Journaling to Manifest (law of attraction) One-Time Offer


Journaling to Manifest (Law of Attraction)
Law of Attraction Journal & Cover
Law of Attraction Workbook & Cover
Report – Scripting to Manifest Your Desires
Email Challenge – Journaling to Manifest

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New Law of Attraction & Manifesting Journal and Workbook, Journaling Prompts, Opt-in Report, ​and Email Challenge

Expand on the knowledge and value you share with your audience about the Law of Attraction with this Brand New Journal and Workbook bundle.

You will get a customizable journal in Powerpoint and a workbook in Microsoft Word, both of which can be edited in any way you like, then converted to PDF files that your list can print. There is also a high quality report about Scripting - a VERY popular method of using a journal for the law of attraction, plus a 7-day email challenge about journaling for manifesting.

Journaling Prompts are a Huge Hit! 

Not only do you get a list of 50 journaling prompts all about manifesting and the law of attraction, but I have added them to their own slides in the journal AND created a workbook with them. 

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Journaling to Manifest (Law of Attraction) PLR Package

  • Law of Attraction Journal - 152-page journal, including journal prompt pages.
  • Law of Attraction Workbook - 23-page workbook using the journal prompts.
  • Journal Prompts -  50 journal prompts to help with the law of attraction and manifesting.
  • Report - 'Use Scripting to Manifest Your Desires' (8 pages, 3,038 words)
  • Email Challenge - 7-Day 'Journaling for Manifesting' email challenge.
  • Covers - Get 3D spiral (editable with Photoshop) of the journal, workbook, and report.

Law of Attraction Journal

Customize and share or sell this new Law of Attraction journal with your audience! It is a total of 152 pages, including lined journal pages, prompt pages, intentions, gratitude, and more. 

Each of the journaling prompts was turned into a journaling page, plus you get a variety of other lined and doodle pages as well.

This was created with PowerPoint, making it easy to customize the colors, layout, font, and order of the pages.

Journal Pages Include:

This journal belongs to...
3 styles of lined pages
Stream of consciousness
Doodle page
Daily Planner (for intentions)
Daily Gratitude
Weekly Gratitude
50 Journal Prompts Pages

Law of Attraction Workbook

If you prefer giving your audience the journal prompts in a workbook-style journal, I have that for you as well! This was made in Microsoft Word, so it is super easy to customize in any way you want. All 50 journal prompts included in this bundle are in the workbook. You can customize it, keep it in Word, or convert it a PDF file to give to your audience and have them print.

*Both the journal and workbook include editable covers with PSD files.

50 Journaling Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including with the law of attraction. 

These journal prompts provide 2 important benefits:

1. They give your audience specific topics to write about when working on the law of attraction.

2. They help people figure out what their desires are through various self-reflection questions, so they can focus on the right things to manifest.

​You not only get this list of prompts, but they are also included in both the journal and workbook, so you have a lot of options for using them.

'Use Scripting to Manifest Your Desires' Report

Use this new report as an opt-in, content upgrade, free bonus, or sell it to your blog readers. The report gives an in-depth look at how scripting works, why a journal is perfect for scripting, and a lot of really helpful tips for using it to manifest with the law of attraction.

Use Scripting to Manifest Your Desires

8 pages, 3,038 words

1. What is Scripting?
2. How Does Scripting Work with the Law of Attraction?
3. The Rules and Guidelines for Scripting
4. What to Write About When Scripting
5. How Often Should You Script?
6. More Tips for Scripting to Manifest

Email Challenge - 'Journaling for Manifesting and the Law of Attraction'

This bundle also includes a 7-day email challenge, guiding your list through the process of using a journal for manifesting their desires. 

The email challenge is a great way to provide follow-up autoresponders for the report in this bundle, or other law of attraction content you have as an opt-in page. 

It includes:

Day 1: Welcome Email (369 words)
Day 2: Scripting With Your Journal (371 words)
Day 3: Expressing Gratitude (326 words)
Day 4: Identifying Your Desires and Dreams (358 words)
Day 5: Setting Intentions (305 words)
Day 6: 55x5 Manifesting Method (361 words)
Day 7: Journaling Prompts and Tips (351 words)

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Journaling to Manifest (law of attraction) One-Time Offer