Kids and Teens Journaling PLR


Journaling for Kids and Teens PLR
15 Articles
Report from the Articles
3 Canva Templates
50 Journal Prompts
2 Workbooks
2 Journals


New Kids and Teen Journaling PLR, with Articles, Journal Prompts, Journal, and More

This new PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journals, journal prompts, and more about Journaling for Kids and Teens.

So much content out there about journaling is aimed at adults, but the fact is, people of all ages can benefit from this practice.

This bundle goes over the benefits for kids and teens, tips, creating a routine, using it for mindfulness, setting up a journaling space, and so much more.

What You Get in the Kids and Teen Journaling PLR Package

  • Articles- 15 Articles About Journaling for Kids and Teens
  • Report - Articles Put Into a Report/Opt-in
  • 3 eCovers - Editable Canva Cover Templates
  •  50 Journaling Prompts - 25 Prompts for Kids and 25 Prompts for Teens
  • 2 Workbooks - Created From the Journal Prompts
  • 2 Journals - 2 Simple Journals Created in PowerPoint (1 for kids, 1 for teens)
  • BONUS - Royalty-Free Images

15 Articles About Journaling for Kids and Teens

The Kids and Teens Journaling PLR bundle comes with 15 articles that help your audience understand the benefits, why they should start their kids on journaling young, tips for choosing the right journal, how journaling helps with self-esteem and growing up, and so much more.

Article Topics Include:

1. Benefits of Journaling for Kids (466 words)
2. Why Journaling is Good for Teens (441 words)
3. How Kids and Teens Can Start Journaling (423 words)
4. Setting Up a Journaling Routine for Kids (404 words)
5. How Journaling is Different for Teens Than Adults (420 words)
6. Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence with Journaling (439 words)
7. Kids’ Journaling Idea: Kindness Journal (413 words)
8. Why Everyone Should Include Gratitude in Their Journal (423 words)
9. Teens Find Self-Discovery and Life Goals in Their Journal (424 words)
10. The Importance of Positivity Mindsets with Journaling (405 words)
11. Mindfulness for Kids (408 words)
12. How to Get Kids Excited About Journaling (425 words)
13. Anxiety in Teens and How Journaling Can Help (443 words)
14. Top Journals for Kids (414 words)
15. Top Journals for Teens (422 words)

Report - 'Journaling for Kids and Teens'

The articles in this bundle have also been put into an opt-in report, so you can choose to use them as a free opt-in or content upgrade if you prefer that to blog posts. 

'Journaling for Kids and Teens'

18 pages, 6,429 words

1. Introducing Journaling to Kids and Teens
2. Journaling for Kids
3. Journaling for Teens

Journal Prompts and Workbooks

You will get 50 journal prompts in total - 25 for kids, and 25 that are more for pre-teens and teens. 

The journal prompts cover many areas of childhood and adolescence, offering writing prompts on subjects like:

Sports and Activities
Self-Esteem and Confidence
Feelings and Emotions
Favorite Things
... and so much more!

Workbooks: The journal prompts have also been turned into workbooks, which are available in Microsoft Word. These workbooks include lines, bullet and numbered lists, allowing kids to fill out the information, instead of writing on a blank piece of paper in their journal.

There are 2 workbooks: One for the kids' journaling prompts, and one for the teens' journaling prompts.

File Format: The journal prompts are in both Word and Text format. The Workbooks are in Word.

2 Journals - Kids and Teens

In addition to the workbooks, you will also get two journals. One journal for kids, and one journal for teens. Each journal also includes pages with the journal prompts, as well as:

Lined journal pages
Notes page
Doodle page
Fill-in-the-blank worksheet pages
Daily planner pages (kid-friendly!)
... and more! 

File Format: Both journals are in PowerPoint, making them easy to customize with your own colors, images, fonts, and layouts.

Journal for Kids

The Journal for Kids is done in PowerPoint, making it easy for you to customize everything. You can change the layout, add or remove pages, change fonts, colors, images, and more. 

This journal is 36 pages in total, including lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, along with some added layouts, including a homework log, chore log, and doodle page.

The Kids' Journal Includes:

Lined journal pages (3 styles)
Doodle page
Homework Log
Chart Log
My Favorite Things
Daily Planner
Journal Prompt Pages

It is 36 pages in total, including a page for every journal prompt. 

File Type: PowerPoint

Journal for Teens

The Journal for Teens is 36 pages long, also done in PowerPoint. You can edit absolutely everything in this journal, before you convert it to a PDF to give or sell to your list. 

In addition to the lined and journal prompts pages, there is a gratitude page, homework log, daily tasks, morning and night routine, and daily planner.

The Teens' Journal Includes:

Lined journal pages
Doodle Page
Daily Tasks
Morning and Night Routines
Homework Log
Daily Planner
Journal Prompts Pages

It has 35 pages in total, including the journal prompts pages.

File Format: PowerPoint

3 Editable Canva Templates

The 3 eCovers included in this bundle are all done in Canva. It is free and super easy to use. It allows you to customize the covers with your own layout, images, colors, backgrounds, text, and lots more. 

You will be given a link and instructions for accessing and editing the templates.

Bonus: 17 Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, you will get 17 royalty-free images that can be used for blog posts, emails, in the report, graphics, and anything else you want.

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