Premium PLR-Daily Life Journal & Planner PLR Bundle


Daily Life Journal & Planner PLR Bundle
Originally launched on JVZoo

2 Reports
2 Journals


Daily Life Journal & Planner PLR - 2 reports, eCovers, 2 journals, articles, email follow-ups

*Originally released on JVZoo with Sue Fleckenstein. It is NOT included in the Lifetime membership.

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What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Daily Life Journal & Planner PLR Bundle comes with the following content:

  • Report - 'Capturing Moments with a Daily Journal'
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    Report - 'How to Start Your First Daily Life Planner'
  • Editable eCovers for the Reports
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    10 Email Follow-Ups - 5 for Each Report
  • 10 Articles About Using Daily Journals and Planners
  • Family Journal (163 pages)
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    Kids Journal (163 pages)
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    Editable eCovers for the Journals

'Capturing Moments with a Daily Journal' - Report

This first report goes beyond the basics of journaling, and details how a daily journal can be used for capturing memories and special moments in a person's life.

It is an excellent way to show how beneficial having a daily journal can be.

Capturing Moments with a Daily Journal

9 pages, 5 sections, 2,543 words

1. Benefits of Having a Daily Journal
2. Ways to Use a Journal Every Day
3. Recording Memories and Moments with Your Journal
4. Why You Should Meditate Before Journaling
5. How to Kickstart Your Journaling Routine

'How to Start Your First Daily Planner' - Report

The next report you will get is called 'How to Start Your First Daily Planner' and is a great starter guide for planners. You can help to promote planner pages and printables with this report by showing your readers just how easy it is to start using a daily planner.

How to Start Your First Daily Life Planner

8 pages, 4 sections, 2,518 words

1. Why Use a Daily Planner?
2. What to Track in Your Daily Planner
3. Creating a Daily Planner Routine
4. Tips for Setting Up Your First Planner

10 Email Follow-Ups

There are 5 autoresponders for EACH report, giving you a total of 10 email follow-ups. These can also be used as blog posts or added to the reports if you prefer.

Daily Journal Email Follow-Ups:

1. Tips for Finding the Motivation to Journal Every Day (286 words)
2. The Best Types of Journals for a Daily Journal (268 words)
3. How Journaling Can Be a Meaningful Experience (267 words)
4. Why Should You Record Your Daily Life? (255 words)
5. Journaling with Mindfulness Meditation (271 words)

Daily Planner Email Follow-Ups:

1. Use the SMART Goals Method (219 words)
2. How to Make Your Daily Planner Routine Effective (288 words)
3. Why Use Printables for Your Planner? (253 words)
4. 3 Benefits of a Morning Planner Routine (283 words)
5. Tips for Using a Planner and Journal Together (237 words)

10 Articles

Keep your audience engaged with these 10 high-quality articles all about using daily journals and planners:

1. How to Organize Your Life with a Planner (670 words)
2. Benefits to Keeping a Daily Planner (723 words)
3. Find Solutions to Your Problems with a Daily Planner (534 words)
4. Manifest Your Dreams and Goals with a Journal (597 words)
5. How to Harness Creativity with a Journal (614 words)
6. Simple Way to Create a Daily Planner and Journaling Routine (614 words)
7. Creating New Healthy Habits with Your Planner (682 words)
8. How Setting Goals Can Change Your Life (662 words)
9. Add More Happiness and Fulfillment to Your Life with a Planner (708 words)
10. Use a Journal for New Self-Care Habits (551 words)

Family & Kids Journals

You will also get 2 brand new journals! This includes a Family journal and a Kids journal, both with editable eCovers.

Both Journals are 6 x 9 and have 163 pages - delivered as PowerPoint Templates in both Color & Grey-scale versions.

Family Journal Close-Up Images

Kids Journal Close-Up Images

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