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Images and Other Bonuses

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What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special Fitness & Health PLR bundle includes 10 products from my store, including:

‚Äč1. Exercise for Mental Health
2. Fitness Motivation
3. Fun Fitness
4. No Equipment Workouts
5. Bodyweight for Beginners
6. HIIT and Tabata
7. Hiking for Weight Loss
8. Senior Fitness
9. Fat Burning
10. Hatha Yoga

1. Exercise for Mental Health

When people think of exercise, they often think of improving their physical fitness or trying to lose weight, but it is so much more important than that.

Not only does exercising on a regular basis help with your overall health and wellness, but it is amazing for mental health. If you have readers or subscribers that are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, this content bundle is perfect for them.

It will show them ways they can incorporate exercise into their daily routine in order to practice self-care and help with any mental health issues they might have.

This PLR package includes:

6-Page Report & eCover - 'Exercise for Mental Health'
10 Articles
7-Day Autoresponder Series

2. Fitness Motivation

This evergreen PLR bundle is all ready for you to pick up and promote.

You will get a 5-page report called Finding Your Fitness Motivation that covers 8 different tips and tricks to help your readers gain motivation in keeping up with their workout routines.

I also included some bonuses, such as breaking this report into emails (or blog posts), and royalty-free images.

You will get:

5-Page PLR Report - 'Finding Your Fitness Motivation'
Report Broken Up Into Emails
Royalty-Free Images

3. Fun Fitness

Exercise is something everyone should be doing regularly for general health and wellbeing, but the lack of enjoyment can make it feel like a chore. If you want to show your readers how to enjoy their workouts in order to encourage them to get proper exercise for mental and physical health, this is the PLR pack for you. 

It will give you 25 high-quality articles to work with, all covering various topics of 'fun fitness'. This includes workouts like:

Hula hoops
Pole dancing
Aerial yoga
Bosu Ball
... and more

4. No-Equipment Workouts

If you have a list that is concerned about their health, whether it is their physical or emotional health, or are trying to lose weight, they will love this report. It is 5 pages long and goes over various no-equipment workouts that are easy to do, enjoyable, and don't cost any extra money.

The No-Equipment Workouts PLR package comes with:

5-Page Report - 'No Equipment Workouts'
Text and Word Formats
Custom eCover
Report Broken Up Into 6 Articles

5. Bodyweight for Beginners

Bodyweight exercises allow you to do workouts at home without using weights or equipment. They are ideal for all fitness levels, including beginners. This PLR pack gives you 10 new prewritten articles all about bodyweight exercises for beginners.

With this PLR pack, you can promote things like athletic gear, yoga mats, water bottles, cooling towels, and many more fitness-related items. There are even books and DVDs about bodyweight exercises that you can promote.

What You Get

This PLR pack comes with the following prewritten article topics:

1. Why You Should do Bodyweight Exercises (408 words)
2. Easy Moves for Beginners (421 words)
3. 5 Variations on Planks (470 words)
4. Bodyweight With Jumps (432 words)
5. The Best Bodyweight Moves for Your Abs (428 words)
6. Easy Bodyweight Moves for the Morning (408 words)
7. Bodyweight Moves for the Upper Body (401 words)
8. Lazy Girl Bodyweight Exercise Ideas (407 words)
9. At-Home Workouts That Include Bodyweight Moves (427 words)
10. Tips for Adding Bodyweight to Your Fitness Routine (420 words)

6. HIIT and Tabata

In the fitness world, less people are heading to the gym to use the treadmill, and more people are working on bodyweight workouts. These include exercises you can do with absolutely no weight or accessories. Both HIIT and Tabata have become popular, which are high-intensity, short workouts meant to give you a full-body workout, burn calories, and burn lots of fat at the same time.

This PLR pack will give your audience a combination of HIIT and Tabata blog posts so that you can promote products like books and workout DVDs on this topic, along with workout clothing, shoes, and tons of other products.

What You Get

This PLR pack includes the following 8 topics:

1. What is HIIT? (406 words)
2. What is Tabata? (413 words)
3. Benefits of HIIT (413 words)
4. Benefits of Tabata (406 words)
5. HIIT Moves for Your Core (432 words)
6. The Best HIIT Fat Burning Workouts (402 words)
7. 3 Classic Tabata Bodyweight Moves (407 words)
8. How to Create Your Own Routine (412 words)

7. Hiking for Weight Loss

This PLR pack is for health and fitness related blogs looking to expand on their fitness topics. It includes content all about hiking and how it can help with weight loss. The articles discuss things like calories burned while hiking, how to lose weight while hiking, and general hiking tips.

You can promote a lot of different products with this PLR pack like fitness trackers, workout clothing, hiking boots, first aid kits, backpacks, and many others.

What You Get

The Hiking for Weight Loss PLR pack includes the following 10 pre-written articles:

1. Health Benefits of Hiking (410 words)
2. How Hiking Helps You to Lose Weight (410 words)
3. How Many Calories You Burn While Hiking (400 words)
4. Ways to Burn More Calories While Hiking (410 words)
5. The Importance of Water and Nutrition (401 words)
6. What to Look For in a Hiking Trail (420 words)
7. Safety Tips to Keep in Mind (441 words)
8. What to Wear While Hiking (411 words)
9. Tips For Hiking With Your Dog (417 words)
10. Adding Hiking to Your Fitness Routine (406 words)

8. Senior Fitness

There is a large audience that are looking to get physically fit and improve their overall health with fitness that many people forget about, and that is the seniors! This is a massive group of people that need to keep their bodies moving and exercise regularly in order to have vitality, strength, and flexibility.

Not only are many seniors looking for workouts they can do with conditions like arthritis, but a good number of them live in assisted living communities. This PLR pack addresses both concerns, providing tips for seniors who want to exercise while living in their assisted living facility.

What You Get

This senior fitness PLR pack comes with the following 10 articles:

1. 5 Solo Assisted Living Workouts (420 words)
2. 4 Group Assisted Living Workouts (408 words)
3. Assisted Living Workouts Using Gym Equipment (411 words)
4. Exercises For Seniors With Arthritis (412 words)
5. No-Equipment Assisted Living Workouts (406 words)
6. Seated Workouts For Seniors (434 words)
7. Simple Yoga Poses For Seniors (411 words)
8. Stretching and Balance Exercises For Seniors (415 words)
9. Try These Workouts in Your Bed (423 words)
10. Why Every Senior Should Be Walking (432 words)

9. Fat Burning

One of the primary concerns of people trying to lose weight is burning more fat. This is where they go from a small amount of weight loss to becoming a fat-burning machine. This PLR bundle shows your readers how to burn more fat through the food they eat, fitness, and many other simple tips.

What You Get

The PLR bundle comes with 15 articles about burning fat, along with a 5-page report and report cover, 15 related images, 15 Tweets and 15 Facebook posts.

15 Fat Burning Articles

1. Top Fat-Burning Workouts (419 words)
2. Fruits and Veggies That Help to Burn Fat (409 words)
3. Refreshing Fat-Burning Drinks (405 words)
4. Burn More Fat With These Smoothies (408 words)
5. Add These Herbs and Spices to Your Meals (408 words)
6. Tips For Burning More Fat on a Daily Basis (419 words)
7. Why Everyone Should Be Weight Training (416 words)
8. Fat-Burning Workouts For a Flat Tummy (401 words)
9. Important Nutrients For Weight Loss (418 words)
10. Fat-Burning Breakfast Ideas (417 words)
11. Fill Up on These Fat-Burning Lunch Ideas (407 words)
12. Healthy Fat-Burning Dinners For Your Family (405 words)
13. Fat-Burning Snack Ideas (436 words)
14. Infused Water Recipes For Weight Loss (407 words)
15. Yoga Poses That Burn More Fat (402 words)

5-Page Report: Fat Burning Workouts

5 pages, 5 sections, 2,426 words

1. How to Burn Fat on the Treadmill
2. Burn More Fat With Weight Training
3. Add These Cardio Workouts
4. Try Yoga and Pilates to Burn Fat
5. Mix it Up With Circuit Training

10. Hatha Yoga

Promote yoga and home fitness products with this big Hatha Yoga PLR bundle. The bundle includes 15 articles, a report, images, and social media posts for your use. The articles can be used as blog posts, autoresponders, turned into a challenge, or convert into a report.

This bundle talks all about Hatha yoga, which is perfect for beginners. It includes simple poses that are easy to learn and good even for people with aches and pains. The report goes into the other types of yoga.

What You Get

15 Articles
6-Page Report
Report Cover
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

15 Hatha Yoga PLR Articles

1. What is Hatha Yoga? (400 words)
2. What Are Some Tips For Yoga Beginners? (550 words)
3. Gear You Should Bring to Your First Yoga Class (559 words)
4. Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss (451 words)
5. Importance of Building a Solid Foundation (457 words)
6. Tips For Improving Your Yoga Flexibility (478 words)
7. How to Learn the Headstand (422 words)
8. Hatha Yoga Poses For Stress Relief (515 words)
9. Hatha Yoga Poses For Back Pain (414 words)
10. The Easiest Hatha Yoga Poses For Beginners (496 words)
11. Yoga Moves That Help to Tone Your Muscles (464 words)
12. Yoga Modifications During Pregnancy (440 words)
13. Hatha Poses You Can Do While Traveling (597 words)
14. Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep (534 words)
15. Yoga Moves You Can Do With Your Partner (409 words)

Five Types of Yoga Report

5 sections, 6 pages, 2,123 words

1. Vinyasa
2. Kundalini
3. Bikram
4. Ashtanga
5. Pilates Yoga

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