Better Sleep PLR Bundle


This PLR Bundle Contains:
– 2 Lead Magnets
– 10 Articles (800+ Words Each)
– 100 Journal Prompts
– 100 Affirmations
– Journal & Workbook (Canva & PPT)
– 2 Card Decks (Canva)
– 4 Original eCovers (Canva)

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9 Modules of Fresh Content & Printable Items With PLR Attached

Sleep. It can be a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it. There’s one thing that is for sure though: there is never enough time in the day to get enough rest, especially with how fast paced everything is anymore.
Not surprisingly, the quality of sleep that you get will determine how you progress through your day, and your life, as well as the basis for your health in many ways. That’s why it’s important to focus on improving your quality of sleep, eliminating issues that can impact your sleep, and ultimately boosting the quality your life.
With this very thorough PLR package, you’ll be able to guide your audience directly towards getting a better quality of sleep and ultimately improving various avenues of their lives as a result. Making use of this professionally written and assembled bundle which includes top notch written materials, journal prompts, unique affirmations, printable items, and card decks to help your readers get off on the exact right foot when it comes to bettering their sleep.

With the help of lead magnets, articles, journal prompts, and printable items – your audience will be firmly on the road to getting better sleep as well as the why, how and what to do to get to their destination.

You will receive 9 unique, high-quality modules including 2 different lead magnets, 10 long-form articles that work great as blog posts, journal prompts, affirmations, and several printable items all about Better Sleep For Yourself.

Just take a look at the 9 modules that are included below:

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 9 modules found in this very exclusive package.

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PLR Module #1:

‘Guide To Having The Best Sleep Of Your Life’ Lead Magnet

– 6 pages, 1,469 words –

Teach your audience not only how to have the best sleep of their lives, but how to properly go about cultivating a healthy sleeping environment, cutting out bad habits before bad, and ultimately making the changes that are necessary to boost the quality of sleep in life. This guide will take them and steer them in the direction of exactly what they need to do to achieve results in their better sleep journey.
This report provides a comprehensive dive into sleep analysis, identifying issues, making effective changes, building healthy habits, dealing with roadblocks, and everything in between.

The Guide To Having The Best Sleep Of Your Life lead magnet includes 6 pages and 1,429 words consisting of the following sections:

  • Understanding Sleep
  • Creating a Sleep-Friendly Environment
  • Establishing a Bedtime Routine
  • Optimizing Your Lifestyle for Better Sleep
  • Improving Sleep Hygiene
  • Dealing with Common Sleep Disorders
  • Traveling and Sleep
  • Wrapping Things Up

It includes an introduction about sleep quality and why it’s pertinent for everybody, and then covers everything from environments, routines, optimizations, sleep hygiene, sleep disorders, traveling and sleep, while closing it all out with a very detailed conclusion that encourages the reader to seek more information.


Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #2:

‘Nighttime Rituals For An Anxious Mind’ Lead Magnet

– 7 pages, 2,279 words –

You will also get another lead magnet about better sleep, but this one is centered around various nighttime methods you can employ if you’re someone that has an anxious racing mind. This is a very thorough report with multiple sections.

The Nighttime Rituals For An Anxious Mind lead magnet includes 7 pages and 2,279 words consisting of the following sections:

  • Understanding Anxiety and Its Impact on Sleep
  • General Tips For Managing Anxiety
  • Nighttime Habits For A Calmer Mind
  • Pre-Sleep Rituals To Alleviate Anxiety
  • Addressing Nighttime Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Closing Thoughts: Where Do You Go From Here?

It includes an introduction about anxiety and how it impacts sleep, followed by tips for managing anxiety, habits for calming the mind at night, pre-sleep rituals, addressing insomnia, and wrapping it all up with further insight in the conclusion.


Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text Format

PLR Module #3:

10 Articles About Getting A Better Quality of Sleep

– 700+ Words Each –

In addition to the lead magnets, you also receive 10 professionally written long-form PLR articles centered around various sleep and sleep quality topics.

These articles can be used as blog posts, added to the lead magnets for more content, used as an email series, and so much more.

The 10 article topics include:

  • 7 Ways to Sleep Better on a Consistent Basis (893 words)
  • The 5 Best Forms of Exercise for Better Sleep (931 words)
  • Self-Care Tips for Getting Better Sleep (912 words)
  • How to Sleep With a Partner Who Snores (915 words)
  • 8 Products to Help You Get Better Sleep (866 words)
  • How to Sleep Better While Traveling (839 words)
  • Meditation and Affirmations for Better Sleep (923 words)
  • Nutrition for Sleep: Why What You Eat Matters (825 words)
  • 7 Signs You Need to Improve Your Sleep (832 words)
  • How Bad Sleep is Affecting Your Health (834 words)

You receive the full private label rights license to all 10 of these uniquely written long-form articles.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #4:

100 Journal Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

We all know that journaling can be incredible useful for any person that is making any sort of lifestyle adjustment, and journal prompts help to take it a little bit further by giving someone a little guidance in terms of topics and subject matter to write about in a journal.

These are writing prompts with questions and statements that your audience can use for their better sleep journal and workbook.

They help tremendously when discovering what there is to look forward to, what kind of changes to make, why and how adjustments will benefit sleep, further clarity on changes and sleep, and more details about the individual journaling.

Here are just a few of the 100 prompts included:

  •  What time of year do you sleep the best?
  • How often do you change your bedding?
  • What habits will you start with to improve your sleep?
  • How do you deal with someone snoring next to you?
  • Does what you eat affect how well you sleep?
  • What are your nighttime rituals?
  • How does drinking alcohol affect your sleep?
  • What signs have you noticed that you need better sleep?

There are so many methods for using journal prompts, from adding them to a blog post, to including them in a course or product you sell to your audience.

They are also used in both a journal and workbook in this bundle, so all the work is done for you!

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #5:

100 Affirmations

(Word and Text Format)

As a way to add onto the beneficial aspect of this bundle even more, besides the prompts, you will also be receiving 100 unique affirmations about things like targeting sleep issues, finding what helps one sleep, different sleep elements, and more about sleep.

These positivity focused affirmations are written to assist your audience with not just improving their own sleep quality, but also to fill their mind with thoughts of how they are welcoming good quality sleep into their life.

Here are just a few of the 100 affirmations included:

  •  I am calm and ready for sleep.
  • My body is always well rested.
  • I release any stress from my mind.
  • I feel safe and comforted.
  • Falling asleep quickly is effortless for me.
  • I am focused on good sleep.
  • I am completely at ease.
  • My life is going exactly how it was meant to.
  • I am not easily woken by sounds.
  • I trust that I will sleep through the night.

These affirmations are used in multiple printable items in this bundle, including the journal, card deck, and lead magnet.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #6:

Better Sleep Journal
(102 Pages)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

To make things even more convenient for you, the 100 prompts found in this package have been packed into a fully customizable and gorgeously stylized printable journal for your audience to make use of.

This journal is created in both Canva and PowerPoint, so you can edit it using either program, including changing the background, colors, layouts, font, and the prompts themselves. Once you are done customizing any part of the journal, just save and convert it to a PDF to be sent to your list.

Your audience can then print the journal out and use these prompts for daily journal entries when they want to gain clarity about their stress management and relief journey.

Below are some previews of the journal included in this module:

The Reinvent Yourself Journal also comes in PowerPoint format.

See the preview below:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva and PowerPoint.

PLR Module #7:

Better Sleep Workbook
54 Pages)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

If you actually would prefer to deploy a workbook-style journal, you will also get an 54-page workbook using the 100 prompts found in this bundle.

Overall, this workbook presents you with a different way to use and deliver the prompts to your audience.

The length of this workbook is 54-pages long, including the cover page. With about 1-2 prompts per page.

The workbook also comes in both Canva and PowerPoint formats.

Instead of just simple lined journal pages, there are a combination of layouts depending on the prompts, including lists, workbook pages, and lined pages for each page. This works more as a workbook that can be filled out, but is just as effective as the journal. 

Offer both to your list or just one of them, it’s up to you.

You can customize it with Canva or PowerPoint to match your brand and the cover you decide to use. I have also provided an editable cover that matches this workbook perfectly.

Here is a look inside the gorgeously styled workbook:

You can see a preview of the PowerPoint version of this workbook below:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva & PowerPoint.

PLR Module #8:

2 Unique Card Decks
101 Cards Each)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

In this module, we have put these 100 journal prompts and 100 affirmation onto their own card deck each.

You will get a 101-card deck with the 100 journal prompts in this PLR package. As well as a second 101-card deck with the 100 affirmations from this PLR package.

You can customize these with Canva if you want to change the text, font, icon, colors, or layout, then print them out. This lets you sell the printed cards on Etsy and other similar online markets, or local retailers. 

Another option is to customize the card deck and offer it as a printable, where the customer prints them out on their own.

The Reinvent Yourself Card Decks come with 101 cards each, using the prompts and affirmations from this bundle.

They come in one size:

Size: 3.5 x 5.75 in. – This is a popular deck size

They are very easy to customize in Canva, then convert to PDF to print out or use for any of your projects. They can also be used as Instagram or Pinterest graphics.

See a preview of the journal prompts card deck:

See a preview of the affirmations card deck:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva & PowerPoint.

PLR Module #9:

4 Professionally-Designed eCovers

– Editable in Canva –

You will also receive access to 4 professionally-designed eCovers, all of which are created in Canva. 

The images and colors chosen for these covers complement each other perfectly, so you can use any for a course or product you are selling or giving to your audience, and the style will be consistent throughout.

You can also customize every element of the covers by using Canva, including the images, design elements, fonts, colors, and layouts. There is nothing complicated about Canva which is why it’s so perfect to use for your business.

Below is a preview of the 4 covers you receive in this particular module of this bundle:

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.


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