Gratitude Journal PLR Bundle


Gratitude Journal PLR Bundle
6 Articles
Report from the Articles
50 Journal Prompts
Workbook (with prompts)
Canva Gratitude Journal
2 Canva Cover Templates

New Gratitude Journal PLR, with a Journal, Prompts, Workbook, Articles, and Report

This new PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journals, journal prompts, and more about gratitude. 

Expressing gratitude not only helps with your mindset, but it has a variety of emotional and physical health benefits as well.

This bundle focuses on how to use a gratitude journal and why gratitude is so effective, and important for everyone, year-round.

What You Get in the Gratitude PLR Package

  • Articles- 6 Articles About Gratitude
  • Report - Articles Put Into a Report/Opt-in 
  • eCovers - Editable Canva Cover Templates
  •  50 Journaling Prompts - 50 Journaling Prompts About Gratitude
  • Workbook - Created From the Journal Prompts
  • Journal - Gratitude Journal Created with Canva
  • BONUS - Royalty-Free Images

6 Articles About Journaling for Kids and Teens

The gratitude journal PLR bundle comes with 6 articles that cover the basics of gratitude. These are great for beginners to a daily gratitude practice, but can also help be a refresher for people who have had a gratitude journal before, but haven't kept up with it.

Article Topics Include:

1. Why is Gratitude So Important? (417 words)
2. Different Ways to Express Gratitude (427 words)
3. How to Keep a Gratitude Journal (460 words)
4. How Often to Write in a Gratitude Journal (448 words)
5. Gratitude with the Law of Attraction (403 words)
6. Tips for Writing Gratitude (407 words)

Report - 'Start a Daily Gratitude Practice'

The articles in this bundle have also been put into an opt-in report, so you can choose to use them as a free opt-in or content upgrade if you prefer that to blog posts. 

'Start a Daily Gratitude Practice'

7 pages, 2,502 words

1. Different Ways to Express Gratitude
2. How to Keep a Gratitude Journal
3. Tips for Writing Gratitude
4. How Often to Write in a Gratitude Journal
5. Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

Gratitude Journal Prompts

This bundle comes with 50 brand new journal prompts, which are all about gratitude. These writing prompts help people answer questions or statements to figure out what they are grateful for in their life.

These are ideal for beginners, but great for anyone wanting to start their own gratitude practice.

File Format: These are available in Word and Text format.

Workbook - From the Prompts

The journal prompts have been put into a workbook for you, if you prefer using this to the journal (details below).

The workbook is done in Word, which makes it super easy to be edited before converting to PDF and giving it to your audience.

File Format: The workbook comes in Microsoft Word format.

Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal is done in Canva, which makes it easy for you to customize the layout, pages, fonts, colors, images, and more.  

This journal is 58 pages in total, including multiple planner-style formats for gratitude, lined journal pages, and a page for each of the 50 journal prompts in this package.

The Gratitude Journal Includes:

Daily Gratitude

Weekly Gratitude
One a Day
Monthly Gratitude
Wins & Lessons
Gratitude Log
Lined Journal Pages
Prompts Lined Pages

It is 58 pages in total, including a page for every journal prompt. 

File Type: Canva

2 Editable Canva Templates

The 2 eCovers included in this bundle are all done in Canva. It is free and super easy to use. It allows you to customize the covers with your own layout, images, colors, backgrounds, text, and lots more. 

You will be given a link and instructions for accessing and editing the templates.

Bonus: 10 Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, you will get 10 royalty-free images that can be used for blog posts, emails, in the report, graphics, and anything else you want.

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Gratitude Journal PLR Bundle