Coconut for Health Bundle


Coconut Health Benefits – PLR Bundle
What is Included:
6-Page Report
Report cover in jpeg and PDF
15 Articles
15 Tweets
15 Facebook posts
10 Images


Coconut Health Benefits – PLR Bundle

Coconut is often referred to as a miracle cure since it helps in so many ways. There are benefits ranging from better digestion and weight loss, to healthier hair and skin. This PLR bundle goes over all the different health benefits of coconut, including coconut oil, milk, palm sugar, and water.

With this PLR bundle, you get 15 articles, a 6-page report with a report cover (jpeg and pdf versions), 15 tweets, 15 Facebook posts, and 10 images that correspond with the articles included.

Coconut For Natural Beauty Report

The 6-page report is all about using coconut for your beauty. It is 2,566 words and includes the following 4 sections:

Coconut For Your Hair
Coconut For Your Skin
Coconut For Your Teeth
Coconut DIY Beauty Products

Coconut Health Benefits Articles

There are also 15 articles about the health benefits of coconut, including these topics:

1. Coconut Oil Pulling 101 (401 words)
2. How to Add More Coconut to Your Diet (405 words)
3. Health Benefits of Coconut (414 words)
4. Healthy Recipes to Make With Coconut Milk (390 words)
5. Using Coconut For Your Pets (411 words)
6. Why You Should Drink More Coconut Water (410 words)
7. How to Use Coconut Oil For Your Baby (427 words)
8. Tips For Improving Digestion With Coconut (405 words)
9. Have Youthful Glowing Skin With Coconut Oil (421 words)
10. Get Shiny Hair With Coconut Oil (422 words)
11. The Different Ways to Use Coconut Milk (455 words)
12. Healthy Smoothies That Use Coconut (410 words)
13. The Surprising Benefits of Coconut (428 words)
14. How Coconut Can Aid in Your Weight Loss (410 words)
15. Ways to Use Coconut Palm Sugar (406 words)


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