Life Resets PLR Bundle


This PLR Bundle Contains:

– 8-Page Report – Life Reset Routine
– 5 ‘Life Reset’ PLR Articles
– 75 Unique Journal Prompts
– Three 27-Page Journals (Canva)
– Three 16-Page Workbooks (Canva)
– 7 Original eCovers (Canva)

Gain Access To The Brand New Life Reset PLR Report, Journals & Workbooks Bundle, All With Private Label Rights Included

8 Modules of Fresh Content & Printable Items With PLR Attached

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to begin a life reset, with the right guidance and materials, you can simply just start right now.

The concept of a life reset is to essentially “reset the clock” by reflecting heavily upon the past week or month, further prioritizing what you want to focus on going forward, and then ultimately setting yourself up for achieving success in thos areas.

While the most popular of the reset are the weekly and monthly ones, they can honestly be done at any frequency, from every 3 months, to “as needed” for a reset.

That’s exactly what this 100% new PLR bundle will help your audience understand more intricately and then further take them through the steps of effectively performing a life reset.

This includes going into detail in relation to what a life reset is, how a weekly/monthly reset works, how it can benefit them, and what tasks can be added to their reset routine and overall life.

You will receive 8 unique, high-quality modules including a lead magnet, completely original PLR articles about the subject matter, journal prompts covering 3 different areas, 3 professionally stylized journals, another 3 gorgeously stylized workbooks, and 7 unique eCovers. 

Just take a look at the 8 modules that are included below:

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 8 modules found in this package.

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PLR Module #1:

‘Create A Reset Routine To Change Your Life’ Lead Magnet

(8 pages, 2,596 words)

This report presents guidance into what life resets are, why they can be beneficial, signs someone is in need of a reset, and different types of resets.
It goes over weekly, monthly, and “as needed” resets, as well as doing resets for different areas of their life, like personal, work, home and environment, and personal growth.
The ‘Create a Reset Routine to Change Your Life’ lead magnet is 8 pages and 2,596 words. It includes 6 sections, each of which covers a different aspects of life resets. This lead magnet works great as an opt-in, as part of a related challenge, or can be used as a long-form blog post.
Here are the sections found in this report:
  1. Types of Resets That Change Your Life

  2. Signs You Are in Need of a Reset

  3. Areas of Your Life to Reset

  4. How Often Should You Do a Reset?

  5. Habits to Include in Your Reset

  6. Tips to Help With Your Resets

Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #2:

5 Unique Life Reset PLR Articles

(Word and Text Format)

In addition to the lead magnet about the topic of Life Resets, you’re also going to receive a set of 5 completely unique to this package PLR articles centered around similar subject matter.

These 5 articles dive into different elements of life resets versus what the report discusses, so this gives you even more fresh content to disperse.

Here is a list of the PLR article topic titles:

  • How to Do a Daily 10-Minute Reset (609 words)

  • Reset Your Self-Care Routine (611 words)

  • Habits to Add to Your Weekly Reset (621 words)

  • Why Everyone Should Do a Monthly Reset (622 words)

  • Reset Your Life One Season at a Time (602 words)

There are countless ways to utilize these articles. You can post them on your blog, or on any social media page that allows longer form content. You can use them as email content, or even as a lead magnet to build your email list. You could create videos and audio clips from these articles, and so much more.

They’re yours to do with as you please.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #3:

25 Weekly Reset Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

Adding further onto the written based content in this package, you’ll be receiving 25 prompts that focus specifically in on the aspect of a weekly reset.

These 25 prompts effectively complement the other content found in this, to fill things out.

Here are just a few of the 25 prompts included:

  • What are you looking forward to in this upcoming week?
  • Where is your main focus this week?
  • List your top 3-5 priorities.
  • What were your highs last week?
  • What were your lows last week?

There are countless ways to use journal prompts, from adding them to a blog post, to including them in a course or product you sell to your audience. They are also used in both a journal and workbook in this bundle, so all the work is done for you!

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #4:

25 Monthly Reset Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

To help round out the time based prompts, you will even be receiving 25 more journal prompts. This time they focus around the monthly reset aspect.

Here is a preview of 5 of the 25 prompts included in the “monthly reset” module:

  • What was your main focus last month?
  • What do you want to be your main focus this month?
  • List your top 3-5 priorities for next month.
  • What new intentions do you have this month?
  • What are your health goals for next month?

There are so many ways to use journal prompts, from adding them to a blog post, to including them in a course or product you sell to your audience. They are also used in both a journal and workbook in this bundle, so all the work is done for you!

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #5:

25 General Life Reset Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

In the final module of prompts, you will gain access to a module containing 25 general life reset prompts that will help you or your audience dive deeper into the thought process behind their life reset.

These 25 writing prompts all go perfectly with the topics covered in this bundle, here are just a few:

  • What is your idea of a dream life?
  • How is your current life different from what you want?
  • What are your biggest life bucket list items?
  • How are you working toward your goals?
  • What obstacles are getting in the way of your goals?

You can use these life reset journal prompts in the beset ways that you see fit to benefit both your business and above all your audience as well.  They are also already contained in the workbook and journal found in this package too.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #6:

3 Stylized Journals (27 pages each)

– Editable in Canva –

Up next, in this module, the 75 journal prompts in this package have been effectively split up and inserted into 3 different editable Canva journals for you, with 1 prompt per page of the journal.

The Weekly Reset Journal features the 25 weekly reset prompts found in an earlier module.

The Monthly Reset Journal utilizes the 25 monthly reset prompts, giving you an effective way to present them to your audience.

The Life Reset Journal includes all 25 of the general life reset prompts, so you can cover all of the different bases when it comes to distributing the prompts.

These are all created in Canva, so you can edit them using Canva (it’s free!), including changing the background, colors, layouts, font, and the prompts themselves. Once you are done customizing any of the journal, just save and convert to a PDF to be sent to your list.

They can then print any of them out and use these prompts for daily journal entries when they want to gain clarity about living well and improving their life.

Below are some previews of the 3 different journals included in this module:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.

PLR Module #7:

3 Stylized Workbooks (16 pages each)

– Editable in Canva –

In this particular module, you will receive 3 different workbooks. Similar to the prompts received in prior modules, these workbooks pertain to each of the 3 categories of prompts included.

The Weekly Reset Workbook utilizes the 25 journal prompts pertaining to the weekly reset.

The Monthly Reset Workbook also uses the 25 journal prompts found in this PLR package, this time pertaining solely to the monthly reset.

Lastly, the Life Reset Workbook makes use of the 25 prompts found in an earlier module that are solely related to the general ‘life reset’ topic.

Overall, these workbooks present you with a different way to use and deliver the prompts to your audience.

Each of these 3 workbooks are 16 pages long, including the cover page.

Instead of just simple lined journal pages, there are a combination of layouts depending on the prompts, including lists, workbook pages, and lined pages for each page. This works more as a workbook that can be filled out, but is just as effective as the journal. 

Offer both to your list or just one of them, it’s up to you!

You can customize it with Canva to match your brand and the cover you decide to use. I have also provided an editable cover that matches this workbook perfectly.


Here is a look inside the 3 gorgeously styled workbooks:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.

PLR Module #8:

7 Professionally-Designed eCovers

– Editable in Canva –

You will also receive access to 7 professionally-designed eCovers, all of which are created in Canva. 

The images and colors chosen for these covers complement each other perfectly, so you can use all 7 for a course or product you are selling or giving to your audience, and the style will be consistent throughout.

You can also customize every element of the covers by using Canva, including the images, design elements, fonts, colors, and layouts. There is nothing complicated about Canva which is why it’s so perfect to use for your business.

Below is a preview of the 7 covers you receive in this particular module of this bundle:

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.


You will receive all 8 of the material-packed PLR modules listed on this page, for just ONE low price!

Here Are The Modules Included In This Bundle

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