Journaling Prompts PLR Package


Journaling Prompts PLR Package

Get 365 journaling prompts in 15 categories


Journaling Prompts PLR - 365 Prompts

Do you like to talk about journaling on your blog, or share benefits of journaling with your list? If so - your list will love these prompts!

They help you provide more value with something everyone wants, which is a little inspiration for writing.

Journaling can sometimes get tedious, so it helps to have prompts that give them some direction and beat writer's block.

You will get 365 prompts in this package - one for every day of the year.

Please note: These prompts are also included in the Journaling PLR Package here. 

What is Included in the Journal Prompts PLR

This PLR package has 365 journaling prompts in 15 different categories. These categories include:

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    Daily Thoughts & Ideas
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    Work and Business
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    Personal Goals
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    Health & Wellness
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    Family & Friends
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    Seasonal & Holiday
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    Write a Letter
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    Creative Writing
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    Calendar Months
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    Misc. Prompts
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    Custom Report Cover
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Benefits of Journaling Prompts

Why journaling prompts? The purpose of prompts is to give you something to work off of. There are many different styles, from questions to statements. 

These are incredibly useful for everyone interested in journaling, whether this will be their very first time, or they are just looking for some new inspiration. Here are some benefits of using prompts:

  • They Help with Writer's Block. If you have anyone on your list that loves to journal, but often run out of things to write about, prompts are fantastic. 
  • Anyone Can Benefit from Them. They aren't just for people who don't know what they want to write about, but really benefit anyone. There are so many different types, that every person who reads your blog will love using them.
  • Journaling Prompts Allow for More Self-Reflection. Many of these journaling prompts are written as a way to really ask yourself deep, philosophical questions and get to the bottom of what you are feeling or experiencing.
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    They Help People Get Started with Journaling. You can also use prompts for people who are brand new to journaling with no idea how to start.

What to do with These Journaling Prompts

You will get standard private label rights with the journaling prompts, so you can use them yourself, give them away for free, or sell them. The only thing you can't do is sell or give away the actual private label rights, such as using them for resell PLR. 

Give Your List a Free Gift - The next time you are talking about journaling with your list, give them some (or all) of these prompts as a free gift.

Use Them for Your Opt-In - They also make an amazing bonus for an opt-in page.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.