Holiday Journal Prompts and Journal PLR (Vol.2)


Holiday Journal and Prompts PLR (Vol.2)
30 Journal Prompts
Journal (Canva)
Journal (PowerPoint)
Editable Canva Cover


Holiday Journal Prompts and Journal PLR - Vol.2
30 Journal Prompts and Editable Journal

For the second year in a row, I have brand new holiday-related journal prompts ready for you! 

You will get 30 journal prompts that cover various topics for journaling about the holiday season, including thinking about traditions and festivities, past memories, creating to-do lists for the season, and much more. 

This bundle also comes with a Canva and PowerPoint journal/workbook created from the prompts, and an editable Canva cover.

30 'Holiday' Journal Prompts

Get 30 new journal prompts for the Holiday season. 

These writing prompts allow your audience to journal during the holidays, and get more insight about many different things, including:

Fun activities for the holidays
New traditions they want to start
Their planning habits
Encouraging healthy habits during this time
... and much more! 

Format: The journal prompts are provided in Microsoft Word and Text formats.

What Are Journaling Prompts?

Journal prompts are a type of writing prompts that ask a question of the reader, giving them a specific topic to write about. While many people have a topic in mind or prefer stream of consciousness style journaling, others want to find clarity about something specific.

With These Journaling Prompts, You Can:

Use them yourself in your own journal.
Turn them into a workbook.
Create prompts pages in a printable journal.
Add them to blog posts or emails.
Sell them or give them away to your list.

Holiday Journal

32-Page Holiday Journal

These 30 journal prompts have been put into an editable journal that you can use to give your audience a more interactive journal option. 

There are two formats for the journal - Canva and PowerPoint. Use either of these programs to edit the journal, including the prompts, font, colors, and layouts, then convert it to a PDF to deliver to your list.

Cover Format: The editable cover is made with Canva.

Canva Journal:

For the Canva journal, you will be given a link to add this journal to your Canva account. You can then edit it and convert it to a PDF.

PowerPoint Journal:

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