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Holiday Essential Oils – Premium PLR
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Short Report
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Holiday Essential Oils - Premium PLR Bundle

Get ready for the holiday season with this premium PLR bundle about holiday essential oils.

This is the first time I have sold it outside the membership! It is valued at over $60, so you are getting a great deal.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from October 2017.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

You will get the following content when you buy the Holiday Essential Oils PLR package:

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    25 Articles About Holiday Essential Oils
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    25 Social Graphics
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    Short Report - How to Make Aromatherapy Gift Baskets
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    Long Report - DIY Gifts Using Essential Oils
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    10 Autoresponders - Holiday Essential Oil Blends

25 Articles About Holiday Essential Oils

Use these 25 articles to post to your blog, create an email series, or put together into a lead magnet.

​1. Top Essential Oil Scents for the Holidays (401 words)
2. How to Make Your Own Car Air Freshener (422 words)
3. Masculine Scents with Essential Oils (408 words)
4. Simple Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils (456 words)
5. Make Drawer Sachets as Gifts (405 words)
6. Tips for Storing Your Essential Oils (402 words)
7. Supplies You Need for DIY Essential Oil Gifts (406 words)
8. Put Together a Spa Gift Basket (413 words)
9. Essential Oil Gift Ideas for Kids (402 words)
10. Ways to Use Peppermint Essential Oil (405 words)
11. DIY Gifts Using Vanilla Essential Oil (410 words)
12. Apple Cider-Scented Gift Ideas (408 words)
13. How to Make Scented Pinecones (415 words)

14. Mistakes to Avoid with Your DIY Projects (436 words)
15. Ways to Use Essential Oil Blends (414 words)
16. Make Scented Shaving Cream with Oils (403 words)
17. How to Make a Gingerbread Oil Blend (402 words)
18. Seasonal Soap Ideas Using Essential Oils (407 words)
19. Make a Blend That Smells Like a Christmas Tree (416 words)
20. Holiday Treats Using Popular Seasonal Scents (402 words)
21. How to Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Seasonal Gifts (412 words)
22. The Best Wood and Forest Scents (403 words)
23. Make a Fruity Christmas Blend (412 words)
24. 5 Seasonal Items That Use Cinnamon Oil (407 words)
25. Seasonal Aromatherapy with Essential Oils (400 words)

25 Social Media Graphics

Each of these social graphics goes with one of the aforementioned articles. They are perfect for promoting this content on social media.

Short Report - Aromatherapy Gift Baskets

Get this high-quality report about making aromatherapy gift baskets - perfect year-round!

Aromatherapy Gift Baskets​

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,980 words

1. Why You Should Consider a Gift Basket
2. Choosing Your Basket or Container
3. Holiday-Inspired Essential Oils and Blends
4. Additional Gifts to Include in the Basket

Long Report - DIY Gifts Using Essential Oils

There is also a long report about DIY Gifts Using Essential Oils. It is 10 pages long with over 3,700 words and offers 7 different types of gifts your list can make.

DIY Gifts Using Essential Oils

10 pages, 7 sections, 3,783 words

1. Candles
2. Potpourri
3. Bath Salts
4. Bath Bombs
5. Sugar Scrubs
6. Body Butter
7. Lip Balm

10 Autoresponders - Holiday Essential Oils Blends

If you are looking for email follow-ups, I have you covered! These 10 autoresponders provide 10 different essential oil blends for the holiday season.

1. Intro to the Holiday Blends Series (168 words)
2. Peppermint Candy (243 words)
3. Apple Cider (223 words)
4. Christmas Tree (264 words)
5. Winter Forest (254 words)

6. Gingerbread Cookies (224 words)
7. Toasting By the Fire (212 words)
8. Holiday Cheer (218 words)
9. Winter Fruit (229 words)
10. Tips for Making Your Own Blends (308 words)

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