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14-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge
18 Emails Total
Challenge Calendar
Journal & Planner
50 Journaling Prompts


New Intermittent Fasting Challenge, with Emails, a Calendar, Planner and Journal, and More

This 14-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge is the perfect addition to the Intermittent Fasting eBook PLR package. You will get everything you need for the challenge, including emails with extra tips for each day of the challenge, a challenge calendar, planner and journal, workbook, and more. 

Challenges Are a Big Hit!

The best thing about challenges is that it keeps people motivated and on track. You may notice that the email open rate is much higher, because people want to stay on track with their intermittent fasting journal. 

Plus, each email comes with a bonus tip or writing prompt allowing your audience to stay engaged the entire time.

What You Get in the Intermittent Fasting PLR Package

  • Challenge Emails - 18 Emails, Including 14 During the Challenge
  • Calendar - 14-Day Challenge Calendar (PowerPoint)
  • Planner & Journal - 36-Page Planner and Journal for the Challenge (PowerPoint)
  • 50 Journaling Prompts - Prompts to Use During the Challenge
  • Workbook - 21-Page Workbook Created From the Journal Prompts (Word)
  • Covers - Challenge and Journal Covers (PSD files for editing)

14-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge: Emails and Calendar

The 14-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge is meant for people who have never fasted before, or who have taken a break and are just coming back to it. It is a great way to be motivated for consistency and see the amazing benefits that fasting has to offer.

For the challenge, you will get:

18 Emails - There are 3 emails before the challenge starts, one for each of the 14 days, and one final email to send after the challenge is over. This is a great way to keep the challenge participants engaged and offer helpful tips and writing prompts.

Challenge Calendar - There is a calendar created in PowerPoint that lets them see what day they are on, where they can cross off the day if they print it out for the challenge. The calendar is also in the planner if you prefer presenting it that way.

File Format: The calendar is created in PowerPoint.

How the Challenge Works

This challenge includes a total of 18 emails, which includes 3 emails leading up to the challenge, 14 challenge emails, and 1 more at the end.  

It is beginner-friendly, but can also be for anyone who is coming back to intermittent fasting after a break.

​Each challenge email includes extra tips or writing prompts to help people along the way.

Email Topics Include:

1. Intro to Intermittent Fasting (254 words)
2. Details About the Challenge (280 words)
3. Are You Ready for Day 1? (288 words)
4. Day 1 – 3 Things to Remember on Day 1 of the Intermittent Fasting Challenge (256 words)
5. Day 2 – Why This is So Beneficial to Completing the IF Challenge (263 words)
6. Day 3 – Feeling Hungry? How to Handle Hunger During the Fasted Period (325 words)
7. Day 4 – Journal Prompt: Write Down 5 Things You Have Learned So Far (256 words)
8. Day 5 – 4 Tips for Staying Motivated (315 words)
9. Day 6 – Reflecting on Your Past Eating Habits (264 words)
10. Day 7 – What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge So Far? (261 words)
11. Day 8 – Journal Prompt: How Do You Feel After Week 1? (213 words)
12. Day 9 – Health Benefits of Fasting (Not Just Weight Loss) (211 words)
13. Day 10 – Changing Your Protocol? (251 words)
14. Day 11 - Journal Prompt: How Has Your Meal Planning Changed? (206 words)
15. Day 12 – Fasting Every Day Moving Forward (271 words)
16. Day 13 – Your Body and Mind While Fasting (262 words)
17. Day 14 – Reflecting on Your Final Day of the Challenge (260 words)
18. You Completed the Challenge! What’s Next? (242 words)

Planner and Journal

For the challenge, you will also get a planner and journal with 36 pages total. There are several different calendars, logs, and planner pages, along with a journal page for every day of the challenge.

The main pages you will get in the journal are:

Fasting Log
Goal Log
Measurement Log
Water Log
Food Log
Daily Log (14 total)
Daily Journal (14 total)

File Format: This journal is in PowerPoint.

eCovers - Challenge and Journal Covers

You will get 2 different eCovers in this PLR package - One for the planner and journal, and one for the workbook. They each come with a PSD file, allowing you to edit it with Photoshop.

50 Journaling Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including when they want to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The 50 journaling prompts in this PLR bundle are both for people who are doing the challenge, and for intermittent fasting in general. ​

Workbook From the Prompts

The 50 journaling prompts are also put into this handy workbook, created in Microsoft Word. You can edit this, convert it a PDF, then give it to your challenge participants to journal even more during the challenge. Use the journal above, the workbook, or a combination of both. Lots of options here!

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