Fermented Foods PLR Bundle


Fermented Foods PLR Bundle
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Fermented Foods PLR Bundle – 20 Pages of New PLR Content

This PLR bundle is all about fermented foods, from DIY fermented concoctions like kombucha to store-bought items like yogurt. It goes over the basics of the fermenting process if your readers want to make their own fermented foods, but it also talks a lot about the health benefits, getting your kids to eat them, and more in-depth info about kombucha.

With this PLR bundle, you get 20 articles (or blog posts), 20 images, 20 Tweets, and 20 Facebook posts. Here is a look at the articles included:

20 PLR Articles About Fermented Foods

1. Types of Fermented Foods (452 words)
2. Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods (502 words)
3. Beginner Tips to Fermenting (477 words)
4. How to Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet (478 words)
5. Tips For Encouraging Kids to Eat Fermented Foods (459 words)
6. 4 Fermented Foods for Beginners (585 words)
7. Using Salt in Fermentation (470 words)
8. Ways Fermented Foods Improve Digestion (413 words)
9. Ways Fermented Foods Help with Weight Loss (428 words)
10. Store Bought Fermented Foods (454 words)
11. What to Look for When You Buy Fermented Foods (450 words)
12. Benefits of Kombucha (428 words)
13. Supplies for Making Kombucha (422 words)
14. Kombucha Recipes for Beginners (436 words)
15. Basics of Storing Kombucha (421 words)
16. Supplies to Boost Your Fermentation Projects (426 words)
17. Setting Up a Food Fermenting Station (433 words)
18. Benefits of Coffee Kombucha (428 words)
19. How to Make a Fermenting Crock (465 words)
20. Best Cookbooks for Fermentation Recipes (495 words)

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