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Depression PLR Pack
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Depression PLR Pack - 15 Articles & Images

Depression is not an easy topic to discuss on your blog, but there is no better place to do it than the internet.

People struggling with mental illnesses will often look online for solutions before talking to someone they know or reaching out to a doctor.

This makes it even more important that you provide them with useful information that won't judge or criticize, but simply give them a simple guideline for how to cope. 

This content is not meant to replace medical intervention with people who are struggling from depression, but just give them a safe place to start learning about their own mental illness.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Depression PLR Pack comes with the following content:

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    15 Articles About Depression
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    Text and Word Format
  • 15 Royalty-Free Images

15 Articles About Depression

These PLR articles are great to be used as blog posts, put into a report or eBook, or to create an email series from.

1. Coping with Nighttime Depression (406 words)
2. Early Warning Signs of a Depressive Episode (432 words)
3. Affirmations to Help with Depression (400 words)
4. How to Help Your Depressed Friends and Loves Ones (436 words)
5. Signs That Your Loved Ones are Struggling with Depression (407 words)
6. Vitamins that Help to Relieve Depression Side Effects (413 words)
7. Mindfulness to Help with Depression (404 words)
8. High VS Low Functioning Depression (403 words)
9. How to Be Productive with Depression (428 words)
10. Summer Depression – Tips for Coping (441 words)
11. Social Media’s Impact on Depression (417 words)
12. Depression and Disconnection (408 words)
13. How to Deal with Loss of Appetite from Depression (404 words)
14. Side Effects of Anti-Depressants (403 words)
15. Depression and Loss of Identity (414 words)

15 Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, I have included 15 royalty-free images that go perfectly with this content.

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