Intermittent Fasting PLR Bundle


Intermittent Fasting PLR Bundle
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20 Social Media Posts
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Intermittent Fasting PLR Bundle - 20 Articles, Social Media Graphics, Social Media Posts, Images

Intermittent fasting is one of the hottest trends in the health community, particularly for those trying to lose weight, maintain their weight, or build lean muscle mass. With intermittent fasting, there are several protocols to choose from, each of which has a specific period of time for eating and fasting. 

This PLR bundle is going to help you to promote health-related products and give your readers content they are already online researching. Become an authority on this topic with 20 brand new articles and plenty of graphics to promote the content with.

What You Get in the Intermittent Fasting PLR Bundle

When you buy the Intermittent Fasting PLR bundle, you will get everything you need to start adding content to your blog or email. It includes:

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    20 PLR Articles
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    20 Social Media Graphics
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    20 Social Media Posts
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    10 Royalty-Free Images

20 Articles About Intermittent Fasting

Use these PLR articles as blog posts, put them into a report or eBook, or send your list a series of emails about intermittent fasting. You will get the following 20 article topics:

1. Intermittent Fasting 101 (527 words)
2. 4 Types of Intermittent Fasting Protocols (535 words)
3. Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (407 words)
4. How IF Helps with Weight Loss (422 words)
5. Tips for Starting an Intermittent Fasting Protocol (408 words)
6. Intermittent Fasting for Women (405 words)
7. What You Should Eat While Intermittent Fasting (425 words)
8. Dealing With Your Fasted Hours (460 words)
9. Intermittent Fasting and Workouts (428 words)
10. Do’s and Don’ts for Intermittent Fasting (492 words)
11. Intermittent Fasting FAQs (416 words)
12. Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting? (446 words)
13. Tips for Transitioning Into Intermittent Fasting (445 words)
14. Intermittent Fasting and Low-Carb Diets (409 words)
15. The 16-8 Intermittent Fasting Protocols (524 words)
16. Warrior Intermittent Fasting Diet (459 words)
17. How to do the Eat-Stop-Eat Diet (435 words)
18. Intermittent Fasting Protocols: What is the 5-2? (405 words)
19. Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting (408 words)
20. IF Versus Starvation (410 words)

20 Social Media Graphics

10 Royalty-Free Images

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