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Holiday Weight Loss – PLR Bundle With 30+ Pages of Content

Weight loss is something just about every adult deals with, making it a HOT evergreen topic year-round. Many people are looking for ways to lose weight during the holidays, due to all the temptations that are out there. This PLR bundle offers you lots of unique, quality content all about losing weight or preventing weight gain during the holiday season.

8-Page Report: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

5 Sections, 2,894 Words

Section 1: Start Eating Healthy Before the Holidays
Section 2: Focus on Health, Not ‘Dieting’
Section 3: Get Plenty of Exercise Throughout the Holiday Season
Section 4: Cook Alternatives to Your Holiday Favorites
Section 5: Be Careful With Holiday Parties

20 Articles or Blog Posts About Holiday Weight Loss

1. 5 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Try (426 words)
2. Tips For Handling Holiday Parties (414 words)
3. Good Exercises to Try During the Holidays (405 words)
4. How to Set Goals For Holiday Weight Loss (412 words)
5. Guide to Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan (417 words)
6. Common Mistakes When Losing Weight During the Holidays (438 words)
7. 5 Healthier Christmas Dinner Ideas (428 words)
8. Why You Should Have a Weight Loss Buddy (403 words)
9. The Importance of Using a Weight Loss Journal (442 words)
10. Get Your Family Involved to Help Lose Weight (422 words)
11. Focus More on Health and Nutrition (405 words)
12. How Often You Should Weigh and Measure Your Progress (436 words)
13. Delicious Holiday Smoothies For Weight Loss (411 words)
14. Drink More Water With These Holiday Infused Water Recipes (440 words)
15. Juicing During the Holidays: Try Out These Recipes (420 words)
16. Dealing With Cravings During the Holiday Season (421 words)
17. Tips and Tricks For Not Overeating at Christmas (402 words)
18. Why You Should Start Losing Weight Before the Holidays (402 words)
19. Top Fat-Burning Foods (408 words)
20. Ways to Track Your Eating and Exercise Daily (411 words)

20 Tweets

20 Facebook Posts

Report Cover


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