Positive Mindset Upgrade
    Work-Life Balance
    Emotional Wellbeing
    Self-Love Challenge
    A Year of Self-Love
    Spring Reset Bundle
    Weight Loss Planner
    Journaling Your Weight Loss
    Habits and Routines
    Spiritual Habits and Routines
    Year of Journal Prompts
    Year of Affirmations
    Spiritual Journaling
    Crystals for Spiritual Practices
    Law of Attraction Planner and Journal
    Positive Affirmations Bundle
    Sleep, Exercise, and Diet
    Year of Health and Wellness
    Gratitude Journal
    Law of Attraction
    Journaling to Manifest

You will receive access to all 40 of the PLR products listed on this page, for a one-time low price compared to what it would cost you to purchase any of these packages individually on any given day of the year.

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Limited Time: Canva Templates Weekend Special