Journaling Skills PLR Bundle


Journaling Skills PLR Bundle
10 Articles
6-Page Report
Bonus Journal & Cover


Journaling Skills PLR Bundle - Articles, Report, eCover, Bonus Journal

Journaling is more popular than ever before, but people still struggle to do it every day, make it a habit, and benefit from it.

Writing in a journal is a process, but it is also a unique activity that is going to be different for everyone. From the type of journal used, to what they write about and where they write, everyone has a completely different journaling experience.

This PLR bundle is aimed at people who want to improve their journaling skills and get tips for making it a habit, without it feeling like a chore. It offers some insight into journaling more, benefiting from it, and finding what works for each person individually.

What You Get with This PLR Bundle

The Journaling Skills PLR bundle comes with the following content:

  • 10 PLR Articles About Journaling
  • 6-Page Report About Improving Journaling
  • Report eCover
  • BONUS 43-Page Daily Journal (in PowerPoint)
  • Journal eCover

10 Articles About Journaling

You will get 10 high-quality articles about improving journaling skills, turning it into a habit, and finding new ways to enjoy the journaling practice.

The article topics include:

1. How to Set Up Your Journal (457 words)
2. Add Creativity to the Journaling Experience (413 words)
3. Write Under Different Conditions (424 words)
4. Ignore the Writing Rules (417 words)
5. Simplify Your Journaling Process (513 words)
6. Use Journaling Templates and Prompts (407 words)
7. Experiment with Different Writing Tools (458 words)
8. Have a Reason for Journaling (421 words)
9. Motivation VS Habit in Journaling (426 words)
10. Common Journaling Mistakes to Avoid (449 words)

Report - Fool-Proof Method to Improve Your Journaling Skills

This prewritten bundle also includes a 6-page opt-in report about improving your journaling skills. It gives some great tips for journaling more often, using some different techniques for being better at journaling, and really tapping into your imagination to have a little fun with journaling.

The eCover includes a PSD file so you can edit it in Photoshop.

Fool-Proof Method to Improve Your Journaling Skills

6 pages, 7 sections, 2,313 words

1. Find Your Purpose for Wanting to Journal
2. Experiment with Your Journaling
3. Use Unconventional Journaling Tools
4. Don’t Shy Away from Fantasy
5. Stop Setting Writing Limits
6. Write About What Scares You
7. Make Journaling Your Favorite Thing

Free Bonus - Printable Daily Journal

I have included a free bonus with this PLR bundle! You will get a bonus daily journal, which includes a variety of pages from previous journals I have created, with new colors, images, and layouts. 

This is 43 pages long, with 14 different types of pages, including:

"This Journal Belongs to" Page
Lined Pages
Doodle Pages
Stream of Consciousness
Gratitude Pages (2 styles)
Daily Planner
Meal Planner
Food Diary
.. and more!

You will notice a few different lined pages in the journal, so you can duplicate and move these around as much as you want until you have the desired journal you would like to sell or give away. The slides are very easy to move around, delete, and duplicate however you want them.

These are all done in PowerPoint, making it really easy to customize! 

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.