Journaling Your Goals PLR Bundle


Journaling Your Goals PLR Bundle
10 PLR Articles
800-1000+ Words Each
20 Images

Journaling Your Goals - 10 Long PLR Articles About Using a Journal to Write Down Goals 

Goal setting is an important way to visualize your dreams and aspirations, and have something to look forward to. But too many people are using the wrong method to create and reach their goals.

This PLR bundle is all about using a journal to write down goals, not just once, but on a daily basis. It encourages writing them in present tense, along with explaining the benefits of setting goals, why you should use a journal for this purpose, and offers many other tips. 

What You Get in This Bundle

The Journaling Your Goals PLR bundle comes with:

  • 10 PLR Articles
  • 800-1,000+ Words Each
  • Text and Word Format
  • 20 Images

10 PLR Articles About Journaling Your Goals

The following 10 article topics are between 800 and over 1,000 words. They are the perfect length for detailed blog posts, or can be combined into an opt-in report or eBook. 

The article topics include:

1. Journal with Intention (821 words)
2. Why You Should Use a Journal When Setting Goals (932 words)
3. Write Your Goals in Present Tense (820 words)
4. Using Positive Speak in Your Journal (801 words)
5. The Importance of Consistency (851 words)
6. Why You Should Start Your Journal with Gratitude (859 words)
7. Ideas for Types of Goals to Set (1,101 words)
8. Use Your Journal to Visualize Dreams and Goals (851 words)
9. Health Benefits of Setting Goals (1,022 words)
10. Try Setting Your Goals on a Disconnected Day (835 words)

Bonus - 20 Royalty-Free Images

As a bonus, I have included 20 royalty-free images to be used for your blog posts, report images, or social media graphics.

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Journaling Your Goals PLR Bundle