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Keto Flu/Keto Side Effects PLR Bundle
5-Page Report About the Keto Flu
Editable Report Cover
10 Autoresponders
15 Royalty-Free Images


Keto Flu PLR Bundle - Opt-in Report, Follow-Up Emails, Images

It is no surprise that the Ketogenic Diet is beneficial to anyone who tries it. This diet promote healthy weight loss, while also having excellent benefits for people with autoimmune diseases or diabetes. The main drawback is with the side effects that occur during the first phase when people are entering ketosis.

It is during this time when the dreaded "keto flu" begins - which isn't a flu, but with flu-like symptoms. The new content in this bundle provide you with an opt-in report all about managing the keto flu and side effects, along with 10 autoresponders to use as follow-ups or short blog posts, and some royalty-free images as well. 

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

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    5-Page Report: Keto Flu - Managing the Ketogenic Diet Side Effects
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    Custom Report Cover (PSD file included)
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    10 Follow-Up Autoresponders
  • 15 Royalty-Free Images

5-Page Report: Keto Flu

Provide your list with high-quality content all about keto side effects with this brand new Keto Flu opt-in report. You can use it as an opt-in for your list, a free report to give away, or even sell it right on your blog. Just customize it for your own needs, add images, and post it!

Keto Flu

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,118 words

1. Keto Flu Symptoms

2. Understanding Why Keto Flu Occurs

3. Managing Your Symptoms

4. Moving Beyond the Keto Flu

5 Report Cover Formats to Choos​e From

10 Follow-Up Autoresponders

After you get new subscribers to your list with the Keto Flu opt-in, you will need follow-ups. I have you covered! These 10 emails are all the perfect way to create follow-ups that talk more about information in the report. You can have them link to blog posts about Keto, then promote products from there.

Autoresponder ​Topics:

  • 1. Lesser-Known Side Effects of Keto (262 words)
  • 2. Keto Hair Loss: What to do About it (304 words)
  • 3. Feeling Faint? Try These Keto-Friendly Foods (291 words)
  • 4. How to Manage Sugar Withdrawal (271 words)
  • 5. Tips for Getting Better Sleep While on Keto (284 words)
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    6. Keto Diet Tips: Should You Avoid Artificial Sweeteners? (279 words)
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    7. Managing Keto Side Effects: Keto Breath (270 words)
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    8. The Importance of Meal Prep on Keto (326 words)
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    9. Tips and Tricks to Avoid Quitting Keto (368 words)
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    10. Managing Keto Side Effects for Long-Term Success (260 words)

Bonus: 15 Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, I have included 15 royalty-free images that go perfectly with this content.

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