Law of Attraction Planner and Journal PLR


Law of Attraction Planner PLR Bundle
Low-Content Bundle
Planner – ‘Law of Attraction Planner’
Journal – ‘Guided Scripting Journal’
2 Editable Canva Cover Templates
20 Scripting Journal Prompts

*NEW* Law of Attraction Planner PLR Bundle
Planner, Journal, Prompts, and eCovers

The Law of Attraction is the universal rule that states what we focus on, we attract into our lives. This can be used to manifest all your biggest dreams and desires, which just a few simple methods and a positive mindset. 

This PLR bundle helps your audience learn how to manifest with a 25-page planner providing templates for using the law of attraction in a simplistic way. 

There is also a guided scripting journal for anyone who wants to start scripting to manifest, but aren't sure where to start.

What You Get in the Law of Attraction Planner PLR Package

  • Planner - 25-Page Planner in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Journal Prompts - 20 Journal Prompts About Scripting for Manifesting
  • Journal - 22-Page Guided Journal Using the Prompts (Canva/PWP)
  •  eCovers - 2 Editable Canva Cover Templates (planner and journal)

Law of Attraction Planner

This is a 25-page planner with 23 templates for using manifesting and the law of attraction. It comes with templates for creating and planning a vision board, using different manifestation methods, affirmations, and many more. 

Templates Include:

Your Dreams of the Past, Present, and Future
Finding Your Purpose
High-Vibe Activities
What Do You Want to Manifest?
Meditation Tracker
Visualization Practice: Description
Visualization Practice: Image
Visualization Practice: Feelings
Vision Board Planner: Blank
Vision Board Planner: Categories
Scripting Method
55x5 Method
369 Method
Mirror Work
Daily Gratitude: List
Daily Gratitude: Blocks
Weekly Gratitude
Monthly Gratitude
Affirmations: Blank
Affirmations: Ideas
Set Your Intentions
To-Do List
Blank Journal Page

Peek Inside the Planner...

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint

Everything about this planner can be customized, including fonts, colors, and templates. You will be given the planner in both Canva and PowerPoint.

Scripting Journal Prompts

You will also get 20 journal prompts that will help your audience to start using a scripting journal for manifesting. This is the most popular method of manifesting, but it's sometimes a little confusing in the beginning. These journal prompts help guide them through the process of scripting.

File Format: The journal prompts are available in Word and Text format.

Guided Scripting Journal

Customize and share this journal with your audience to help them learn how to start scripting.

The 20 journal prompts in this bundle are used in the journal, offering simple writing prompts to use on their scripting journey.

Each page is very easy to customize with your own layout, colors, images, and fonts.

You will get the journal in both Canva and PowerPoint.

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint

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Law of Attraction Planner and Journal PLR