Healthy Picnic PLR Bundle


Healthy Picnic PLR Bundle
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Healthy Picnic PLR Bundle – 15 PLR Articles, 5 ‘Top 5’ Lists, Images, Social Media

This PLR bundle is all abou having a healthy picnic with family or friends. Picnic-related content is ideal for promoting ltos of different products, from picnic baskets and accessories, to mason jars and even appliances to help prepare those picnic foods.

tWith this bundle, you can promote to family-oriented people who want to have more outings with their kids, while also promoting to the health and dieting crowd.

What You Get

15 Articles About Healthy Picnics

1. Healthy Fruit Dishes to Bring on Your Picnic (408 words)
2. Easy Ways to Pack Veggies (409 words)
3. Mason Jar Picnic Food Ideas (413 words)
4. Picnic-Friendly Low Carb Foods (413 words)
5. Try These Salads For Your Healthy Picnic (410 words)
6. Drinks You Can Bring on a Picnic (403 words)
7. Healthy, Low-Fat Desserts Perfect For a Picnic (428 words)
8. Try Something Different With Wraps and Roll-Ups (417 words)
9. Family-Friendly Picnic Foods (413 words)
10. Ideas For a Healthy and Romantic Picnic (407 words)
11. Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas (407 words)
12. What to Bring on a Picnic on a Hot Day (404 words)
13. Picnic Foods That Don’t Require Ice Packs (417 words)
14. Nutritious Sandwich Ideas For Your Picnic (405 words)
15. Putting Your Picnic Basket Together (401 words)

5 ‘Top 5’ Lists

1. Mason Jar Products (415 words)
2. Picnic Accessories (507 words)
3. Picnic Baskets (424 words)
4. Picnic Blankets (436 words)
5. Picnic Books (406 words)

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