Food as Medicine PLR Bundle


Food as Medicine PLR Bundle

eBook – ‘Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body and Mind with Food’
eBook Cover (w/editable PSD file)
Report – ‘Boost Your Health with Whole Foods’
Report Cover (w/editable PSD file)
10 Articles about Using Food for Healing and Wellness
Bonus – 10 Social Graphics
Bonus – 20 Royalty-Free Images



Food as Medicine PLR Bundle - eBook, Report, Articles, Graphics, and Bonuses

High quality health PLR content to help you become an authority on this trending topic.

Don't miss this brand new prewritten content package all about healing foods, medicinal plants and herbs, and how what you eat can help (or hurt) your physical and mental health.

Food as Medicine - Natural and Holistic Health with a Twist

This content package is all about using food as medicine, and comes with everything you need to get started on this topic. 

It includes a high-quality, fully formatted eBook and covers, an opt-in report to help you collect leads, articles that work great as blog posts, and even free bonuses like graphics and images. 

Teach your readers how important the right kind of food is for their overall health and wellbeing by picking up your copy today.

Why Get This PLR Bundle?

The Food as Medicine PLR package includes these excellent benefits:

This content package covers a highly requested angle of healthy eating. Instead of just talking about dieting and weight loss, explore the other benefits of eating healthy, including improving your physical health, preventing diseases, and promoting overall wellness.

You will get instant access to the content and graphics. Immediately after purchasing, you get all of the content in this package - ready for you to edit, customize, and use how you want.

The social graphics allow you to promote on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. It comes with a free bonus of social graphics for each of the articles - the perfect way to promote blog posts on various social media sites.

What You Get in the Food as Medicine PLR Package

  • eBook - 'Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body and Mind with Food' - 29 pages, 7,242 words
  • eCover Graphics - JPG & PSD files
  • Report - 'Boost Your Health with Whole Foods' - 7 pages, 2,152 words
  • Report eCover Graphics - JPG & PSD files
  • 10 Articles - 400+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • BONUS - Social Media Graphics
  • BONUS - Royalty-Free Images

'Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body and Mind with Food' eBook

This brand new, 29-page eBook, Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body and Mind with Food, introduces your readers to the health benefits they get just by changing what they eat.

There are 7,242 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 5 chapters are included:

Chapter 1: Can Food Really Be Used as Medicine?
Chapter 2: Medicinal Plants for Improved Health
Chapter 3: Prebiotics and Probiotics
Chapter 4: Eating for Physical Ailments
Chapter 5: Improving Your Mood and Mental Health with Food

What Do You Get?

  • High-Quality eBook Written by a Professional Writer
  • Fully-Formatted with Chapter Images, Table of Contents, and Disclaimer
  • Content That is Brand New and 100% Unique
  • Casual & Conversational Tone That is Easy to Customize for Your Needs!
  • Word and Text Documents Included

eBook eCover Graphics

You will also get professionally-designed eCover graphics to go with the eBook. The flat version comes with a PSD file, allowing you to edit the image in Photoshop to create your own custom cover.

The following versions of the cover are available:

'Boost Your Health with Whole Foods' Report

Want to expand on this topic and get leads at the same time? You can do that with the included 'Boost Your Health with Whole Foods' report. Use this as a free opt-in to get subscribers, give it away as a content bonus to your current subscribers, or sell it right on your blog.

Boost Your Health with Whole Foods

7 pages, 2,152 words

1. How What You Eat Affects Your Health

2. What is Considered a Whole Food?

3. How to Add More Whole Foods to Your Diet

Report eCover Graphics

The 'Boost Your Health with Whole Foods' prewritten report also comes with an editable cover, as well as optional 3D versions. Only the flat version comes with a PSD to edit in Photoshop.

10 PLR Articles About Healing Foods

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics cover different areas of healing foods and herbs, probiotics, and more ways to use food as alternative medicine.

Article Topics Include:

1. Why Your Body Needs Good Bacteria (436 words)
2. The Health Benefits of Power Greens (499 words)
3. Add These Nutrients to Your Balanced Diet (531 words)
4. How to Boost Your Health with Foods (409 words)
5. Eating Better to Manage Chronic Illness (504 words)
6. How What You Eat Helps or Hurts Your Mental Health (526 words)
7. Should You Grow Your Own Food? (519 words)
8. Why Your Eating Environment Makes a Difference (513 words)
9. Food Sensitivities and Your Health (422 words)
10. What are Prebiotics? (419 words)

Bonus #1: Social Media Graphics

Promote your blog posts on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest with these editable social media graphics. They each come in JPG and PSD format, allowing you to edit them easily in Photoshop with your own unique blog post titles.

Bonus #2: Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, feel free to use these 20 royalty-free images for your content. They can be used to make your own graphics, to add to the written content, or to make your blog posts more unique.

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