Crystals for Spiritual Practices PLR Bundle


Crystals for Spiritual Practice PLR Bundle
16 Articles About Using Crystals
Report – ‘Crystals for the Lunar Cycle’
Report – ‘Manifest with Crystals’
50 Journal Prompts (25 full moon, 25 new moon)
50 Affirmations (25 full moon, 25 new moon)
Full Moon Journal
New Moon Journal
4 Canva Cover Templates (reports and journals)

Crystals for Spiritual Practice PLR Bundle, with Articles, Report, Writing Prompts, Journals, and More

This new PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journal prompts, and journals about Crystals for Spiritual Practice. 

It is perfect for anyone who enjoys different types of spiritual practices like meditation, manifesting with the law of attraction, visualization, reading tarot, and so much more.

You will get 16 articles that work great as blog posts, along with 2 reports and editable covers, journal prompts, and 2 journals for the full moon and new moon. 

What You Get in the Crystals for Spiritual PLR Package

  • Articles- 16 Articles About Crystals and Their Benefits
  • Report - 'Crystals for the Lunar Cycle'
  • Report - 'Manifest with Crystals'
  • 4 eCovers - Editable Canva Cover Templates (reports and journals)
  • 50 Journaling Prompts - 25 full moon and 25 new moon journal prompts
  • Full Moon Journal - Canva and PowerPoint journal using the prompts
  • New Moon Journal - Canva and PowerPoint journal using the prompts
  • 50 Affirmations - 25 full moon and 25 new moon affirmations

Articles About Using Crystals for Spiritual Practices

This bundle comes with 16 brand new, high quality articles about using crystals for your spiritual practice. It includes tips on charging crystals, choosing the right ones, using crystals for specific practices and manifestations, and much more. 

Article Topics Include:

1. Common Mistakes Made When Using Crystals (456 words)
2. The First Crystals Beginners Should Get (402 words)
3. How to Use Crystals for Manifesting (425 words)
4. Use Crystals for Daily Manifesting Rituals (427 words)
5. How to Charge Your Crystals (403 words)
6. Ways to Use Crystals in Spiritual Practices (417 words)
7. Crystals for the Chakras (492 words)
8. Why Selenite is Such a Powerful Crystal (419 words)
9. Crystals for Self-Love and Confidence (410 words)
10. Crystals for Anxiety and Stress (408 words)
11. Crystals for Healing and Protection (416 words)
12. Using Crystals for Meditation (409 words)
13. Crystals for Insomnia (416 words)
14. Transformation with Crystals (446 words)
15. Manifesting Tips: Charge Your Crystals with Manifestations (478 words)
16. Choosing Your Manifestations (409 words)

Report - 'Crystals for the Lunar Cycle'

The first report is about 'Crystals for the Lunar Cycle'. It goes through all 7 moon phases, offering advice for which crystals to use for each moon phase.

'Crystals for the Lunar Cycle'

6 pages, 1,694 words

New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbons
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Third Quarter
Waning Crescent

Report - 'Manifest with Crystals'

You will also get another report or lead magnet called 'Manifest with Crystals'. This is a 5-page report that goes over the best crystals to use for manifesting things like love, success, abundance, confidence, and health. 

Manifest with Crystals

5 pages, 1,234 words

1. Money and Abundance
2. Health
3. Anxiety and Stress
4. Love
5. Transformation
6. Confidence and Personal Growth

50 Journal Prompts - Full and New Moon

This bundle comes with a total of 50 journal prompts, including 25 for the Full Moon and 25 for the New Moon. 

Each moon phase in the lunar cycle is associated with different energies, therefore journaling can change depending on where you are in the lunar cycle. 

For the Full Moon, it is all about letting go, releasing negative energy, and resetting. These journal prompts reflect these energies.

The New Moon is when most manifesting occurs, as you have more clarity and introspection. These journal prompts are aligned with the energy of this moon phase.

File Format: These are available in Word and Text format.

Full Moon Journal

The journal prompts in this bundle were used for both the full moon journal and the new moon journal.

The Full Moon journal is 27 pages long, with one page dedicated to each writing prompt. You will also get an editable Canva cover. 

The journal is available in both Canva and PowerPoint, so you have options for customizing it. 

It is easy to edit each page of the journal, including colors, fonts, prompts, templates, and more.

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint

New Moon Journal

You will also get a New Moon journal using the 25 new moon journal prompts. This is a 27-page journal, offering a separate journal page for each of the prompts. 

The journal itself is offered in both Canva and PowerPoint, giving you options for customizing it before converting to a PDF. 

The editable cover is offered in Canva, so you can change the image, font, and layout.

File Formats: Canva and PowerPoint 

Free Bonus: 50 Affirmations

As an added bonus, I have also included 50 affirmations in this bundle. This includes 25 affirmations for the full moon, and 25 affirmations for the new moon.

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Crystals for Spiritual Practices PLR Bundle