*Lifetime Membership Pass


Lifetime Membership Pass
Get an All-Access Pass to PLR packs, funnels, and packages for a lifetime.


Health & Wellness PLR - Lifetime Membership

Sign up for the Lifetime Membership to get everything in the Health & Wellness PLR for one low price. The membership includes everything you see listed in the store now and forever. This also includes full content funnels released on JVZoo.

There are currently over 200 products listed that total over $3,000 worth of content. I add new content weekly, between 20 and 40 pages every week of brand new content. I am also happy to take topic suggestions if there is something you're looking for!

Please Note - This does not include the products listed as 'Premium PLR'. These were part of my Natural Healing PLR Club membership, therefore they are not included. However, you still have over 200 products as part of the membership.

What You Get With This Membership

Instant Access to Every Product in the Store - When you sign up for the Lifetime Membership, you have instant access to every single product in the store. You will be given a page and log-in with a list of all products available. You simply click download next to any product, at any time. There are no download limits or annoying checkout processes to go through.

Requested Topics Pushed to the Top of the List - I will consider all topic requests I get and do eventually add most of them to the store. However, when you have the Lifetime Membership, your requests go right to the top of the list. 

50% Off All Limited PLR Content - As an added perk, you will get a coupon code that gets you 50% off all my Limited PLR. I currently have over 20 packs, bundles, and reports that are extremely limited. These are currently being sold on JVZoo and each product has only 25 copies available. 

You can see all Limited PLR currently available by clicking here.

*New Perk* - I will be adding new products weekly for members only. These are only accessible by Annual and Lifetime members.

Types of PLR Content You Get

As a health and wellness PLR store, I offer a wide range of PLR products in the health niche. I like to mix it up, so you will find diet and weight loss, fitness, mental health, natural health, and medical topics. 

There are small packs of articles and autoresponders, PLR reports, and big bundles up to 25 pages and more for each one. I also provide royalty-free images in many packs, along with graphics, eCovers, and other bonuses.  When I release big full content funnels on JVZoo, those are also added to the store and included in your Lifetime Membership.

Here is a look at some of my most popular packs and bundles:

Using Planners eBook Bundle
Journaling PLR Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Essential Oils Bundle
Coconut for Health Bundle
Superfoods Bundle
Fermented Foods Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the PLR?

After you purchase the lifetime membership, you will receive an email that includes instructions for accessing it. It is sent instantly, just like any other product you purchase from the store. It may show up in your spam folder, so check there if you can’t find it. Once you receive the email, you will need to download the file, then open the text document inside with the instructions. 

Please note: You no longer add items to your cart once you have the lifetime membership. You log-in to the members-only page and download products instantly.

What about launches you release with other PLR sellers?

I can only give access to my own product launches, not those I do with others. Unfortunately, if I team up with another PLR seller, the products will not be included unless I have their permission. 

How many times can I download the PLR?

You will receive access to the products for a lifetime, so you get unlimited downloads.

What about packs I have already purchased?

Unfortunately, I can’t reimburse you for PLR products you have purchased already. However, I add new products weekly, so the membership will more than pay for itself.

When are your new products available to lifetime members?

You get access to new products immediately after they are posted in the PLR store. I recommend signing up for the email list if you haven't done so already, as that is the best way to find out when new products are available to download.

Is all of your PLR content included?

This lifetime membership includes all content in the Health & Wellness PLR store, including full-content funnels as they eventually appear in the store as well. However, this does not include content I create for other PLR projects that are not part of the Health & Wellness PLR store.

*You will not get access to content from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. This is purchased separately as the content never appears in my store.

*It also does not included Limited PLR, occasionally released on JVZoo. (See This Page)

How long will this offer be for?

At this time, I am only offering the Lifetime Membership until the end of the year. However, you can get the Annual Membership at any time.

When will you post new PLR?

I post at least one pack or bundle to the store each week, but often a bigger bundle and a smaller pack.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.