Food Preserving and Storage PLR Pack


Food Storage, Growing, and Cooking PLR Pack
25 Articles
400+ Words Each


Food Storage and Growing - New Articles About Preserving and Storing Food, Growing Your Own Food, and Cooking More at Home

Start encouraging your audience to cook more at home and allow them to develop their own growing and preserving skills with this brand new PLR pack.

More and more people are beginning to can their food, grow their own fruits and veggies, and cook meals from scratch. This isn't just about survival, but thriving. 

This PLR pack offers 25 articles about preserving and storing food, growing food and herbs at home, and starting to cook more while also saving money.

25 Articles About Food Storage, Growing, and Cooking

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about food storage and growing.

The article topics include:

1. Surprising Foods You Can Freeze (420 words)
2. How and Why to Dehydrate Food (413 words)
3. Canned Foods to Keep on Hand (413 words)
4. Buy in Bulk and Freeze to Save Money (466 words)
5. Canning Mistakes to Avoid (411 words)
6. How to Make Your Fresh Greens Last Longer (409 words)
7. How to Start Your Emergency Food Storage (461 words)
8. Pantry Staples for Cooking at Home (403 words)
9. Tips for Pantry Organization (423 words)
10. How to Better Organize Your Refrigerator (415 words)
11. How to Organize and Preserve Food in the Freezer (405 words)
12. How to Store Your Produce (406 words)
13. Foods You Can Grow in an Aerogarden (404 words)
14. The Best Vegetables for a Black Thumb (416 words)
15. Ways to Freeze and Preserve Eggs (404 words)
16. Herbs to Grow For Medicine (405 words)
17. Indoor Gardening Tips (409 words)
18. How to Grow Food in a Small Outdoor Space (403 words)
19. Save Money While Cooking at Home (410 words)
20. Why You Need a Cast Iron Skillet (402 words)
21. Avoid These Bread-Making Mistakes (419 words)
22. Top Cookbooks for Beginners (475 words)
23. New to Cooking? 4 Tips for Starting (474 words)
24. Grocery Items You Are Spending Too Much on (427 words)
25. How to Cook More with a Busy Schedule (405 words)

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