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Health Subscription Box Product Reviews – 5 PLR Product Reviews

One of the biggest trends for the health, diet, and fitness industry in the last couple years has been monthly subscription boxes. People love buying these boxes because they get to try different products without going to the store, they discover new brands they have never used before, and it’s just fun getting them in the mail.

You have the opportunity to promote these boxes to your list and get commissions at the same time. Many subscription boxes have their own affiliate programs or are offered through ShareaSale and similar programs, while others have special referral programs if you are a member. Product reviews are the best way to promote these types of boxes, plus, you can use some reviews as fresh content for your blog posts, then in the same blog post, promote some other healthy products from Amazon. There is a lot you can do with these reviews!

For example, the Farm Fresh to You box doesn’t have an affiliate program, but this is the perfect product review to use in a blog post or email series, then include links to Amazon recipe books where fruits and veggies are used, like Keto, Paleo, and Whole30. The possibilities are endless.

What You Get

1. Love With Food (493 words)
2. Runner Crate (476 words)
3. Farm Fresh to You (497 words)
4. Paleo Life Box (497 words)
5. Fab Fit Fun (475 words)

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