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This PLR Bundle Contains:
– 2 Lead Magnets
– 100 Journal Prompts
– Journal & Workbook (Canva)
– 4 Original eCovers (Canva)

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7 Modules of Fresh Content & Printable Items With PLR Attached

Building healthy habits is something that can benefit really any individual in any industry or niche. This is a topic that allows anybody willing and able to improve themselves and their lives as a whole – in a number of ways.

Help your audience to tap into building healthy daily habits and a more positive routine with this professionally created and exclusive PLR bundle that includes high-quality written content, journal prompts, and printable items to help them kick start their habit building journey.

With the help of lead magnets, articles, journal prompts, and printable items – your audience will be well on their way to building better daily habits.

You will receive 7 unique, high-quality modules including 2 different lead magnets, articles that work great as blog posts, journal prompts, and printables all about Building Daily Habits.

Just take a look at the 7 modules that are included below:

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 7 modules found in this very exclusive package.

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PLR Module #1:

’27 Habits That Will Change Your Life’ Lead Magnet

– 8 pages, 2,549 words –

Teach your audience not only how to build habits, but to build the most effective habits too.
This report provides 27 habits that will potentially change the reader’s life, with some details for each of the 27 habits included.

The 27 Habits That Will Change Your Life lead magnet includes 8 pages and 2,549 words consisting of the following sections:

1. Get Enough Sleep
2. Wake Up Early
3. Hydrate First Thing in the Morning
4. Add Fruits or Veggies to Every Meal
5. Do Yoga or Pilates
6. Spend More Time in Nature
7. Write a Daily Gratitude List
8. Practice Mindfulness
9. Meditate Daily
10. Make Your Bed
11. Open Your Windows
12. Have Phone-Free Time
13. Declutter Daily
14. Set Up for the Next Day
15. Work in Time Blocks
16. Work on Just One Task at a Time
17. Track Your Habits
18. Take Vitamins
19. Do a Skincare Routine
20. Practice Self-Care
21. Don’t Go to Sleep With Screens
22. Read Every Day
23. Write in Your Journal
24. Practice Positive Self-Talk
25. Use Affirmations
26. Floss Every Day
27. Use Sunscreen

It includes an introduction about building habits, then goes into these 27 effective habits that will change your life and routine regardless of who you are.


Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #2:

‘Habit Stacking To Build Daily Habits’
Lead Magnet

– 6 pages, 1,566 words –

You will also get another lead magnet about building habits, but this one is about using a concept that’s known as “habit stacking” to add habits more effectively into your routine.

The Habit Stacking To Build Daily Habits lead magnet includes 6 pages and 1,566 words consisting of the following sections:

Understanding Habit Stacking
Benefits of Habit Stacking
How to Implement Habit Stacking
Tips for Successful Habit Stacking

It includes an introduction about building habits and routines, followed by 4 sections that each include a different element and explanation for habit stacking.


Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text Format

PLR Module #3:

5 Articles About Habit Building

– 600+ Words Each –

In addition to the lead magnets, you also get 5 new PLR articles about building habits.

These articles can be used as blog posts, added to the lead magnets for more content, used as an email series, and so much more.

The 5 article topics include:

  • How to Build Habits the Right Way (786 words)
  • Early Morning Habits to Help You Have a Good Day (656 words)
  • Habits to Add to Your Nighttime Routine (626 words)
  • How a Daily Routine Can Improve Your Life (644 words)
  • How to Build a Routine With Habits (698 words)
You receive the full private label rights license to all 5 of these uniquely written articles.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #4:

100 Journal Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

Journaling really comes in handy for anyone who is making a lifestyle change, and journal prompts take it one step further by giving them a little guidance for topics to write about.

These are writing prompts with questions and statements that your audience can use for their building habits and routines journal.

They help tremendously when discovering what healthy habits they want to incorporate into their life, discovering what these habits being developed looks like to them, and deciding on many changes for their overall routine.

Here are just a few of the 100 prompts included:

  • What is the FIRST healthy habit you want to incorporate?
  • What is one small step you can make towards building habits?
  • Does skipping a habit in your routine make you feel guilty?
  • What habits are more challenging to stick to?
  • What is the most challenging part of incorporating new habits?
  • What sets you up for a good day?
  • How much preparation do you do when making changes?

There are countless ways to use journal prompts, from adding them to a blog post, to including them in a course or product you sell to your audience. They are also used in both a journal and workbook in this bundle, so all the work is done for you!

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #5:

Habit Building Journal
(102 Pages)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

For your convenience, the 100 journal prompts in this package have been turned into a customizable, printable journal for your audience to use.

This journal is created in both Canva and PowerPoint, so you can edit it using either program, including changing the background, colors, layouts, font, and the prompts themselves. Once you are done customizing any part of the journal, just save and convert it to a PDF to be sent to your list.

Your audience can then print the journal out and use these prompts for daily journal entries when they want to gain clarity about their time management habits and productivity journey.

Below are some previews of the journal included in this module:

The Habit-Building Journal also comes in PowerPoint format.

See the preview below:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva and PowerPoint.

PLR Module #6:

Habit-Building Workbook
54 Pages)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

If you would prefer a workbook-style journal, you will also get an 54-page workbook using the 100 prompts found in this bundle.

Overall, this workbook presents you with a different way to use and deliver the prompts to your audience.

The length of this workbook is 54-pages long, including the cover page. With about 1-2 prompts per page.

The workbook also comes in both Canva and PowerPoint formats.

Instead of just simple lined journal pages, there are a combination of layouts depending on the prompts, including lists, workbook pages, and lined pages for each page. This works more as a workbook that can be filled out, but is just as effective as the journal. 

Offer both to your list or just one of them, it’s up to you.

You can customize it with Canva or PowerPoint to match your brand and the cover you decide to use. I have also provided an editable cover that matches this workbook perfectly.

Here is a look inside the gorgeously styled workbook:

You can see a preview of the PowerPoint version of this workbook below:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva & PowerPoint.

PLR Module #7:

4 Professionally-Designed eCovers

– Editable in Canva –

You will also receive access to 4 professionally-designed eCovers, all of which are created in Canva. 

The images and colors chosen for these covers complement each other perfectly, so you can use any for a course or product you are selling or giving to your audience, and the style will be consistent throughout.

You can also customize every element of the covers by using Canva, including the images, design elements, fonts, colors, and layouts. There is nothing complicated about Canva which is why it’s so perfect to use for your business.

Below is a preview of the 4 covers you receive in this particular module of this bundle:

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.


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