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Journaling for Intuitive Eating PLR Bundle
105-page journal and workbook
100 journaling prompts
Report and cover
10 articles
1,000+ word book review
More bonuses


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New Intuitive Eating Journal & Workbook, Journaling Prompts, Opt-in Report, Articles, and More Bonuses

Help your readers embrace the intuitive eating lifestyle with this brand new Intuitive Eating Journal and Workbook bundle.

You will get a customizable journal and workbook created in Powerpoint, making it easy to edit. There is also a high quality report about using journals for intuitive eating, 10 more articles, 100 journaling prompts, and even more bonuses. 

Journaling Prompts are a Huge Hit! 

Not only do you get a list of 100 journaling prompts all about intuitive eating and body image, but many of these prompts have already been made into slides right in the workbook. They are great to give to your list or include as a free opt-in for a report or eBook.

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Journaling for Intuitive Eating PLR Package

  • Journal and Workbook- Journal, Planner, and Workbook Templates
  • Journaling Prompts - 100 Journaling prompts about intuitive eating
  • Report - 'Using a Journal to Document Your Intuitive Eating Journey' (7 pages, 2,567 words) 
  • Articles - 10 PLR articles about intuitive eating
  • Book Review - 1,000+ word review of 'The Fck it Diet' book
  • Images - 30 royalty-free images for journaling
  • Bonuses - Additional bonuses included

Intuitive Eating Journal & Workbook

The Journal and Workbook is filled with great templates you can use together, or by separating it into a journal, planner, or workbook. There are lined journal pages, daily and weekly planner pages, and intuitive eating pages like food and feelings, triggers, hunger scale, and more.

About the Journal and Workbook

The Intuitive Eating Journal and Workbook comes with 27 different types of templates, plus 2 additional versions that are black & white, and one longer versions with duplicated journal pages.

It includes the following types of pages:

Lined journal pages
Lined pages with room for graphics
Stream of consciousness
Trigger tracker
Food and feelings page
Food diary
Daily planner
Weekly planner
Hunger scale
Prompt pages/workbook pages

Peek Inside the Journal and Workbook

Includes Workbook and Journal Prompt Pages

I includes 2 different versions of the workbook pages, which allow you to add journaling prompts or any question about intuitive eating. These are perfect for any length of workbook you want to create with the templates. You can even use the list of 100 journaling prompts included in this bundle!

There are 2 blank workbook pages, plus another 12 with some prompts I added for you.

3 Versions of the Journal

You will get 3 versions of the Intuitive Eating Journal and Workbook, including:

1. Short version with the 27 templates
2. Short version in black and white
3. Long version with 3 months of journal pages added. 

The long journal is 105 pages in total.

100 Journaling Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including their intuitive eating journey.

Journaling prompts are perfect for beginners who don't know what to write about, but many of the ones I included in this collection are ideal for anyone struggling with body image, giving up dieting, disordered eating, and who just want to be normal, intuitive eaters. 

'Journal for Intuitive Eating' Report

Use this new report as an opt-in, content upgrade, free bonus, or sell it to your blog readers. The report covers benefits and tips for using a journal during an intuitive eating journey.

Using a Journal to Document Your Intuitive Eating Journey

7 pages, 2,567 words

1. Why it Helps to Document Your Intuitive Eating Journey
2. Food Journaling VS Tracking Your Food
3. Focus on How You Feel, Not What You Ate
4. Finding Clarity Through Honesty
5. Avoid This Common Pitfall
6. Tips to Get Started with Journaling

10 PLR Articles About Intuitive Eating

There are also an additional 10 PLR articles going deeper into intuitive eating, body image, and quitting dieting for good. 

The article topics include:

1. Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship with Food (563 words)
2. Signs You Have a Toxic Relationship with Food (584 words)
3. Do You Have a Fear of Hunger? (515 words)
4. Overcoming the Fear of Gaining Weight While Intuitive Eating (526 words)
5. What Might Affect Your Appetite While Eating Intuitively (526 words)
6. How to Eat Intuitively When You Have Food Sensitivities (480 words)
7. Intuitive Eating to Battle Disordered Eating (464 words)
8. Toxic Diet Culture and Giving Up Diets for Good (468 words)
9. Intuitive Eating: How to Handle Emotional Eating (586 words)
10. Signs You Are Still Restricting Your Food (502 words)

Book Review: 'The Fck it Diet'

Get the interest of your readers and promote one of the top selling anti-diet books available now, with this 1,005 word book review. I read 'The Fck it Diet' and loved it, so I wrote a long, in-depth review of the book. It is based on intuitive eating concepts, but with a funny and slightly different twist.

Bonuses: Images and More

That's not all - you will also get more free bonuses as part of this bundle. Bonuses include:

1. 30 Royalty-Free Images - There are 30 journal images that are perfect for the content in this bundle. They all come with free commercial use rights.

2. List of Top-Rated Journals to Promote - Get a handy list of the top 10 journals on Amazon as a quick reference for what to promote.

3. Social Media Posts for the Articles - There are a total of 20 social media posts for the articles in this bundle, which are great for promoting the content on Twitter and Facebook.

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