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Journaling PLR – Mega PLR Package
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Get High-Quality PLR Content to Become the Authority in Journaling and Master This Niche

Don't miss this one-time offer to get even more high-quality journaling PLR content.

Please Note: This was originally launched on JVZoo as the OTO for the Bullet Journaling PLR Special (here)

You don't want to miss this one! This one-time offer has another brand new eBook, this time on different types of journaling (including bullet journaling) and 2 more opt-in reports! There are 20 articles, and 365 journaling prompts, along with other bonuses. Promoting journals has never been easier.

Everyone Loves Journaling... Including Your Readers!

Journaling is dominating social media. It is hard not to run into articles, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram stories, and Pinterest boards about journaling.

People want to know how they can turn their childhood hobby of writing in a diary to an adult practice of journaling - and actually benefit from it.

You can bet your readers and subscribers are interested in journals, planners, and yes - bullet journals. 

However, just simple journaling each day provides so many mental and physical benefits, that it is relevant to a larger group of people, giving you more opportunities for promoting with this niche. 

Where Does Journaling Fit in With Your Niche?

One of the great things about the topic of journaling is that it is universal.  It can fit into any niche you currently market, whether it is health, relationships, self-improvement, or home and lifestyle niches.

In the health niche? Remind your readers of the many ways they can use a journal for mental, physical, and emotional health. They can log their food and weight loss, record triggers from a mental health disorder, or simply journal their feelings for improved emotional health.

Prefer self-improvement? This is another huge niche for journaling. You can use journaling PLR content to show your readers how writing in a journal every day helps with self-care, taking time out for themselves, and improving their general wellness.

Have a lifestyle blog? Journaling is perfect for you! It can become a huge part of your reader's daily life, where they can either make journaling part of their new morning routine, start a bullet journal to be used as a household planner, or start a gratitude journal for spiritual fulfillment. 

Dating and relationships niche? Yes and yes! Again, journaling is all about reflection and analyzing your own thoughts and feelings, which as you know if you are in this niche, is extremely important to have healthy relationships. Promoting something like journaling is the perfect motivator to improve one's outlook before dating.

Why Promote with Content About Journaling?

The Popularity Continues to Rise

It is an Evergreen Niche

You Can Promote to Just About Any Niche

There is Plenty of DFY Content to Use for Promotions

What You Get in the Journaling Upgrade Package

  • 'Journaling Your Way to Self-Discovery' eBook - 34 pages, 10,178 words
  • eCover Graphics - PNG (2 sizes) & PSD Files
  • eBook Converted Into Reports - 5 Reports with eCovers in PNG & PSD formats
  • 'Journaling Tips for People Who Hate to Write' Report - 10 pages, 4,592 words
  • Report eCover Graphics - PNG & PSD Files
  • 'Bullet Journaling Hacks' Report - 10 pages, 3,424 words
  • Report eCover Graphics - PNG & PSD Files
  • 20 Articles - 500+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • 20 Social Media Graphics & Posts
  • 365 Journaling Prompts

Bullet Journaling PLR Package Details

'Journal Your Way to Self-Discovery' eBook

Tap into the popular journaling niche with this high-quality 34-page Book.

It is called 'Journal Your Way to Self-Discovery' and goes over 5 popular types of journals people can benefit from, including bullet journals,  gratitude journals, health journals, stream of consciousness journals, and travel journals.

There are 10,178 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 5 chapters are included:

Chapter 1: Become Organized with a Bullet Journal
Chapter 2: Improve Your Life with a Gratitude Journal
Chapter 3: Find Your Wellness Balance with a Health Journal
Chapter 4: Start Journaling with a Stream of Consciousness
Chapter 5: Record Your Adventures with a Travel Journal

What Do You Get?

  • High-Quality eBook Written by a Professional Writer
  • Fully-Formatted with Chapter Images, Table of Contents, and Disclaimer
  • Content That is Brand New and 100% Unique
  • Casual & Conversational Tone That is Easy to Customize for Your Needs!
  • Word and Text Documents Included

eBook eCover Graphics

Promote the eBook with these custom-made graphics. You will get a professionally-made eCover for the journal, that is easy to customize. The flat cover and all four 3D versions come in PNG and PSD files, allowing you to edit the covers with Photoshop.

The following 3D versions of the cover are available:

eBook Converted Into 5 Reports

I have gone one step further by turning the eBook into 5 opt-in reports. This gives you the option of editing the eBook and giving it away or selling it to your readers OR using one or more of these opt-in reports. 

The eBook has been broken up into 5 reports, one for each of the types of journals covered in the eBook. Here are details on the 5 reports:

Report #1: Bullet Journal

5 pages, 1,873 words, 5 sections

1. Benefits of a Bullet Journal
2. What to Write About
3. Tips for a Bullet Journal
4. Prompts to Get You Started

Report #2: Gratitude Journal

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,948 words

1. Benefits of a Gratitude Journal
2. What to Write About
3. Tips for a Gratitude Journal
4. Prompts to Get You Started

Report #3: Health Journal

4 pages, 4 sections, 1,976 words

1. Benefits of a Health Journal
2. What to Write About
3. Tips for a Health Journal
4. Prompts to Get You Started

Report #4: Stream of Consciousness Journal

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,008 words

1. Benefits of a Stream of Consciousness Journal
2. What to Write About
3. Tips for a Stream of Consciousness Journal
4. Prompts to Get You Started

Report #5: Travel Journal

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,901 words

1. Benefits of Travel Journals
2. What to Write About
3. Tips for Travel Journals
4. Prompts to Get You Started

Report eCovers are Also Included

'Journaling Tips for People Who Hate Writing' Report

You will get a high-quality opt-in report on a topic that has not been covered much - Journaling Tips for People Who Hate Writing.

This opt-in report is perfect for introducing journaling to your audience and letting them explore the benefits, even if they aren't "writers". It provides easy and actionable steps they can take to start benefiting from journaling, even if they don't enjoy writing or have no idea how to write in a journal. It is a great report everyone on your list can use!

Journaling Tips for People Who Hate Writing - Report Topics

10 pages, 7 sections, 4,592 words

1. Find the Right Time to Write
2. Making it Part of Your Everyday Routine
3. Choose Your Favorite Medium
4. Start with Fun and Interesting Journaling Prompts
5. Ignore the Rules of Spelling and Grammar
6. Keep Your Journal Private and Secure
7. Start with a Simple Type of Journaling

Report eCover Graphics

This beautiful eCover design is easy to customize with Photoshop, as it includes PNG and PSD files. There is a flat cover, along with four 3D versions. The 3D versions also have editable PSD file formats.

'Bullet Journaling Hacks' Report

There is yet another opt-in report for your list! With so much content, you can mix and match between opt-ins to get more subscribers, content upgrades, and even selling the content to your list. 

This report is about Bullet Journaling Hacks. It goes beyond the basics of bullet journaling, providing helpful tips and suggestions for getting creative with bullet journaling. 

Bullet Journaling Hacks

10 pages, 3,424 words, 14 sections

1. Decide on Your Sections Beforehand
2. Make All Your Decisions Before Starting the Journal
3. Start Simple
4. Leave Blank Pages Between Sections
5. Color Code Your Different Categories
6. Categorize Your Index
7. Keep Signifiers Simple
8. Use Threading
9. Use Sticky Notes
10. Mark Important Pages with Washi Tape
11. Make it Look Pretty
12. Make Journaling a Ritual
13. Don't Compare Yourself to Others
14. Keep Looking for Inspiration

Report eCover Graphics

Customize this fun eCover when you want to use the Bullet Journaling Hacks opt-in report. You will get the following 3D cover versions along with the flat version, all in PNG and PSD file formats.

20 Articles About Journaling

These high-quality articles are the perfect way to promote your eBook or opt-in reports. You can use them as blog posts, or create an email series with them. You are getting a wide range of journaling topics from benefits of journaling, to tips and hacks for keeping a journal.

Article Topics Include:

  • 1. How Journaling Can Change Your Life (640 words)
  • 2. What are Morning Pages? (567 words)
  • 3. How to Use a Journal for Self Discovery (648 words)
  • 4. What to Write in a Daily Journal (547 words)
  • 5. Tips for Using a Stream of Consciousness Journal (564 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. Journaling Prompts for Every Season (596 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. Ideas for Keeping a Travel Journal (611 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Simple Guide to Becoming a Journalista (582 words)
  • arrow-right
    9. Tell Your Life Story with a Journal (612 words)
  • arrow-right
    10. Tips for Setting Up Each Bullet Journaling Month (640 words)
  • arrow-right
    11. How Your Journal Can Help with Time Blocking (694 words)
  • 12. How to Be More Creative and Colorful in Your Journal (641 words)
  • 13. 4 People Who Would Love to Get a Journal as a Gift (720 words)
  • 14. How to Use a Journal for Better Household Management (722 words)
  • 15. Letters to Write in Your Journal (700 words)
  • arrow-right
    16. 41 Journaling Prompts for Your Gratitude Journal (713 words)
  • arrow-right
    17. 8-Step Process to Starting Your First Journal (735 words)
  • arrow-right
    18. Start Your First Writer’s Notebook (646 words)
  • arrow-right
    19. Journaling Topics for Teenagers (750 words)
  • arrow-right
    20. Journal Writing Ideas for All Ages (658 words)

Social Media Graphics & Posts

Promote your blog posts with the bonus social media posts and graphics included in this PLR package. You will get 20 social media graphics - one for every article included. You can edit these in Photoshop with your new blog post title. There are also social media posts that are easy to weak and add to Twitter or Facebook.

* There is also a social media post written for each article/blog post title. 

Bonus: 365 Journaling Prompts

Who doesn't love journaling prompts?! These will be hugely popular with your list, I can promise you that! I came up with 365 unique journaling prompts, covering a lot of different topics. Here is a short list of some of the categories of journaling prompts included:

Personal Goals
Health and Wellness
... and More!

You will get instant access to:

  • eBook – 'Journaling Your Way to Self-Discovery' - 34 pages, 10,178 words
  • eCover Graphics – in PNG and PSD files
  • eBook Converted Into Reports - 5 Reports with eCovers in PNG & PSD formats
  • Report - 'Journaling Tips for People Who Hate to Write' - 10 pages, 4,592 words
  • Report Graphics – in PNG and PSD files
  • Report - 'Bullet Journaling Hacks' - 10 pages, 3,424 words
  • Report eCover Graphics - PNG & PSD Files
  • Articles - 20 Articles - 500+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Bonus - Social Media Graphics & Posts
  • Bonus – 365 Journaling Prompts

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.