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Vision Board PLR Bundle
10-Page Report: How to Create a Vision Board
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Vision Boards PLR Bundle - Report, eCover, Printables, Images

The concept of vision boards started many years ago, where they were meant to visualize your dreams and any life goals you had. They are often talked about in the Law of Attraction, but there is so much more potential than that.

Vision boards allow you to visualize anything you want to focus on in your life, and start acting with intention and purpose.

This new PLR bundle gives you a new 10-page report about creating a vision board, plus printables that will be great to give away, sell, or include as opt-in bonuses.

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What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Vision Board PLR bundle comes with the following:

  • 'How to Create a Vision Board' PLR Report
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    Editable eBook eCover w/PSD file
  • 11 Printables for Vision Boards
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    5 Royalty-Free Images

10-Page Report - How To Create a Vision Board

This 10-page report is perfect as an opt-in report, or can be broken up into individual blog posts. It provides an excellent overview of creating vision boards, showing your readers what a vision board is, how it can benefit them, and how to select images and get it set up.

How to Create a Vision Board

10 pages, 4 sections, 3,347 words

1. Why Create a Vision Board?
2. What You Should do Before You Get Started
3. Ideas for What to Include in Your Vision Board
4. Getting Your Vision Board Set Up
5. How to Use a Monthly Vision Board

Vision Board Printables

You will also get a total of 11 printables to use for planning and creating your vision boards. There are 3 main printables, with multiple variations of each. 

The printable categories include:

1. Vision Board Planner

2. Digital Vision Board

3. Vision Board Notes

You can see what they look like below.

Vision Board Planner

There are two different versions of the vision board planner printables. These can be used when figuring out the different themes for your vision boards, and what you might want to include. 

Digital Vision Board

Next is the digital vision board, with 5 different versions of it, including a plan version, blank, and different colored boxes. This works great when you want to add digital images to a vision board and print out the entire thing, or you just want to print this out and add printed images to the different boxes.

Vision Board Notes

Finally, you have your vision board notes, with 4 designs included. These are good for making lists of what to include on your vision board and anything else to keep track of.

These all have fall themes and colors, but they are very easy to edit and customize for your own needs.

Royalty-Free Images

I have also included a bonus of these 5 royalty-free images to include in your report or for creating graphics.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

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