Depression PLR Bundle


Depression PLR Bundle
15 Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover
15 Images
30 Social Media Posts


Depression PLR Bundle – PLR Articles, Report, Images, and Social Media

Depression affects millions of people every day, leading to mental, emotional, and even physical problems. This is a topic that every health or mental health blog should cover, since you most likely have a lot of readers who are dealing with it. This PLR bundle goes over different aspects of depression, from the common and less common signs, to the different types of depression and ways to get help. There is also a report that discusses natural remedies for depression.

You have a lot of opportunities for promoting products with this bundle as well. You can promote journaling supplies, supplements and vitamins, health products for those changing their diet, and tons of fitness products. Essential oils, diffusers, meditation pillows, and mood music can also be promoted.

What You Get

This Depression PLR bundle comes with 15 articles, a 5-page report, report cover, 15 images, and 30 social media posts. Here is a look at the articles and report that are included:

15 PLR Articles About Depression

1. Signs You Might Have Depression (415 words)
2. Different Types of Depression (418 words)
3. Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication (389 words)
4. When to See a Doctor For Your Depression (496 words)
5. How Journaling Can Help With Depression (443 words)
6. Essential Oils For Depression and Anxiety (580 words)
7. How to Help Depression-Related Insomnia (429 words)
8. Risk Factors For Depression (507 words)
9. How Diet Can Affect Your Depression (479 words)
10. Try These Exercises For Your Depression (458 words)
11. The Link Between Stress and Depression (419 words)
12. How to Help a Loved One With Their Depression (400 words)
13. Avoid These Common Depression Triggers (430 words)
14. Less Common Signs of Depression (403 words)
15. What You Should Know About PTSD Depression (402 words)

PLR Report: Natural Remedies For Depression

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,919 words

1. Herbal Supplements
2. Dietary Changes
3. Exercise
4. Meditation
5. Journaling

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

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2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.