Fall Health and Wellness PLR Pack


Fall Health and Wellness PLR
20 Articles
400+ Words Each
20 Images


Fall Health and Wellness PLR Pack - 20 New Articles About Health in the Fall Season 

For many people, the Fall/Autumn season feels like a new start. After what was probably a busy and hectic summer, it is time for the kids to go back to school, for you to go back to work, and everyone to get back to normal routines.

This new PLR pack is all about health and wellness in the Fall. It provides a variety of different topics about fall health, including nutrition and superfoods, holistic health, using a journal and planner, supplements, hygge, reducing stress, and so much more. 

You will get a little bit of everything, making this a great pack for creating a fall-themed blog series or to put together your own fall health opt-in report. 

What You Get in This PLR Pack

The Fall Health and Wellness PLR pack comes with the following:

  • 20 PLR Articles
  • 400+ Words Each
  • Text and Word Format
  • 20 Images

20 PLR Articles About Fall Health

You will get 20 new, high quality articles about health and wellness in the Fall season. These range from diet and fitness, to fall superfoods and holistic health.

The article topics include:

1. Start Using a Daily Planner in the Fall (488 words)
2. Ideas for Fall Self-Care Activities (470 words)
3. Building Healthy Habits This Season (437 words)
4. The Top 6 Essential Oils for a Healthy Fall (448 words)
5. Affirmations and Why You Should Use Them (499 words)
6. Fall Exercise: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Fitness Routine? (427 words)
7. Tips for Starting a New Diet This Fall Season (431 words)
8. Hygge Activities to Be Cozy in the Fall (402 words)
9. How to Get the Best Sleep Ever (407 words)
10. Find Relief from Fall Allergies (414 words)
11. Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Autumn (497 words)
12. Why Anxiety and Depression Can Get Worse in the Fall (490 words)
13. Fall Eating: Seasonal Foods to Add to Your Diet (504 words)
14. The Best Supplements to Take in the Fall (408 words)
15. Fall Skincare Tips (417 words)
16. Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Wake Up Early (455 words)
17. Journaling in the Fall – It’s Not Too Late to Start (493 words)
18. Healthy Ways to Use Pumpkin (558 words)
19. Start a New Routine in the Fall (449 words)
20. How to Get Your Kids Active This Season (424 words)

Bonus: 20 Royalty-Free Images

As a bonus, I have included 20 royalty-free images to be used for your blog posts, report images, or social media graphics.

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