Keto PLR Mega Bundle


Keto PLR Mega Bundle
5 Keto PLR Products from the Store

1. Keto for PCOS
2. Keto Flu Bundle
3. Keto FAQs Bundle
4. Keto Coffee
5. Keto Alcohol

Keto PLR Mega Bundle - Big Bundle of All 5 of my Keto PLR Packs and Reports

Get all of my Keto prewritten content in one bundle with this Keto PLR Mega bundle. You will get all 5 of my Ketogenic Diet PLR packs and reports, including my most recent Keto for PCOS. 

You will get a total of 4 reports, 20 articles, 20 graphics, 10 autoresponders, and lots of images and other bonuses.

Please double-check which products you have purchased from me so that you don't make a repeat purchase, as these are all sold separately in the store as well. 

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

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    Keto for PCOS - 9-Page Report, eCover, Images
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    Keto Flu PLR Bundle - Report, Autoresponders, Bonuses
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    Keto FAQs PLR Bundle - Articles, Graphics, Bonuses
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    Keto Coffee - Report, eCover
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    Keto Alcohol - Report, eCover

Keto for PCOS - PLR Report & Images

The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet that has been helping people improve their health and wellness for many years. Not only is it used often for weight loss, but people with medical conditions like diabetes and seizures find benefits from the Keto diet.

It has also shown to be very effective with people who suffer from PCOS. This PLR report goes over what PCOS is and how the keto diet can help them. You will get a high-quality opt-in report, editable eCovers, and images to use.

Keto for PCOS

9 pages, 6 sections, 2,621 words

1. What is PCOS?
2. Symptoms of PCOS
3. Contributing Factors to PCOS
4. How the Keto Diet Can Help
5. Keto-Friendly Foods
6. Other Lifestyle Modifications for PCOS

This PLR bundle also comes with 10 royalty-free images. 

Keto Flu PLR Bundle

It is no surprise that the Ketogenic Diet is beneficial to anyone who tries it. This diet promote healthy weight loss, while also having excellent benefits for people with autoimmune diseases or diabetes. The main drawback is with the side effects that occur during the first phase when people are entering ketosis.

It is during this time when the dreaded "keto flu" begins - which isn't a flu, but with flu-like symptoms. The new content in this bundle provide you with an opt-in report all about managing the keto flu and side effects, along with 10 autoresponders to use as follow-ups or short blog posts, and some royalty-free images as well. 

Buy the Keto Flu PLR Bundle to get all of this content instantly:

  • 'Keto Flu - Managing the Ketogenic Side Effects' - 5-page Report
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    Custom eCover (w/PSD file for editing)
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    10 Follow-Up Autoresponders
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    15 Royalty-Free Images

Keto Flu - Managing the Ketogenic Side Effects

Keto Flu

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,118 words

1. Keto Flu Symptoms

2. Understanding Why Keto Flu Occurs

3. Managing Your Symptoms

4. Moving Beyond the Keto Flu

10 Follow-Up Autoresponders

1. Lesser-Known Side Effects of Keto (262 words)
2. Keto Hair Loss: What to do About it (304 words)
3. Feeling Faint? Try These Keto-Friendly Foods (291 words)
4. How to Manage Sugar Withdrawal (271 words)
5. Tips for Getting Better Sleep While on Keto (284 words)

6. Keto Diet Tips: Should You Avoid Artificial Sweeteners? (279 words)
7. Managing Keto Side Effects: Keto Breath (270 words)
8. The Importance of Meal Prep on Keto (326 words)
9. Tips and Tricks to Avoid Quitting Keto (368 words)
10. Managing Keto Side Effects for Long-Term Success (260 words)

Keto FAQs PLR Bundle - Articles, Graphics

Are you looking for more content on the Keto diet? If so, you're in luck! This PLR bundle doesn't go over the basics of keto, but instead answers the questions your readers and followers probably have about the diet. I have compiled a list of 20 of the most commonly asked questions about Keto, from learning about carb cycling with Keto, to tips for adding in more fat.

You also get additional bonus content like a meal plan you can customize, social media posts, and even graphics.

You will get the following content with this Keto FAQs bundle:

  • 20 Articles About Common Keto FAQs
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    20 Social Media Graphics
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    7-Day Sample Keto Meal Plan
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    Grocery List
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    20 Social Media Posts

20 Articles About Keto FAQs

1. What are Sugar Alcohols? (406 words)
2. How do You Get More Fat Into Your Keto Diet? (426 words)
3. Can You Do Keto Without Veggies? (438 words)
4. How do You do Keto as a Whole Food Diet? (419 words)
5. What are Some Low-Carb Veggie Options? (454 words)
6. What is Nutritional Yeast? (408 words)
7. How to Increase Your Protein Doing Keto? (414 words)
8. Should You Exercise While on the Ketogenic Diet? (405 words)
9. What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make on Keto? (516 words)
10. The Keto Flu: What it is and What You Can do? (428 words)

11. What is Carb Cycling With a Keto Diet? (512 words)
12. What Low-Carb Foods  Should You Avoid? (419 words)
13. What are the Side Effects of Being on Ketosis? (414 words)
14. How do you do Keto While Vegetarian? (447 words)
15. What are Some Good Low-Carb Fruits? (409 words)
16. Are There Flour Alternatives for Baking? (404 words)
17. Why do You Have to Worry About Electrolytes on keto? (414 words)
18. Can You Drink Alcohol While on Keto? (409 words)
19. How do You Increase Your Keto Fiber? (401 words)
20. What are Fat Bombs? (413 words)

This bundle also includes 20 graphics, a Keto meal plan, and grocery list.

Keto Coffee PLR Report

Keto, or the Ketogenic diet, is a low-carb, high-fat diet that requires you to stick to just 20 net carbs a day and 70% of your daily calories in fat. One of the challenges with sticking to these macros is having enough fat without going over on your carbs. This is where keto coffee comes in.

Also known as Bulletproof Coffee, keto coffee is made with healthy fats like coconut oil and butter, with some additional extra ingredients to keep you full in the morning and start increasing your fat to be converted into fat-burning fuel. This is the beauty of the keto diet.

This PLR report goes over the basics of Keto coffee, from how to make it, to the benefits, and tips for customizing it. If you have a health blog or list and want to start promoting items related to this diet, the Keto Coffee report is a great place to start.

This PLR Report comes with an eCover and 5 related royalty-free images.

Keto Coffee 101

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,971 words

1. What is Keto Coffee?
2. Why You Should Drink Keto Coffee
3. How to Make the Perfect Cup of Keto Coffee
4. Tips For Choosing Quality Ingredients
5. How to Make Iced Keto Coffee

Keto Alcohol PLR Report

This PLR report is perfect for anyone that promotes products related to the keto diet. So if you like to promote healthy cooking tools and appliances, cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets for people trying to follow the ketogenic or similar low-carb diet, they will be glad to know they can still drink socially!

The Keto Alcohol 101 PLR report goes over some tips for choosing keto-friendly alcoholic beverages, how much to have, and gives the carb counts for different types of liquor, wine, and beer. The last section goes over some recipes for yummy alcoholic beverages that are also keto-friendly. Trust me – your list will love it!

Keto Alcohol 101

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,005 words

1. How to Choose the Right Low-Carb Alcohol
2. Alcohol and Mixers to Avoid
3. Tips For Drinking While on a Keto Diet
4. Low-Carb Cocktail Recipes

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