Journaling for Self-Care PLR


Journaling for Self-Care
15 Articles (400+ words each)
7-Page Report – ‘Journaling for Self-Care’
50 Journal Prompts
Workbook (with the prompts)
Journal (in PowerPoint)
Bonus: 18 Royalty-Free Images

Self-Care PLR - Brand New Articles About Realistic and Effective Self-Care

Don't miss this brand new PLR content about self-care, but not just any type of self-care. It is more about realistic self-care, going beyond the vague tips your audience has heard before.

Self-Care Should Be Intentional and Purposeful

What makes self-care different from other activities and tasks you do throughout the day is that they are optional and intentional. You choose to participate in these activities to help improve your health and wellness, including your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

This PLR pack talks about different areas of self-care, including:

Self-care during daily routines
Adding it to block schedules
Self-care for introverts and extroverts
Common mistakes people make
Signs you need to switch up your routine
... and lots more!

Share Helpful Tips About Starting a Self-Care Routine - And Making it Effective

I wanted to create content about self-care that isn't just about bubble baths and pampering. It really talks about a more realistic approach to self-care, without spending a lot of money or time, but still gaining the same benefits from it.

You will get 15 brand new articles, a report about journaling for self-care, journal prompts, workbook, and journal.

What You Get in the Journal for Self-Care PLR Package

  • 15 Articles About Self-Care
  • 7-Page Report - 'Journaling for Self-Care'
  • eCover (includes PSD file)
  • 50 Journal Prompts
  • Workbook (with the journal prompts)
  • Journal (PowerPoint)

15 Articles About Self-Care

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about how people can stay healthy while at home in isolation. 

The article topics include:

​1. Self-Care After Tragedy or Loss (475 words)
2. Who Needs Self-Care the Most? (477 words)
3. Signs That You Need to Practice More Self-Care (436 words)
4. Adding Self-Care to Your Nighttime Routine (419 words)
5. How to Know Your Self-Care Routine is Helping (404 words)
6. Being Kind to Yourself and Practicing Positive Self-Talk (429 words)
7. 5 Things to Look For in Your Self-Care Activities (476 words)
8. Is Your Self-Care Routine Serving You? (505 words)
9. Self-Care to Start Your Day (436 words)
10. Self-Care for Personal Growth (418 words)
11. 3 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Block Schedule (429 words)
12. Activities You Didn't Know Were Self-Care (475 words)
13. Exercise for Self-Care (531 words)
14. Healthy Eating for Self-Care (426 words)
15. Quick Tips for Self-Care Journaling (544 words)

Report - 'Journaling for Self-Care'

To further help your audience with the benefits of journaling for self-care, you will also get a lead magnet about this topic. This report includes 4 different sections about using a journal for self-care, the benefits, styles of journaling for self-care, and some additional tips.

Journaling for Self-Care

7 pages, 2,175 words

1. Why Journal for Self-Care?
2. Fitting Journaling Into Your Routine
3. Types of journaling for self-care
4. Journal Tips for Beginners

50 Journal Prompts About Self-Care

In addition to the articles and report, you will also get 50 journal prompts about self-care and using a journal for self-care.

These journal prompts vary between statements and questions, offering writing prompts to your audience who might be new to journaling or are not quite sure what to write about.

Workbook with the Journal Prompts

This journaling for self-care PLR package includes 2 different types of workbooks - One is a text version made in Microsoft Word, and the other is done in PowerPoint with more design elements.

The workbook done in Word is text only, and has been made from the 50 journal prompts. It is a way for your readers to go through each prompt in order to work on their self-care routine and figure out how they want to incorporate journaling into it.

By using this version, it is easy to go through and edit the prompts if you want, add more lines, add bullet points, or anything else you would like to include.

Once you're done, you can convert it to PDF, and sell or give away to your readers to print and use for themselves.

Self-Care Journal

If you prefer to put together a workbook and journal with the prompts with more design options, there is also a PowerPoint version. 

This makes it really easy to customize the layout, colors, fonts, add images, and so much more. 

Not only are there lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, but there is a page for each of the 50 journal prompts included in the workbook and journal.

Details: This is a 60-page journal and workbook in PowerPoint. 

Bonus: 18 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, blog post images, and ad graphics with these images. They all come with free commercial usage rights.

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Journaling for Self-Care PLR