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Hatha Yoga PLR Bundle
15 Articles
6-Page Report
15 Images
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Hatha Yoga PLR Bundle – 20+ Pages of Content

Promote yoga and home fitness products with this big Hatha Yoga PLR bundle. The bundle includes 15 articles, a report, images, and social media posts for your use. The articles can be used as blog posts, autoresponders, turned into a challenge, or convert into a report.

This bundle talks all about Hatha yoga, which is perfect for beginners. It includes simple poses that are easy to learn and good even for people with aches and pains. The report goes into the other types of yoga.

What You Get

15 Articles
6-Page Report
Report Cover
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

15 Hatha Yoga PLR Articles

1. What is Hatha Yoga? (400 words)
2. What Are Some Tips For Yoga Beginners? (550 words)
3. Gear You Should Bring to Your First Yoga Class (559 words)
4. Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss (451 words)
5. Importance of Building a Solid Foundation (457 words)
6. Tips For Improving Your Yoga Flexibility (478 words)
7. How to Learn the Headstand (422 words)
8. Hatha Yoga Poses For Stress Relief (515 words)
9. Hatha Yoga Poses For Back Pain (414 words)
10. The Easiest Hatha Yoga Poses For Beginners (496 words)
11. Yoga Moves That Help to Tone Your Muscles (464 words)
12. Yoga Modifications During Pregnancy (440 words)
13. Hatha Poses You Can Do While Traveling (597 words)
14. Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep (534 words)
15. Yoga Moves You Can Do With Your Partner (409 words)

Five Types of Yoga Report

5 sections, 6 pages, 2,123 words

1. Vinyasa
2. Kundalini
3. Bikram
4. Ashtanga
5. Pilates Yoga

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.