Law of Attraction PLR Bundle


Law of Attraction PLR Bundle
20 Articles
Report & Cover
Book Review

Law of Attraction PLR Bundle - Brand New Content! Articles, Report, Affirmations, Book Reviews, and More Bonuses

It is that time of year when people want to improve their lives, reach their goals, and achieve their dreams. They can do this with the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, you bring into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly negative, you will attract more negative things into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly positive, you will attract more positive things into your life.

People can use this to manifest what they want by knowing how to focus on the right things, increasing their vibrational energy, expressing gratitude, and taking action when necessary.

Now you can be a valuable source of information on this topic with the new Law of Attraction PLR bundle. This goes beyond the basics of what the law of attraction is, offering advice on creating a daily manifesting routine, increasing your alignment, using moon cycles, and so much more. 

The Law of Attraction prewritten bundle comes with some excellent content, including 20 articles, a report and cover, book review of the popular 'The Secret' series, worksheets, and more. 

You don't want to miss this one!

What You Get in the Law of Attraction PLR Bundle

  • 20 Articles - 400+ Words Each
  • Report - 'How to Create a Manifesting Ritual'
  • Report Cover- Includes PSD File
  • Book Review - 3-Part Book Review (The Secret, The Power, The Magic)
  • Royalty-Free Images - 20 images to create your own graphics or blog images.
  • Bonuses: Affirmations, Worksheets, Images, Resources

20 PLR Articles About Law of Attraction

Use these 20 article topics to teach your audience about the power of law of attraction, learn how to manifest their dreams, raise their vibration, and become the best versions of themselves.

These articles work great as blog posts, emails, or can be put together into a report or eBook.

The article topics include:

1. How to Use the 5X55 Method to Manifest Faster (501 words)
2. The Power of Visualization in the Law of Attraction (482 words)
3. How to Raise Your Vibrations (547 words)
4. The 'I Am' Rule in Scripting (460 words)
5. Morning Law of Attraction Routine (443 words)
6. Nighttime Law of Attraction Routine (528 words)
7. How to Use Moon Cycles with Manifesting (410 words)
8. The Importance of Releasing and Letting Go (493 words)
9. How to Get in Alignment for Manifesting (502 words)
10. Feelings Are Stronger Than Thoughts (444 words)
11. The Do's and Don'ts of Law of Attraction (542 words)
12. Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs (460 words)
13. Why You Need to Trust the Universe to Use the LOA (408 words)
14. Law of Attraction Tips: Gratitude (428 words)
15. How to Recognize Signs from the Universe (419 words)
16. Using Meditation with the Law of Attraction (453 words)
17. Top Influencers of the Law of Attraction (418 words)
18. Taking Action with the Law of Attraction (544 words)
19. How and Why to Set Your Intentions (455 words)
20. Why You're Not Manifesting (437 words)

'How to Create a Manifesting Ritual' Report

To give your list more content about manifesting, you will also get this lead magnet about creating a manifesting ritual. It covers the basics of manifesting, different methods, and how to create a ritual or routine to help them with the law of attraction.

How to Create a Manifesting Ritual

9 pages, 3,135 words

1. Why You Need a Manifesting Ritual
2. Decide Which Manifestation Methods to Include
3. Make Your Desires and Intentions Clear
4. Choose the Frequency and Details of the Ritual
5. Creating a Routine Out of Habits

Book Review - 'The Secret', 'The Power', and 'The Magic'

The law of attraction has been around for centuries, but in the modern world, many people were not aware of it until Rhonda Byrne released her popular film 'The Secret', followed shortly by a series of books.

I have written an in-depth review of her 3 most popular books, including:

The Secret
The Power
The Magic

This review is 1,550 words and 4 pages long, and was written after I read through all 3 books. It provides a lot of important details about the books, whether or not they need to be read in order, a personal take on them, and some pros and cons.

50 Affirmations & Affirmations Guide

Looking for more bonus content to give your list? I have written 50 affirmations that help them get started on manifesting what they want and using the law of attraction. There are affirmations for some of the most popular areas of desires, including:

Health and Wellness
Wealth and Abundance
Relationships and Friendships
Self-Love and Confidence

Affirmations Guide Included - It also includes a mini guide for using the affirmations, including some different methods and tips for writing their own affirmations.

The affirmations guide is 3 pages long with 1,166 words. It contains two parts:

Part One: Using Affirmations
Part Two: Writing Your Own Affirmations

You can include it as a free bonus with the affirmations for your opt-ins, or add it to your own Law of Attraction content guide.

3 Worksheets

I have included some worksheets that will help your list start using the law of attraction, figure out what they actually want to manifest, and decide what manifestation methods work best for them. These worksheets are a great way to get more clarity, as we often think we know what we want, then discover what we manifest is completely different. 

Each of these worksheets is at least 3 pages long, with 10 questions.

The worksheets include:

1. What Do You Want to Manifest?

2. Your Limiting Beliefs

3. Choosing the Best Manifestation Methods

The worksheets are done in Microsoft Word. Here is a sneak peek:

List of Books and Products to Promote

To provide your audience with more resources to learn about the law of attraction, do scripting or journaling, and manifest their desires, you will also get this list of books and products to promote. 

They are all from Amazon, so it is easy to promote them in your blog posts (by using the articles in this bundle!). There are some different categories of products, including books about the law of attraction, more spiritual and self-help books, and products like meditation pillows, guided meditations, crystals, card decks, and other spiritual items.

20 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, promote your blog posts, add images to your posts or opt-in pages, and more with these royalty-free images.

PLR Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.

Law of Attraction PLR Bundle