Habits and Routines for a Happy Life PLR Bundle


The ‘Habits and Routines for a Happy Life’ PLR Bundle Contains:

All of the printable items and the product covers are fully editable in Canva (for free).

Habits & Routines For A Happy Life PLR Bundle
100% Brand New Content!

Everything You Need To Jump Into This Topic And Provide Your Audience With Extensive Value

The basis of a happy and productive life rests primarily in the habits and routines that a person develops. This entire bundle provides completely exclusive content covering a ton of ground related to this subject matter.  In this case, a number of topics are explored:

- Day-to-day Routines & Habits
- Mindset Adjustment Tactics
- Dealing with Negative Thoughts & Loneliness
- Organization Strategies
+ Many More Facets Of Happiness

Additionally, there are 15 printables within this bundle that span a very wide variety of resources, tools, and more related to the subject at hand. These are covered further down on this page in very great detail.

This package is an excellent way to teach your audience how to adjust their habits to reflect a more positive outlook and in turn a better life as a result.

What You'll Receive in the

Habits & Routines For A Happy Life

PLR Content & Printables Package

  • eBook - 'Healthy Habits for a Happy Life' - 26 pages, 6,939 words
  • Report - 'Morning Routine for Productivity, Health, and Happiness' - 10 pages, 3,821 words
  • 2 Covers (Editable in Canva)
  • Dream Journal & Blank Journal Page
  • Affirmations & Gratitude Templates
  • Habit Tracker & Planner
  • To-Do List & Self-Care List
  • Daily Intentions & Routines List
  • Books & Podcasts Lists
  • Morning, Health, and Happiness Planners (3 in total)

'Healthy Habits for a Happy Life' eBook

This completely new (and exclusive) eBook, Healthy Habits for a Happy Life, presents your audience with the skills and resources necessary for honing in on the aspects of their life that are bringing them down and preventing happiness.  As a result they will be able to build better habits that lead to a much healthier lifestyle and overall outlook on life.

There are over 6,939 words of never before released, read, or seen content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and even stunning chapter graphics as well.

The eBook includes 5 detailed chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Why You Need Habits For A Healthier, Happier Life 
  • Chapter 2: Habits For Your Mind
  • Chapter 3: Habits For Your Body
  • Chapter 4: Morning & Nighttime Habits
  • Chapter 5: How To Make Habits Stick

What's The Big Deal With This eBook?

  • High-Quality eBook Written by a Professional & Experienced Writer
  • Fully-Formatted with Chapter Images, Inroduction Section, and Disclaimer
  • Content That is Completely New and 100% Unique To Our Brand
  • Casual & Conversational Tone That is Easy to Customize for Your Needs!
  • Word and Text Documents Included

'Morning Routine for Productivity, Health, and Happiness' Report

Included is also a report for anyone looking to build a morning routine to help improve productivity, and in turn, health and wellness as well.  This is a fundamental step towards sculpting a happy outlook in life. This report's content helps the reader to improve their morning routine by adding in healthy and productive habits, and ditching the toxic ones.

Morning Routine for Productivity, Health, and Happiness

10 pages, 3,821 words

  • Have A Purpose For Your Morning Routine
  • Set an Intention to Wake Up Early
  • Natural Ways To Become More Alert
  • Your First Few Minutes of the Day
  • Journaling, Affirmations, and Setting Intentions
  • Nourishing and Moving Your Body
  • Self-Care In The Morning

10 New PLR Articles

Stacking on to the initial eBook and report, you'll also be receiving 10 fully original and professionally written private label rights articles covering a variety of aspects found under this topic tree.

These aren't the usual PLR articles you may be used to, these are in depth, lengthier articles, written with perfect readability in mind as well as feeding the search engines exactly what they want in terms of actually USEFUL content vs fluff content.

Below you can see a sneak peak at the article topics as well as their word lengths too.

  1. Environmental Changes for Long-Lasting Habit Changes (928 words)
  2. How to Change Your Lifestyle When You Don't Feel Motivated (704 words)
  3. What Your Daily Routines Might Be Missing (863 words)
  4. How to Stay Happy on a Bad Day (764 words)
  5. Habits to Help With Loneliness (701 words)
  6. What to do When Negative Thoughts Creep in (787 words)
  7. Why Staying Organized is Essential to Your Routine (781 words)
  8. 6 Things You Need to Completely Transform Your Life (771 words)
  9. Why Your Routine Matters When Changing Your Habits (762 words)
  10. Using a Journal is Essential to Your Mindfulness Routine (831 words)

Editable Canva Templates

There are 2 eCovers included in this PLR bundle for the eBook, report, and journal. Each cover is fully editable with Canva, which makes it quick, easy, and 100% FREE to edit them.

Everything is entirely customizable, including the layout, fonts, colors, size, and images.

15 Printable Items

In addition to all of the written content you're receiving in this package, you'll also be receiving a comprehensive bundle of 15 fully unique printable items.

Every single item in this package will flawlessly enhance the value of the original content, as you can use it to create the ultimate toolkit for presenting to your audience.

These are great items to use to build your email list, give away as gifts, create awareness across various different websites, or really use however you personally see fit.

Just take a look at the list of items featured in this printable items package:

  1. Habit Tracker
  2. Habit Planner
  3. To-Do List
  4. Self-Care List
  5. Daily Intentions
  6. Daily Routines
  7. Morning Planner Worksheet
  8. Health Planner Worksheet
  9. Happiness Planner Worksheet
  10. Daily Gratitude
  11. Favorite Affirmations
  12. Books to Read
  13. Podcasts to Listen to
  14. Dream Journal
  15. Blank Journal Page

Better yet, every single one of these items was created entirely in Canva so that you can effortlessly edit any aspect of the item without having to learn complicated software, or even pay a fee (since Canva is free).

How About A Printable Breakdown?

Below you'll find an extensive breakdown of each portion of the printables section:

Routine Helpers:
Habit Tracker & Habit Planner

Kicking off the printables section of this bundle, we have both a Habit Tracker as well as a Habit Planner.  If you're not familiar with these, they provide a structured and organized format for your audience to monitor their progress and see tangible results on their journey.

The Habit Tracker is perfect for listing down various behaviors and habits and marking off the specific days of the week that they occur or are practiced.

Meanwhile the Habit Planner is the perfect companion for creating a routine for each segment of the day as well as for the mind, body, and more.

Best of all, these are both created in Canva, and can be edited effortlessly for 100% FREE.

Printable Lists:
To-Do List & Self-Care List

Following right on the heels of the previous printable items, you'll also be receiving a To-Do List as well as a very helpful Self-Care List too. Keeping track of the changes a person will be making can be tricky and even daunting, which is why these are especially excellent additions to this bundle.

The To-Do List is beautifully formatted so that it's easy to mark down the tasks and habits that your audience will want to maintain, and it's even pleasing to look at.

The Self-Care List is divided into 3 sections: Mind, Body, and Spirit. All 3 of which are extensively covered in the content sections of this package. Your audience will want to utilize these to choose which self-care activities they'd like to accomplish regularly.

Just like the prior items, these were also created in Canva, so you can edit every single aspect of them to customize them to your liking, add your branding, etcetera (for FREE).

Daily Sheets:
Daily Intentions & Daily Routines

Another very valuable addition to this bundle comes in the form of two tools that allow for even further structuring of one's life. In this case we have both a Daily Intentions sheet and a Daily Routines sheet as well.

The Daily Intentions sheet is ideal for mapping out your "Most Important Tasks" for each day, which helps provide a clear path forward and cuts through a majority of the intraday noise. It also contains daily habits involving the mind & body - huge elements of this content.

The Daily Routines sheet itemizes morning habits and night habits, as well as both "Most Important Tasks" for the day and "Daily Intentions" for each day.

And as always, these were created in Canva for your ease of use, editability, and so on.

Planner Worksheets:
Morning, Health, Happiness

A printables bundle wouldn't be complete without a set of planners catered around the subject matter in the content.  In this case, you're receiving 3 fully unique planner worksheets covering Morning, Health, and Happiness topics.

The Morning Planner hones in on different angles of a morning routine including things like wake up time, habits you'd like to add OR remove, reasons for establishing a routine, and the duration you plan to practice the routine.

Meanwhile, the Health Planner is more based around physical wellness, such as your current health status, diet changes you'd like to make, exercises you enjoy, plus health AND habits goals you'd like to achieve.

Lastly, the Happiness Planner focuses in on emotional status, targeting aspects such as current happiness level, your definition of happiness, what you're grateful for, what you think will improve your mood, and even which habits bring you joy in life.

Similar to everything else in this bundle, these were created in Canva and can be easily opened in there to edit any element including fonts, colors, text, images, and so on.

Reassurance Printables:
Daily Gratitude & Favorite Affirmations

Perhaps one of the most straight forward modules in the printable items package is both the Daily Gratitude, and Favorite Affirmations sheets.

As you'd expect, the Daily Gratitude sheet allows you to mark down all of the different things that you may be grateful for each day. This is important for keeping yourself grounded and not focusing on the negatives of each day.

Next, the Favorite Affirmations sheet features a box based format that gives you plenty of room to write down your favorite affirmations in each box. We all know how crucial affirmations can be for building upon positivity and beneficial habits - and this is no different.

Just like before, these can be opened in Canva and edited to your liking, whether it's a color change, fonts, or any other aspect.

Further Learning Resources:
Books Lists & Podcasts List

Continuing to round out this package, you'll also receive 2 nicely formatted lists covering 2 crucial elements.

The Book Lists sheet will allow your audience to mark down books that they want to read whether they are beneficial to their growth or build upon this subject matter even further than the initial content.

The Podcasts to Listen To sheet is just like the book list except that it's main focus is on podcasts. As we know, there's no shortage of self-help and personal development podcasts which will make this especially useful to your audience.

And of course, if you'd like to edit either of these lists to change colors, fonts, text, add your branding or anything else - you can easily do that using Canva (it's completely FREE).

Journaling Templates:
Dream Journal & Blank Journal Page

At this point you may be wondering what else can accompany this package, and it's being all tied together with a Dream Journal template and a Blank Journal Page template as well.

The Dream Journal template is perfect for documenting your dreams in vivid detail which is often noted for being a point of growth and development when it comes to these topics.

The Blank Journal Page template is exactly what it looks like, a nicely formatted blank journal page that includes the date as well as lines of text too.

Both of these journal templates were fully created in Canva which means that you can open them right up in Canva (for NO COST) and go right ahead editing them without giving yourself as headache at all.

Private Label Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name or the Health & Wellness PLR brand name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.

Habits and Routines for a Happy Life PLR Bundle