Diabetes in Women PLR Bundle


Diabetes in Women PLR Bundle
15 Articles
5-Page Report
3 Report Covers
15 Graphics
10 Images
15 Social Media Posts
Bonus: 10 Type 2 Diabetes Articles


Diabetes in Women PLR Bundle - Articles, Report, 3 Covers, Graphics, Images, Social Media, Bonus Content

Diabetes affects millions of women around the world, with the majority of them living in the United States and Europe. Women have some unique qualities that made them prone to diabetes, and it can affect women in different ways. 

This PLR bundle lets you promote two topics in one: women's health and diabetes. You will also get a lot of different micro niche topics like dieting, fitness, healthy cooking, and even natural remedies like herbs and acupuncture. 

What You Get With the Diabetes in Women PLR Bundle

The Diabetes in Women PLR bundle comes with the following content:

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    15 articles
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    5-page report
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    3 report cover options
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    15 social media graphics
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    10 royalty-free images
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    15 social media posts
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    Bonus: 10 type 2 diabetes articles

15 Articles About Diabetes in Women

1. Risk Factors of Diabetes for Women (412 words)
2. Dietary Guidelines for Diabetes (411 words)
3. PCOS and Diabetes (409 words)
4. Natural Remedies for Diabetes (405 words)
5. Potential Complications for Women with Diabetes (396 words)
6. Treatment Options for Women with Diabetes (450 words)
7. Senior Women with Diabetes (404 words)

8. Eye Diseases Related to Diabetes (416 words)
9. How Diabetes Affects Women (407 words)
10. Diabetes in Different Life Stages for Women (438 words)
11. Diabetes in Pregnant Women (407 words)
12. Early Signs of Diabetes in Women (414 words)
13. How to Balance Your Blood Sugar (409 words)
14. Low-Carb Diets for Women with Diabetes (475 words)
15. Ways to Lower Your Blood Glucose (446 words)

5-Page Report: Diet for Diabetes

This 5-page report is all about following a healthy diet to help manage diabetes. You will get a lead magnet with 4 sections, along with these 3 report cover options:

Diet for Diabetes Report Topics

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,908 words

1. Fruits
2. Vegetables
3. Superfoods
4. Healthy Fats and Fatty Fish

15 Social Media Graphics

10 Royalty-Free Images

Bonus Content: 10 Type 2 Diabetes Articles

You will also get my Type 2 Diabetes PLR pack as a free bonus with this bundle. It originally appeared here. The article topics include:

1. Type 2 Diabetes 101: An Overview (455 words)
2. Add These Foods and Supplements to Your Diabetes Diet (402 words)
3. Foods You Should Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes (405 words)
4. Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle With Diabetes (407 words)
5. What to do After Being Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes (405 words)
6. Why a Low-Carb Diet is Helpful With Diabetes (459 words)
7. How Type 2 Diabetes Affects Your Body (415 words)
8. What to Expect From Type 2 Diabetes Treatment (409 words)
9. Common Signs of Having Type 2 Diabetes (406 words)
10. The Dangers of Being Pre-Diabetic (406 words)

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