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Intuitive Eating PLR Bundle
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Brand New, Done-for-You Content About Intuitive Eating... Help Your Readers Say Goodbye to Diets and Find Food Freedom

High Quality PLR Content That Educates, Informs, and Changes Lives

Now is your chance to have new, high-quality content all about sleep hygiene and developing sleep habits. Brand new, ready-to-publish content, beautiful graphics and covers, and printables you can customize - all on the popular, emerging topic of sleep hygiene!

Intuitive Eating is an Evergreen Topic That Appeals to the Millions of People Who Get Stuck in Diet and Binge Cycles

With about 95% of diets failing long-term, you can imagine how many people you have reading your blog or on your list who are looking for a better way.

This PLR bundle provides high-quality content about intuitive eating, where people can learn how to stop obsessing over food, get rid of food fear and anxiety, and take their lives back. 

It includes a combination of eBook and report, articles, images, and extra bonus content.

Why Intuitive Eating?

Peace with food. Intuitive eating is one of the best ways to find food freedom. It is not only great for people with a history of disordered eating, but anyone who can't seem to get out of this horrible diet cycle they are stuck in. 

Never dieting again. Most people on your list or reading your blog are either on a diet right now or have been on a diet in the past. This is a lot of people who are very likely dealing with the inevitable restrict-binge cycle that happens when you go on a diet. Intuitive eating allows them to say goodbye to diets forever, and live healthy, balanced lives without feeling a loss of control around food.

Reducing food-related obsessions and anxiety. It means no more thinking about food and meals all day long, spending hours researching nutrition and calories and macros, and never having to read another diet book again.

What You Get in the Intuitive Eating PLR Package

  • eBook - 'Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World' - 24 pages, 6,803 words
  • eCover Graphics - JPG & PSD files
  • Report - 'Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating' - 7 pages, 2,583 words
  • Report eCover Graphics - JPG & PSD files
  • Book Review - Intuitive Eating Book and Workbook (1,000+ words)
  • 10 Articles - 425+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Social Media Posts
  • Resources Page
  • Royalty-Free Images

'Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World' eBook

This brand new, 24-page eBook, Intuitive Eating in a Diet-Obsessed World can help your readers see that there is more to life than diets and obsession about food.

There are over 6,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 5 chapters are included:

Chapter 1: Why Diets Fail
Chapter 2: The Different Stages of Intuitive Eating
Chapter 3: Addressing Weight Concerns
Chapter 4: Removing the Good and Bad Labels from Food
Chapter 5: Learning How to Listen to Your Body

What Do You Get?

  • High-Quality eBook Written by a Professional Writer
  • Fully-Formatted with Chapter Images, Table of Contents, and Disclaimer
  • Content That is Brand New and 100% Unique
  • Casual & Conversational Tone That is Easy to Customize for Your Needs!
  • Word and Text Documents Included

eBook eCover Graphics

You will also get professionally-designed eCover graphics to go with the eBook. The flat version and both 3D versions of the cover come with PSD files, making them easy to edit. 

The following versions of the cover are available:

Intuitive Eating Book Review

You will also get an in-depth book review of the original Intuitive Eating book by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole, as well as their Workbook. 

The book review is complex, covering the most important takeaways from the book, and is over 1,000 words long. It is the perfect way to promote this book to your readers and makes a great blog post.

'Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating' Report

Need more intuitive eating content? The 'Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Earing' report is perfect to be used as an opt-in for your blog.  This new lead magnet talks about how people can change their mindset about food and body image to be more successful with intuitive eating.

Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating

7 pages, 2,583 words

1. Become Non-Judgmental About Your Food Choices
2. Use Food as Fuel and Nourishment
3. There is no Success or Failure in Intuitive Eating
4. Reaching a Place of Body Acceptance
5. Be Patient with Mindset Shifts
6. Mindful Eating VS Intuitive Eating

Report eCover Graphics

The 'Mindset Shifts for Intuitive Eating' prewritten report also comes with an editable cover, including two 3D versions. 

10 PLR Articles

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics cover different areas of intuitive eating, giving up diets, and becoming normal eaters.

Article Topics Include:

1. Why Intuitive Eating Works (485 words)
2. Getting Rid of the All or Nothing Thinking (449 words)
3. How Dieting Harms Your Body (555 words)
4. How to Figure Out Your Own Hunger Scale (500 words)
5. How to Handle Gentle Nutrition (512 words)
6. How Yo-Yo Dieting Can Be Worse Than Obesity (472 words)
7. Removing Good and Bad Food Labels (591 words)
8. The Best Books to Read for Intuitive Eating (466 words)
9. What is the Intuitive Eating Honeymoon Period? (596 words)
10. What to Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating (449 words)

Bonuses: Images, Social Media, and Resources

You will get several free bonuses when you buy this Intuitive Eating PLR bundle. This includes:

  • 35 Royalty-Free Images
  • 20 Social Media Posts for Twitter and Facebook
  • Resources Page

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