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Green Juice Bundle
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Green Juice PLR Bundle - 15 Articles, 6-Page Report, 15 Graphics, 20 Images

With the new year just around the corner, there is no better time to think about your health. Your list is probably thinking the same thing, with big physical and mental health goals.

You can help them get started by showing them the benefits of green juice. This is one of the more popular types of juice, which uses more greens, and some fruit for added sweetness. They will get a lot of nutrients in their juice, and use more fresh produce in their diet.

This PLR bundle is all about green juice, including what it is, how to make it, some unique benefits, and lots of tips. 


What You Get With This Bundle

The Green Juice PLR Bundle comes with the following:

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    15 Articles About Green Juice
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    6-Page Report: Beginner's Guide to Juicing
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    Custom Report Cover
  • 15 Social Media Graphics (for the articles)
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    20 Royalty-Free Images

15 Articles About Green Juice

The Green Juice PLR bundle comes with 15 articles that are 400+ words each. They are all professionally-written and cover a wide range of green juicing topics. 

1. Simple Instructions for Making Green Juice (415 words)
2. Easy Green Juice Recipes for Beginners (411 words)
3. How to Make a Detox Green Juice (418 words)
4. Making Your Green Juice in a Blender (405 words)
5. Tips for Creating Your Own Green Juice Recipes (425 words)
6. Green Juicing Recipes for Glowing Skin (433 words)
7. Superfood Fruits for Your Green Juice (420 words)
8. Superfood Vegetables for Your Green Juice (421 words)
9. Ingredients for an Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice (453 words)
10. Fruits to Help Sweeten Your Green Juice (421 words)
11. How to Create a Well-Balanced Green Juice (426 words)
12. Tips for Saving Money on Juicing (402 words)
13. How to Prep for a Week’s Worth of Juice (404 words)
14. Green Juicing for Weight Loss (418 words)
15. Fruits and Veggies with Fewer Carbs (418 words)

Beginner's Guide to Juicing - 6-Page Report

Use this high-quality, 6-page report as a lead magnet, content upgrade, or opt-in report. You can also easily break it up into individual blog posts or an email series to have even more content on juicing for your list.

Beginner's Guide to Juicing

6 pages, 7 sections, 2,447 words

1. Health Benefits of Juicing
2. Making Your Juice Taste Good
3. Appliances Used in Juicing
4. What to Juice First
5. Storing Your Juice
6. Caring for Your Juicer
7. More Information About Juicing

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15 Social Media Graphics

This Green Juice PLR bundle comes with 15 social media graphics, 1 for each article included.

20 Royalty-Free Images

You also get the following 20 royalty-free images, perfect for making your own graphics or adding images to your content.

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