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Herbs & Superfoods Mega PLR Bundle

8 Products from the Store Including:
1. Herbs for Arthritis
2. Grow Your Own Food
3. Herbal Gardening
4. Hydroponic Vegetables
5. Healing Herbs
6. Superfoods
7. Superfoods Vol.1
8. Superfoods Vol.2


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What You Get in This PLR Bundle

  • Herbs for Arthritis PLR Report
  • Grow Your Own Food PLR Bundle
  • Healing Herbs PLR Bundle
  • Herbal Gardening PLR Pack
  • Hydroponic Vegetables PLR Report
  • Superfoods PLR Bundle
  • Superfoods Vol.1 PLR Bundle
  • Superfoods Vol.2 PLR Bundle

Herbs for Arthritis PLR Report

This PLR report combines natural health with chronic pain disorders. Arthritis is a common chronic pain condition, especially for older adults, but it can affect anyone. Many people don’t want to use Western medicine entirely, and are looking for natural treatment options. This report gives them the option of using natural herbs, including 8 different herbs that can help with this type of pain.

You will also get each of these sections as a separate article if you prefer to use them as blog posts or email autoresponders.

Herbs for Arthritis PLR Report

5 pages, 8 sections, 1,859 words

1. Aloe Vera
2. Frankincense
3. Oregano
4. Turmeric
5. Rosemary
6. Eucalyptus
7. Ginger
8. Burdock

Grow Your Own Food PLR Bundle

This Grow Your Own Food PLR Bundle is on an evergreen topic of planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You will get 20 pages of NEW PLR content about gardening, that also fits within the health, wellness, diet, and weight loss niches.

The PLR bundle is perfect for promoting planting supplies like growing baskets, seed packets and small trees, fertilizer and potting soil, and many other items.

What You Get

15 PLR Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover
Social Media Post

Grow Food Indoors - 5-Page Report

5-Page Report: Grow Food Indoors

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,931 words

1. Grow These Vegetables Indoors
2. Fruits That Only Need Limited Space
3. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden
4. Microgreens: Why They Grow Indoors
5. Tips For Growing Food Indoors

15 Articles About Growing Food Indoors

1. Benefits of Growing Your Own Food (405 words)
2. Health Benefits of Fresh Produce (407 words)
3. Tips to Start Your Own Herb Garden (427 words)
4. How to Start a Square Foot Garden (405 words)
5. The Best Vegetables For Beginners (426 words)
6. Fruits That Grow Well in Pots (414 words)
7. Plants That Can Regrow Themselves (447 words)
8. Natural Ways to Improve Your Soil (401 words)

9. How to Time Your Planting (434 words)
10. Vegetables That Only Need Partial Shade (409 words)
11. What is Lasagna Style Planting? (404 words)
12. You Can Grow These Nuts at Home (396 words)
13. What You Should Know About Composting (411 words)
14. Ways to Make Gardening More Decorative (401 words)
15. Intro to Canning Vegetables (404 words)

Healing Herbs PLR Bundle

This PLR bundle is ready for you to customize and add as blog posts, create a report or eBook for a content upgrade, or turn into an email series. There is a lot to do with the content. As with all our bundles, it includes a report, report cover, articles, images, and social media posts. take a look at what you will get:

5-Page Report
15 Articles
30 Social Media Posts
13 Images

Growing Your Own Medicinal herbs - Report

Growing Your Own Medicinal Herbs – Report

5 pages, 4 sections, 2,050 words

Medicinal Plants to Grow in Your Garden
Healing Herbs to Always Have on Hand
Tips For Growing Herbs For Medicine
How to Dry Your Own Herbs

15 Articles About Healing Herbs

1. Herbs For Natural Medicine (513 words)
2. Herbs That Help With Inflammation (512 words)
3. Make Your Own Herbal Soap (577 words)
4. Ways to Use Chamomile For Health (454 words)
5. Herbs You Shouldn’t Use on Children (456 words)
6. What Herbs Help With Headaches? (418 words)
7. The Health Benefits of Basil (400 words)
8. Types of Medicinal Mints (472 words)

9. The 3 Medicinal Uses For Lemonbalm (411 words)
10. Why Everyone Should Have Sage in Their Medicine Cabinet (411 words)
11. Tips For Making an Herbal Salve (471 words)
12. Kill Parasites Naturally With These Herbs (408 words)
13. Healing Benefits of Lavender (434 words)
14. Herbs that Help With Burns and Scrapes (482 words)
15. Use These Herbs For the Cold or Flu (448 words)

Herbal Gardening PLR Pack

When it comes to gardening, herbs tend to be among the ones most popular for newbies and experts. With an herbal garden, you can use them for cooking and baking, seasoning, and making your own beauty or medicinal products. This PLR pack helps to teach your readers how they can start their own herbal garden, and gives you a lot of different opportunities for promoting products.

What You Get

The Herbal Gardening PLR pack comes with the following 10 articles:

1. Beginner Tips for Starting an Herbal Garden (450 words)
2. Avoid These Mistakes in Your Herbal Garden (437 words)
3. How to Dry and Preserve Herbs (408 words)
4. Medicinal Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (445 words)
5. Keep These Healing Weeds in Your Garden (417 words)
6. Tips for Watering Your Herbs (438 words)
7. How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden (451 words)
8. Types of Herbs That Will Grow in the Shade (442 words)
9. Guide to Storing Your Herbs (407 words)
10. What is a Tea Herbal Garden? (446 words)

Hydroponic Vegetables PLR Report

Being healthy runs the gamut of exercising, taking care of mental health,and being careful of certain medical conditions. It also includes eating right, which begins with having fresh produce in the person’s diet. If you have an audience that you believe wants to grow their own vegetables, you can promote this PLR report. It shows them how to grow different vegetables in water through hydroponics.

The great thing about this is that there is a lot you can promote with it. You are able to promote hydroponic-related books and DVDs on Amazon, all of the different tools and supplies needed to get started with this method of gardening, and of course regular gardening and seed packet supplies.

Growing Hydroponic Vegetables

6 pages, 5 sections, 2,030 words

1. What is Hydroponics?
2. The Benefits of Hydroponic Growing
3. Vegetables That Are Perfect For Hydroponics
4. How to Get Started With Hydroponics Vegetable Growing
5. Tips For Successful Hydroponic Growing

The report is also broken up into 5 articles for you.

Superfoods PLR Bundle

It is all about the superfoods! Whether you are promoting healthy cooking appliances or your entire blog is about health and weight loss, you are probably looking for more superfood content. This big PLR bundle is packed full of unique, high-quality content for you to use for your blog, autoresponders and email newsletters, eBooks, and more.

What You Will Get

5-Page Report on Losing Weight With Superfoods
Custom Report Cover
15 Superfood Articles
10 Images
30 Social Media Posts

Losing Weight with Superfoods - 5-Page Report

Losing Weight with Superfoods

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,769 words

1. Boost Metabolism
2. Salads Made With Superfoods
3. Burn Belly Fat
4. Healthy Superfood Drinks

15 Articles About Superfoods

1. Fruit and Vegetable Superfoods (393 words)
2. Less Common Superfoods (434 words)
3. Tips For Adding More Superfood to Your Diet (447 words)
4. Superfood Herbs to Add to Your Diet (424 words)
5. How to Make a Superfood Smoothie (429 words)
6. Superfoods For Memory and Brain Power (499 words)
7. How to Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet (464 words)
8. 3 Ways to Use Ginger in Your Diet (501 words)

9. Superfoods 101 (521 words)
10. How to Lose Weight With Superfoods (508 words)
11. 5 Ideas For Superfood Salads (664 words)
12. Superfoods For Juicing (502 words)
13. Try Out These Superfood Food Bowls (474 words)
14. Superfoods Even Your Kids Will Love (527 words)
15. Superfoods For Anti-Aging Benefits (430 words)

Superfoods Vol.1 PLR Package

his big Superfoods PLR package includes 5 different reports. It covers 5 popular ways to use superfoods, including the following:

Superfoods for Adults & Children
Superfoods for Weight Loss
Superfoods for Beauty
Superfoods for Diabetes
Superfoods for Mental Health

Report #1: Superfoods for Adults & Children
5 pages, 3 sections, 2,148 words

– Oysters
– Almonds
– Flaxseed
– Broccoli
– Watermelon
– Leafy Greens
– Wild Salmon
– Avocados
– Blueberries
– Whole Grains
– Berries
– Milk
– Eggs
– Nuts and Nut Butter
– Broccoli

Report #2: Superfoods For Beauty Report Topics
5  pages, 12 sections, 2,258 words

1. Lemons
2. Blueberries
3. Wild Salmon
4. Sweet Potatoes
5. Pineapples
6. Beets
7. Oysters
8. Walnuts
9. Dates
10. Kiwi
11. Dark Chocolate
12. Quinoa

Report #3: Superfoods for Diabetes
5 pages, 10 sections, 2,218 words

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Low-Fat Dairy
3. Tomatoes
4. Oats
5. Olive Oil
6. Citrus Fruits
7. Fatty Fish
8. Quinoa
9. Cinnamon
10. Kale

Report #4: Superfoods for Mental Health
5 pages, 3 sections, 2,164 words

– Dark Chocolate
– Asparagus
– Seaweed
– Acai Berries
– Almonds
– Maca Powder
– Oranges
– Coconut
– Lentils
– Spirulina
– Beets
– Mushrooms
– Milk
– Turkey
– Green Tea

Report #5: Superfoods for Weight Loss
5 pages, 10 sections, 2,037 words

1. Spinach
2. Green Tea
3. Apples
4. Chia Seeds
5. Almonds
6. Pistachios
7. Goji Berries
8. Popcorn
9. Legumes
10. Tomatoes

Superfoods Vol.2 PLR Package

This is Volume 2 to the Superfoods for Health series. You can view Volume 1 here.

With this PLR package, you will get:

5 PLR Reports and Covers
20 PLR Articles
5 Product Reviews


1. Superfoods For Your Low Carb Diet (489 words)
2. Superfoods Safe For the Keto Diet (580 words)
3. Superfoods That Are Considered Paleo (516 words)
4. Low Fat Superfoods That You Can Eat (456 words)
5. Superfoods For Female Fertility (472 words)
6. Boost Male Fertility With Superfoods (427 words)
7. Superfoods That Are Safe For Babies (409 words)
8. Relieve Constipation With These Superfoods (416 words)
9. The Healthiest Superfoods For Your Liver (456 words)
10. Detox Your Body With Superfoods (459 words)

11. Superfoods That Help Colon Health (427 words)
12. Signs That You Need More Superfoods (504 words)
13. Improve Your Circulation With These Superfoods (421 words)
14. Superfoods to Help With Fibromyalgia (438 words)
15. Get More Energy With These Superfoods (498 words)
16. Slow Down Aging With Superfoods (426 words)
17. Healthy Soups That Use Superfoods (536 words)
18. Superfoods to Eat if You’re Vegan (494 words)
19. Reduce Inflammation With Healthy Superfoods (439 words)
20. Green Superfoods Everyone Needs (426 words)

Product Reviews

1. Terrasoul Raw Cacao Powder (428 words)
2. Superfoods Paperback (423 words)
3. Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future (413 words)
4. Berry Green Superfood Powder (402 words)
5. Sun Dried Goji Berries (411 words)


Report #1: Superfoods for Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
5 pages, 10 sections, 1,764 words

1. Avocadoes
2. Spinach
3. Oatmeal
4. Almonds
5. Oranges
6. Garlic
7. Bananas
8. Olive Oil
9. Green Tea
10. Salmon

Report #2: Superfoods for Brain Development
5 pages, 12 sections, 1,880 words

1. Wild Salmon
2. Nuts
3. Spinach
4. Blueberries
5. Dark Chocolate
6. Apples
7. Cinnamon and Oregano
8. Leafy Greens
9. Coffee
10. Sweet Potatoes
11. Olive Oil
12. Eggs

Report #3: Superfoods for Crohn’s Disease
5 pages, 16 sections, 1,712 words

1. Aloe Vera
2. Salmon
3. Almond Milk
4. Oatmeal
5. Eggs
6. Avocados
7. Butter Lettuce
8. Fermented Vegetables
9. Papaya
10. Poultry
11. Red Peppers
12. Pureed Chickpeas
13. Coconut Kefir
14. Sweet Potatoes
15. Rice
16. Vegetable Soup

Report #4: Superfoods for Joints & Bones
5 pages, 13 sections, 1,841 words

1. Milk
2. Cheese
3. Yogurt
4. Dark, Leafy Greens
5. Fatty Fish
6. Olive Oil
7. Apples
8. Bananas
9. Sweet Peppers
10. Curry Spices
11. Berries
12. Sesame Seeds
13. Tofu

Report #5: Superfoods for Pets
5 pages, 15 sections, 1,764 words

1. Apples
2. Pumpkin
3. Blueberries
4. Coconut Oil
5. Chia Seeds
6. Quinoa
7. Kale
1. Broccoli
2. Dandelion
3. Canteloupe
4. Cranberries
5. Yogurt
6. Cottage Cheese
7. Spinach
8. Carrots